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2021-02-06[14:19:34] <nckx> sneek: later tell daphnis: Guix doesn't have any relevant Ada compilers, and I'm not aware of any that could be packaged (GNU GNAT isn't currently an option as it needs another GNAT to compile itself). The only Ada compiler in Guix is Ada/Ed, which is too old to be useful in practice. It could be useful to bootstrap an ancient -- and very hypothetical -- Ada '83 version of GNU GNAT, if any exist.
2021-02-06[22:00:12] <sneek> daphnis, nckx says: Guix doesn't have any relevant Ada compilers, and I'm not aware of any that could be packaged (GNU GNAT isn't currently an option as it needs another GNAT to compile itself). The only Ada compiler in Guix is Ada/Ed, which is too old to be useful in practice. It could be useful to bootstrap an ancient -- and very hypothetical -- Ada '83 version of GNU GNAT, if any exist.
2021-01-29[19:59:30] <daphnis> i can't find any gnat package (needed for coreboot)
2021-01-29[20:01:49] <mdevos> daphnis: you mean GNAT, the Ada compiler?
2021-01-29[20:15:26] <argylelabcoat> daphnis, I don't see any mention of GNAT in guix either, so my assumption would be that the ada interpreter defined in gnu/packages/ada.scm is the only thing really available
2020-11-08[12:56:14] <PotentialUser-87> vits-test: i see, are you able to package gnat?
2020-11-08[12:59:14] <PotentialUser-87> vits-test:
2020-11-08[13:06:29] <nckx> PotentialUser-87: Am I correct that GNAT itself is written in ADA? We'd need an ADA compiler written in C (or so) that's able to build GNAT in order to bootstrap it.
2020-11-08[13:09:44] <PotentialUser-87> unfortunately gnat is the only libre ada compiler that exists, i wonder how other distros bootstraped it
2020-11-08[13:10:18] <nckx> ‘In order to build GNAT, the Ada compiler, you need a working GNAT compiler (GCC version 4.0 or later).’ Blurf.
2020-11-08[13:12:13] <nckx> PotentialUser-87: I suspect they just used an existing GNAT binary they ‘got elsewhere’. We can't really get away with that.
2020-11-08[13:16:33] <leoprikler> Is there a historical version of gnat built just on GCC?
2020-11-08[14:32:22] <nckx> Now, to watch it fail to compile GNAT because it's not at all equivalent to GCC...
2020-11-08[22:03:01] <nckx> efraim: <Sources everywhere> Ooh, where?? In theory GNAT predates Ada 95, but I can't find any ancient source releases. The oldest I can find is the ‘famous’ 3.15p, the last stand-alone version without GCC, and that's already written in Ada 95.
2020-11-08[22:05:21] <efraim> nckx: Debian has a 3.10p3
2020-11-08[22:06:17] <efraim> quick search shows standalone source tarball for 3.14p
2020-11-08[22:31:58] <nckx> Yep, one (if you quote) it, thanks! I found that somehow but don't remember how. Good to have a back-up URL. However, what I'm really looking for is *older* versions of GNAT, the older the better.
2020-09-30[03:46:39] <PotentialUser-80> hello, is gnat; the ada compiler; provided by the gcc toolchain package?
2020-09-14[04:27:01] <PotentialUser-84> hello, which package if any provide gnat; the ada compiler; gcc's description isn't explicit that it contains an ada frontend from what I've read, correct me if I'm wrong on this
2020-09-14[04:28:48] <guixy> It doesn't look like gnat is provided in guix...
2020-05-11[13:45:16] <nikita`> at least it's not gnats, which made me figure out how to deal with decoding attachments
2019-09-26[19:03:09] <idnull> it seems that there is no gnat for me
2019-05-06[02:30:26] <samplet> davexunit, nckx: It looks like I built coreboot by building their special toolchain and just building outside of the store. I did try to build it in the store, but parts of it use Ada. I made a GNAT package, but it is very ugly, and GNAT is not bootstrappable, so I never sent it in.
2019-05-06[02:31:44] <nckx> samplet: Yeah, that libgfx GNAT dependency… seems like you got about as far as I did.
2019-05-06[02:38:07] <davexunit> but yeah, the lack of a gnat package is a blocker so I'll just build their toolchain.
2019-04-15[23:54:32] <nckx> We don't seem to provide the GCC Ada compiler (GNAT) at all, or am I wrong?
2019-03-02[19:33:54] <raingloom> heyy people, I'm trying out GuixSD and I wanna install GNAT for university stuff, I've `guix edit`-ed gcc and made an entry based on the Fortran ones, but i'm getting a nondescriptive error when I try to install it
2018-12-01[14:02:43] <ng0> I find '' in (not Guix): virt-manager, jython, gnat, python3.5, 3to2, alabaster, Babel, future, and so on
2018-09-23[21:21:15] <civodul> verisimilitude: i think someone (dannym) was working on getting Gnat
2018-09-04[16:55:34] <samplet> In other news, I have an GNAT (GCC Ada compiler) package for Guix, but I’m not sure if it is acceptable. GNAT is not bootstrappable, so I use a binary from Debian.
2018-09-04[17:00:56] <samplet> efraim: No. Ada Core Technologies provides a GNAT binary, but it is not static and there are license issues.
2018-02-07[11:38:33] <rekado_> efraim: when you wrote “Ada”: did you mean a particular compiler? I’d like to get GNAT installed.
2016-12-09[19:46:08] <quigonjinn> to my understanding, there is currently no way to bootstrap gnat, as mentioned in , right?
2016-08-19[12:58:00] <specing> Does GuixSD run on top of grsecurity patches & does it support Ada (GNAT toolchain) as a first class citizen?
2021-02-21[14:28:26] <smartineng> Hello, is guix has gnat/gcc-ada compiler in the package repository?
2021-02-21[14:39:48] <janneke> smartineng: no, i don't think gnat/ada has not been bootstrapped yet
2021-02-21[15:52:27] <nckx> smartineng: You need an Ada compiler to build GNAT, and I failed to find an Ada compiler that can do so that can be built from source...
2021-02-21[15:55:48] <nckx> Others have shown interest:
2021-02-21[16:43:13] <smartineng> Daymn this GNAT lack of boostrappability by force is really ridiculous but maybe there is a hope with some older versions
2021-02-21[19:27:34] <nckx> smartineng: Sorry, but <> still sounds like you're expected to "bootstrap" from some older GNAT binary you're assumed to find lying around, not [from (say) a different Ada compiler that can itself be bootstrapped] from (say) C.
2021-02-21[19:35:20] <leoprikler> nckx: not quite. I read this as "if you somehow manage to bootstrap ancient GNAT, you can probably jump to modern GNAT easily", which is an interesting proposal at least (*cough* rust *cough*)
2021-02-21[19:37:04] <nckx> Well, hm, no: that just leaves ���manage to bootstrap ancient GNAT��� as the original begged question.
2021-02-21[19:38:05] <nckx> I read ���not worth it��� as ���we never bootstrapped from C���, so GNAT 0.1 isn't going to be better. That said, I haven't found it yet ���
2021-02-21[19:38:06] <leoprikler> of course, but I'd imagine that a sufficiently ancient GNAT can be compiled with a different Ada and some spit.
2021-02-21[19:38:53] <nckx> The only Ada we have conforms to a standard that predates GNAT, is the problem.
2021-02-21[19:40:18] <nckx> I'll give looking for the oldest surviving GNAT another go, so we're not just slinging hypotheticals at each other.
2021-04-13[08:24:27] <rekado_> we don���t have a package for GNAT (the Ada compiler). Is this due to bootstrapping problems���?
2021-04-14[13:00:41] <rekado> so, I naively tried to build gnat (GCC Ada compiler), but ��� I need an Ada compiler :-/
2021-04-14[14:26:44] <rekado> Even as far back as GCC 2.95.3 GNAT was available only as Ada source files.
2021-04-14[14:39:37] <civodul> rekado: i remember discussions around FOSDEM 2019 (?) where Danny explained a plan to bootstrap GNAT, in particular using an Ada parser written in Python
2021-04-14[15:05:19] <nckx> I'm not aware of anyone bootstrapping a full Ada/GNAT compiler but it's been a while since I last looked.
2021-04-14[17:04:44] <rekado> actually��� the newer langkit depends on GNAT
2021-04-19[17:37:23] <boomerchad> Is gnat packaged for guix? I'm trying to build coreboot for my machine.
2021-04-19[17:44:35] <nckx> Seems log search is ���paused��� again but here's the gist:
2021-06-03[15:29:47] <Noisytoot> Does Guix have GNAT?
2021-06-03[15:33:06] <jackhill> I believe GNAT needs to be bootstrapped with and Ada compiler, so work is needed to be done.
2021-06-03[15:43:02] <jackhill> civodul: are you surprised? It seems like the common way to implement languages these days (even if GNAT is older)
2021-06-18[23:14:40] <thrilleratplay[m> I am trying to bootstrap Gnat/ada with debian binaries and am making a mess of it. In the IRC logs samplet mentioned doing this with a total of 26 deb packages. Does anyone know where a copy of that script is?
2021-09-06[02:24:29] <bsturmfels> I'm just attempting to build coreboot on Guix, but it's complaining about a missing Ada compiler "gnat". Does anyone know if this is available in Guix under another name? I can't seem to find it by grepping the sources
2021-09-06[02:41:43] <roptat> bsturmfels, I think gnat has a bootstrapping issue: it's partially written in ada
2021-09-06[02:46:23] <oriansj> roptat: guix also has a Ada compiler written in C, which could be used to bootstrap gnat if I remember correctly. which was the original Ada compiler used in GCC, so it does have a valid bootstrap path in GCC. I can't however speak to if someone has done that work yet.