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2023-01-31[01:59:34] <dthompson> ACTION updated to use the new goblins release
2023-01-31[02:02:52] <daviid> ACTION can't stop thinking of 'value added tax' which is annoying :)
2023-01-31[02:30:22] <ocdtrekkie> ACTION notes this for the eventual "ErightsLI5 glossary site I want to see someday
2023-01-31[03:47:46] <juliana[m]> ACTION uploaded an image: (33KiB) < >
2023-01-31[03:59:10] <dthompson> ACTION just realized it says "OCAP" in cabbages
2023-02-10[05:36:58] <vv[m]> ACTION sent a code block:
2023-02-10[06:51:50] <vv[m]> ACTION sent a code block:
2023-02-22[00:24:39] <tsyesika> ACTION waves
2023-03-11[20:39:23] <humanetech> As mod of SocialHub I've come to the insight that big Community of Action around big topics / visions won't ever come about. And that an ecosystem where the value system of FOSS / Commons minded folks prevails in the long term, requires different approaches that go beyond protecting the 4 Freedoms the FSF prescribes.
2023-03-11[20:42:47] <Zarutian_iPad> ACTION notes that EULAs are meaningless here whilist TOS are not.
2023-03-19[00:08:15] <Zarutian_iPad> ACTION starts on
2023-04-15[01:47:35] <Zarutian_iPad> ACTION is thinking of a migrating unum or some such
2023-05-09[00:20:15] <Zarutian_iPad> ACTION confirms its guile that goblins uses
2023-06-06[06:44:36] <fr33domlover> ACTION should get a Goblins repl ready for experimenting with such things
2023-06-19[00:40:33] <Zarutian_iPad17> ACTION worked on all evening
2023-07-10[20:04:23] <vvvvmvr[m]> ACTION sent a code block:
2023-11-17[19:10:22] <Zarutian_iPad> ACTION is attenting friam but has quite a lot to say about the topic of safe serialization and una stuff
2023-11-17[21:32:47] <mhcat> ACTION waves
2023-11-19[22:23:53] <Zarutian_iPad> ACTION decides to distract cwebber with
2023-12-04[14:11:36] <dpk> ACTION posts the following bug report here in the hope that someone will properly report it for her, since she has no patience for dealing with debbugs:
2023-12-04[15:58:07] <jackhill> ACTION is in the XMPP camp. Biboumi is a nice gateway to IRC from XMPP which then gives you mobile clients too.
2023-12-12[15:31:51] <isaneran> ACTION is now finally writing the code for the steps outlined in the incremental compiler paper
2023-12-12[18:07:42] <isaneran> ACTION wishes he could build a house out of parentheses
2023-12-12[22:21:43] <dthompson> ACTION dusts off a hoot demo from a bit ago
2023-12-13[16:32:08] <Zarutian_iPad> ACTION sees 'acl', loads his flamwaffer, and says shame.
2024-03-10[21:54:07] <Zarutian_iPad> ACTION is taking a break from writing part of that thing Dale is on about