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<guixfren>unmatched-paren: I see, thank you
<bdju>so is sway broken on master right now?
<bdju>is there a way to install an older version of just the sway package? not sure how many times I'd have to roll back everything to get a working one...
<graywolf>Hello Guix :) I have a question, is one supposed to send polite ping to patches that seem trivial and are not merged (yet)? If yes, what would be fair time span?
<graywolf>I do not want to impose, but at the same time I would like them not to be forgotten.
<oriansj>bdju: yeah, I just wish packages were tested prior to being merged into master; even basic things like making sure the darn thing can build
<bdju>strongly agreed
<graywolf>The Czech translation is horrible
<graywolf>(Of the website)
<graywolf>Will sent patch when I get to it, but it is 2k+ lines, so it might take a while.
<graywolf>The author promised to revise it, but I would recommend taking it down until it is re-done. The current state of the Czech translation is honestly just embarrassing in some places, flat out wrong in others. It does not shine good light on the Guix project. IMO.
<guixfren>I'll have to read the Guix docs around contributing, but I can do some work on Czech translations if necessary
<ulfvonbe`>is it not intended for it to be possible to mix inferior and regular packages ina package definition?
<ulfvonbe`>e.g. in my manifest I have some packages defined, but want their dependencies to come from an older guix
<ulfvonbe`>so I rewrite it so that those inputs are <inferior-package> objects
<ulfvonbe`>now package->manifest-entry complains that it has no properties field
<nebulasurfer>Hey all
<nebulasurfer>I am considering switching to Guix, and I have just a couple questions
<nebulasurfer>How is KDE support? Does it largely function well?
<nebulasurfer>I want to use pipewire, pipewire-pulse, pipewire-jack, etc. Does pipewire work well?
<nebulasurfer>I have a proprietary DAW that I unfortunately have to use to open years of music composition files. (Renoise is what I use)
<nebulasurfer>It's not free software. Is there a path forward for me to get builds/binaries working on Guix?
<lemos[m]>got further with the package i am updating, tho, some dependencies are fetched through meson wrap, can i fetch them while building?
<lemos[m]>they can also be added as a subproject manually, but i couldn't find how could i do it, in gentoo, i have a big src_prepare for this package
<apteryx>ACTION is rebooting berlin
<rekado>apteryx: oh, that’s surprising. Something wrong with it?
<apteryx>nope, just couldn't get nginx to reload nor restart
<apteryx>and it's needed to take into account the new /etc/ssl-ca CA
<apteryx>seems to be back up
<apteryx>mumi still requires some hand holding to start?
<apteryx>nginx didn't restart; probably the anonip stuff
<apteryx>seems the files under /var/run/anonip are FIFOs as should be
<rekado>I would have appreciated a note, because now my screen session is all gone :-/
<rekado>I started the mumi sync
<rekado>nginx is stopped
<rekado>that’s why * is offline, including issues.*
<apteryx>yeah, that's what I was looking at
<apteryx>I've cleared /var/run/anonip/* in case, but it seems to be something else.
<rekado>what do the logs say?
<apteryx>OK, I know what it is
<rekado>if shepherd doesn’t tell you enough consider running nginx manually to see if it has anything more to say
<apteryx>the new CA no longer has a ca.crl file. I'll remove it.
<apteryx>under /etc/ssl-ca
<apteryx>nginx started
<apteryx>new private CA now works
<apteryx>(TLS authentication)
<apteryx>will communicate to sysadmin along a better patch to Cuirass doc
<apteryx>sorry for the interruption
<apteryx>updated cuirass authentication doc/script sent to 63375@debbugs.gnu.or
<apteryx>rekado: thanks for restarting mumi
<apteryx>we should really automate the bits remaining
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, dthompson says: oh! I was using set-session-transport-port! so I'll have to try updating and switching to set-session-transport-fd! thanks for the heads up!!
<jpoiret>hi guix!
<efraim>I thought I'd take a look at updating rust to 1.68 but rustfmt wants to ldload some libraries from the #$output:out prefix but tries to use its #$output:rustfmt prefix instead :/
<civodul>namespace-related puzzle: what can explain a sequence like stat(x) = ENOENT; exec (); stat(x) = EACCES ?
<civodul>IOW, how can the same process say ENOENT for a file before exec, and EACCES right after exec?
<jpoiret>civodul: do you have a minimal reproducer for that?
<bdju>managed to get sway to start, I used --with-commit= to upgrade to one release newer than guix had and managed to start it. but I also managed to get system upgrades to go through after finally skipping enough packages, so unsure what all did it.
<bdju>so if anyone else has an issue starting sway I guess I would recommend this: guix install sway --with-commit=sway=68d620a8fd70d70eb91c58dcfafc4af16c58379d
<bdju>still unable to resolve conflicts and install flashgbx until gajim's build failure is fixed but at least I'm not stuck in a TTY anymore
<jpoiret>bdju: what was the sway problem?
<jpoiret>we could upgrade to 1.8.1 (and also upgrade wlroots)
<bdju>at one point yesterday I crashed to TTY and then couldn't log in to the TTY at all, after user/pass it went back to prompting for user. then once I thought to restart the shepherd services for my TTYs from my phone I was able to log in and get to a shell. then starting sway gave some errors about mesa and such and wouldn't start at all
<bdju>I got a picture of my monitor of the errors, I'll upload/link it in a minute here. haven't reopened my browser yet (hopefully that won't crash everything)
<civodul>jpoiret: turned out to be unrelated to namespaces: the syslogd service was calling 'umask' in PID 1, which leads to a race condition when services are started in parallel
<civodul>as in, some services might see the "wrong" umask
<janneke>after autoconf, automake, now guile-gnutls doesn't cross build
<janneke>ACTION has a deja-vu
<civodul>janneke: i think jpoiret was looking into it :-)
<civodul>we fixed a bug but the cost was the introduction of another one
<janneke>ah, great
<janneke>ACTION goes into relax modus again
<jpoiret>yes, it's building for me now
<janneke>ooh, nice
<bdju>jpoiret: here are the errors I had been receiving when trying to launch sway before
<jpoiret>I can open a pr upstream, we'll see if (eval-when ...) is the preferred solution for upstream
<civodul>upstream and downstream are very close to one another :-)
<jpoiret>bdju: that's a known mesa problem, have you updated recently? I think mesa now has the crocus driver
<bdju>I have *now* updated recently. before I hadn't been able to in a few days due to many packages failing to build (after some hours and skipping like 20 packages I managed to get upgrades to finish)
<bdju>I did not test the older sway after getting other upgrades to finish to see if that worked, I was trying everything I could think of at once. sorry
<janneke>jpoiret: just "found out" (someone mentioned to me yesterday) that you updated the hurd, amazing and thanks!
<janneke>and fixed stuff here and there
<janneke>jpoiret: i also noticed that you explicitly disabled rump, have you tried/considered building with rump?
<jpoiret>janneke: it doesn't boot anymore though!
<jpoiret>and no, I haven't tried, I wanted to make minimal changes only
<cbaines>that reminds me about
<jpoiret>I don't really know how to debug a running Hurd though, it seems that the exec server isn't starting
<jpoiret>civodul: actually, might be better
<cbaines>unfortunately it looks like I've done something wrong :/
<macrocreation>Anyone here in the UK available for a meetup? I managed to build my first package - freeswitch!
<macrocreation>I want to get some tips on some ideas where I can use inherits to enable people to build versions that enable/disable specific modules etc.
<janneke>jpoiret: ah booting yeah, found that too...oh well
<macrocreation>the IRC is great- but even better is a hacking session with an expert that I can learn from.
<macrocreation>Happy to do a jitsu call
<macrocreation>and share screens.
<macrocreation>Just want say guix is amazing.
<janneke>jpoiret: making minimal changes makes sense!
<macrocreation>Also are there any archives to this IRC. Someone made suggestions on how I could improve my package definitions and I can't find the old part of the chat
<nutcase[m]>I try to build guix from a local checkout in a 'guix shell -D guix help2man git strace --pure ' as described here: . However, make fails with the following error: . What am I'm doing wrong?
<jpoiret>is help2man needed? I've never needed it
<jpoiret>maybe nobody uses it and it's been broken for a while
<attila_lendvai>a "#<gexp" showing up in a builder will lead to failure, right?
<jpoiret>arf, my sysconfdir is /usr/local/etc, probably because I pulled with a badly-configured guix checkout. since `guix pull` always inherits this, looks like i'll need to do a weird dance to sort it out :(
<jpoiret>attila_lendvai: yes
<jpoiret>cbaines: is there a way to view .drvs directly in browser?
<jpoiret>I was going to use `guix substitute` but since my sysconfdir is borked I don't want to make it worse
<cbaines>jpoiret, the data service can display derivations if it knows about them
<jpoiret>ah, no sorry, not drvs but builder scripts
<cbaines>those are just provided through substitutes
<cbaines>I haven't attempted any helpful display as the builder can be anything, but I should probably try to detect the common Guix case and display the script with some automated formatting
<jpoiret>ah, kinda forgot i can just do `guix build` to get it instead of manually substituting it
<jpoiret>no, don't worry about it it's just me being an airhead
<chomwitt_>i found an error in xinit package 's startx script. Startx calls an X server bin using a path in xinit's package. Unfortunately /gnu/store has readonly permissions. how can i correct this ?
<zamfofex>chomwitt_: I think you can specify ‘-configdir’ and ‘-modulepath’ to ‘startx’ after ‘--’.
<next4th>chomwitt_: you can use 'sx', or create a '~/.xserverrc' (eg:
<chomwitt_>zamfofex, thanks. i am having a look at package sx thats seems to be similar to startx . in doesnt work i'll try the startx arguments
<chomwitt_>next4th, thanks for the link.
<civodul>jpoiret, janneke, cbaines: re guile-gnutls, the gnutls-cross.patch was inadvertently dismissed, which is why it's now failing
<civodul>i'll re-add it if nobody beats me at it
<cbaines>ah, I see it, I wonder how I got rid of that
<itd>Hi, is this [0] related to [1] (given the matching version)? [0]: [1]:
<janneke>ah, that's where the deja-vu came from
<evilsetg[m]>I asked about it yesterday, my icedove crashes with an error regarding an undefined symbol in glibc. I was told to update my system and local packages, then reboot. I did that but still get the error. Does anybody know more about it? Is there anything else I could try?
<jpoiret>evilsetg[m]: do you use guix home?
<jpoiret>civodul: seems good to me
<jpoiret>itd: The error seems to be the "Too many heap sections" message
<jpoiret>but no idea what could cause it
<cbaines>jpoiret, Guile-GnuTLS/Git circular dependency would probably cause "Too many heap sections" becaues the DAG then isn't a DAG and Guile goes in loops until it uses up the heap
<zamfofex>Hello, Guix! I know I asked this fairly recently, but it was at a time I think people were mostly asleep. But if it isn’t a big bother, could anyone take a look at reviewing/merging <>? It adds Lc0 (a chess engine).
<jpoiret>oh, my bad!
<jpoiret>that's rigth, it's exactly that commit! itd: is there a reason you're trying to pull this exact commit?
<itd>jpoiret: not really, no. just noticed the issue in my cuirass, found the existing issue, and wondered if it makes sense to report the issue (again)
<next4th>zamfofex: re lc0, looks good to me, i'm applying it.
<irfus>sneek later tell macrocreation channel logs at
<sneek>Will do.
<evilsetg[m]>jpoiret: yes I do, but only to add some shepherd user services. I did reconfigure that just yesterday at well.
<chomwitt_>is dbus a default service or i must added in my system config ?
<apteryx>I think it's in %desktop-services
<zimoun>civodul: about #63393 and libstdc++ / gcc-toolchain, thanks for the review.
<zimoun>About gcc-final, I am suggesting to not use gcc-final for gcc-toolchain but gcc-11. As we are already doing for all the other gcc-toolchains, as gcc-toolchain@7 or @12
<zimoun>It’s [PATCH 1/2].
<zimoun>What are the cons?
<chomwitt_>apteryx, during installation i didnt choose any gui desktop and thus desktopservices is not in my config.scm
<chomwitt_>can i enable only dbus ?
<chomwitt_>for example i see that a login manager is in the default but i dont wont one
<apteryx>chomwitt_: you'll have to add a dbus-root-service-type to your system services
<chomwitt_>ok. thanks.
<apteryx>see guix system search dbus
<civodul>zimoun: independently, i'm in favor of not adding gcc:debug
<civodul>zimoun: the reason for using gcc-final rather than gcc-11 is to avoid duplication, save disk space
<apteryx>zimoun: are you still interested in getting commit rights? we can try to finish that now if you have time
<chomwitt_>that command list some services i guess. dbus is among them. Should it also list the name that i have to insert to my config.scm to enable it?
<civodul>ACTION notices openjdk is being rebuilt, wonders why
<chomwitt_>i guess it's the dbus-root-service-type you wrote. but just wonder
<apteryx>chomwitt_: yeah, 'guix system search' is useful to find existing services
<apteryx>then to know how to use them, info guix -> i dbus-root-service-type RET
<apteryx>civodul: is being on savannah necessary to become a committer? I remember that yes, but I forgot what is the interaction with the authentication code
<chomwitt_>i find the info entry . thanks.
<civodul>apteryx: yes, one needs a Savannah account with an SSH key to have push right
<civodul>one also needs to be in .guix-authorizations and have their key in the 'keyring' branch
<civodul>but the two are totally unrelated
<apteryx>civodul: PGP key you meanÉ
<civodul>no, SSH (for Savannah)
<civodul>PGP in the 'keyring' branch though
<apteryx>I see. So Savannah is authentication for push rights, and GPG in keyring is for guix's own auth mechanism
<apteryx>zimoun: ^ you'll need to create a savannah accout if you haven't already, and upload your SSH public key there.
<apteryx>upload your GPG one too, as it's a reliable/trusted place to retrieve it from
<chomwitt_>apteryx, adding dbus-core-service-type , system reconfigure throws an 'dbus-root-service-type' unbound variable error
<apteryx>you'll have to import the (gnu services dbus) module
<cbaines>I'm looking at trying to get core dumps on bayfront for
<cbaines>I'm going to run ulimit -c unlimited as I think that's helpful, but do let me know if that's wrong
<apteryx>did you know that we can vote for bugs on Savannah? could be fun to let people vote for issues they'd like solve on our Mumi tracker
<apteryx>weird, our pre-push hooks fires when pushing commits for the keyring, but there's no Make targets there, so 'authenticate' fails
<apteryx>rm ~/src/guix/.git/hooks/pre-push to work around that
<apteryx>comes back on the next 'make' anyway
<GNUtoo>Hi, while looking at guix source I found functions like package-direct-inputs and specification->package, however they both operate on the packages of current-system, is there a way to get the dependency of the package of another system (like i686-linux when you run x86_64-linux) ?
<civodul>iyzsong[m]: hi! the package definition of oneDNN looks suspciously short, no?
<zimoun>civodul: duplication, about what? The deduplication avoids that, no?
<civodul>zimoun: not entirely; users would end up with two slightly different variants of GCC 11
<podiki[m]>(I think the matrix bridge is down, not sure if messages get sent through but none coming out to matrix currently)
<apteryx>civodul: was there not something like having to repush a GPG key when resigning it with a refreshed expiryÉ
<apteryx>to savannah
<GNUtoo>(i686 desktop usage is horribly broken right now to the point that it's probably easier to fix from an x86_64 system but then my scripts to detect which packages have problematic dependencies is broken there because it uses the functions I mentionned above, though I'm also open to other ways to get that info as well)
<apteryx>I'd like te welcome zimoun as a new committer! Congratulations, Simon!
<efraim>congrats zimoun!
<podiki[m]>congrats zimoun! I think I always assumed you were a committer already with all the great work you do
<evilsetg[m]>At anyone with shepherd knowledge: I am trying to modify the default-environment-variable parameter at runtime. I want this so my emacs service gets the DISPLAY variable set when running via a shepherd service. With systemd I would call a systemctl --import environment when starting a graphical session. I found about the eval action so I tried to change default-environment-variables like that but I guess this does not work because the
<evilsetg[m]>eval happens within a save-module-excursion. Is something like this possible at the moment? I really would like to inform my home-shepherd that it is running in a graphical session.
<podiki[m]>which reminds me I need to renew my key today....
<zimoun>Cool, thanks! Now I have the pressure :-)
<podiki[m]>evilsetg[m]: note that I'm not seeing irc messages come through to matrix, check for messages
<mrvdb>what is the action needed, if any, for warnings like "warning: 'texlive-latex-atveryend' is deprecated, use 'texlive-atveryend' instead" ?
<GNUtoo>ACTION guesses that it's just some information that tells you that these packages were renamed
<GNUtoo>so you could look if you use them directly in your setup (like if you have texlive-latex-atveryend inside your system.scm or in some manifest, you'd need to rename them at some point)
<GNUtoo>For me it also shows that information even if I don't use them directly (I just use 'texlive')
<mrvdb>dont use them directly, just as deps of texlive I guess
<mrvdb>ah, snap
<GNUtoo>Some people use guix shell to make their LaTex document reproductible so maybe they use them directly
<evilsetg[m]>podiki[m]: I can see all messages from the irc logs also on matrix. But what you describe has happened to me once before as well. Maybe rejoining helps?
<podiki[m]>evilsetg[m]: thanks, let me try. been a while since the bridge had issues, but yeah it happens occasionally
<mrvdb>GNUtoo: am I correct than that these warning disappear automatically as dependencies are renamed over time?
<GNUtoo>I guess so, my supposition is based on the fact that I didn't install these packages, so I just think it's just some information that is always displayed
<GNUtoo>It also make sense as you could use them in a manifest and not use that manifest every day
<janneke>well, my system with childhurd builds, at last \o/
<jpoiret>zimoun: 🥳
<zimoun>civodul: what do you mean by “end up”? I do not see the cons. Anyway, I got your point. I will answer in the patch submission.
<jpoiret>mrvdb: there's a patch in the MLs for that, nothing from your side
<jpoiret>some package names were deprecated but we didn't rename them in Guix itself
<podiki[m]>evilsetg[m]: didn't work for me unfortunately
<podiki[m]>any other matrix users receiving messages from the irc end? just wondering if it is a more widespread bridge problem
<GNUtoo>btw, matterbridge is packaged in Guix so maybe it could be used to workaround issues temporarily.
<GNUtoo>Note that it still needs improvements (dependencies are vendored and there is no service)
<GNUtoo>I'm also not sure it does matrix but it does a lot of protocol so it's likely to have matrix support as well
<civodul>lovely, we got ENOSPC while building icedtea:
<podiki[m]>I guess I could always bridge locally (I'm on my own matrix server)
<pmf[m]>I'm having the same issue. Leaving and rejoining didn't help. I'm also on my own matrix server. Other IRC-bridged rooms seem to be working fine.
<podiki[m]>pmf: thanks. I'll open upstream issue then unless someone here can send a restart command to the bridge (not sure if it is separate per room or for all libera)
<evilsetg[m]>@podiki I I am in two #guix matrix bridge channels. One is This one does have problems. The other I joined via `!join #guix` In a room called 'Libera chat irc bridge status'. That one still works.
<podiki[m]>huh, interesting, didn't know there were different ways to join
<patrickt>Hello! Hope you are well, I am very excited by the prospect of Guix, it's a brilliant approach and the syntax is preferred to Nix! I recently ran an installation of SD with the 1.4.0 installer and selected Xfce for the desktop environment, however, when trying to insert a USB, it must be manually mounted. I tried looking for documentation on how to set up `auto-fs
<apteryx>Another freshy enabled committer is jpoiret; congratulations :-)
<jpoiret>my first target later today will be zimoun's :)
<Z572[m]>hello, i have a substitute server have some riscv64 package 2.2% ,maybe someone need, see
<civodul>hey, congrats zimoun & jpoiret! long overdue! 🎉
<patrickt>* set up `auto-fs`, but I didn't find anything in my search. My question is how does one configure software that doesn't have built-in structures exposed for Guix? (not sure if it makes sense as a question, just trying to understand how to configure software without configuration files as with other distros)
<civodul>Z572[m]: oh nice! you should send a note to guix-devel
<civodul>what hardware do you have?
<patrickt>That's cool, noted z572[m] :)
<podiki[m]>yes welcome jpoiret! another long overdue addition I would say :)
<efraim>congrats jpoiret!
<Z572[m]>civodul: licheepi 4a, i sended,but not display in guix-devel
<podiki[m]>ACTION finally goes to renew keys
<jpoiret>patrickt: this might be an issue with XFCE in particular, since udisks should be set up by default
<jpoiret>weird, users added through the installer are in "wheel" by default as well
<jpoiret>patrickt: in general, if something is not in Guix yet, you would need to write a service definition for it. Depending on the complexity of the thing you're trying to use, it might vary from very easy to very hard, but it's usually quite easy
<podiki[m]>just a note for matrix users to check the log for replies as the libera bridge may not be sending to you
<efraim>rekado: python-pytest-enabler is also in gnu/packages/check
<Z572[m]>ACTION uploaded an image: (32KiB) < >
<patrickt>podiki: Thanks for the tip, hmm, seems like I even missed some messages.
<patrickt>Thanks jpoiret for such a detailed reply!!
<jpoiret>cbaines: where can I find your public key? It seems that the one on savannah isn't the one you use to sign your messages (or maybe my MUA is not properly configured)
<efraim>civodul: it looks like the vnstat tests commit broke cuirass
<bdju>I've hit an issue recently with the nheko matrix client where my backspace key doesn't work in the chatbox. Has anyone else run into that?
<mfg[m]>It seems the recent commit introducing a vnstat service renders my system unable to guix pull: error:
<cbaines>jpoiret, I think the key on Savannah should be the correct one
<cbaines>although I "use" Emacs for email, which is to say I don't know how any of this works
<cbaines>(my own emails show up to me as "Undecided", and I have no idea why)
<jpoiret>yes, I also get "Unknown key"
<jpoiret>the key I got from savannah is expired, maybe you've renewed it but haven't uploaded it there yet?
<rekado>efraim: ah, crud. Thanks for letting me know.
<apteryx>ACTION reboots node 129
<apteryx>rekado: the 6 x 8 TB SSDs are connected to the PERC of node 129, right?
<apteryx>yep, I see them
<apteryx>do you have experience with the PERC hardware RAID?
<apteryx>(is it good?)
<cbaines>jpoiret, ok, I think I've updated the key
<cbaines>and if anyone knows if there's a way in mu4e to verify message signatures, let me know!
<civodul>mfg[m], efraim: thanks for the heads-up!
<civodul>lemme see
<podiki[m]>rekado: there is some way to verify/sign message in mu4e but I'm not savvy, did look it up once
<podiki[m]>rekado: and there were some quirks to it, I know I messed up my email signatures when doing the commit access emails
<civodul>mfg[m], efraim: fixed! apologies
<patrickt>mfg: Glad I saw your message, I have the exact same issue
<patrickt>Thanks civodul !!
<patrickt>guix pull works perfectly again, much appreciated :)
<jpoiret>is `Signed-off-by:` necessary when you push someone else's patch? Is the commit author + committer info not enough?
<zimoun>jpoiret: See 22.8.2 Commit Policy
<zimoun>« When pushing a commit on behalf of somebody else, please add a Signed-off-by line at the end of the commit log message—e.g., with git am --signoff. This improves tracking of who did what. »
<jpoiret>zimoun: do you know of a piem option to add those sign-offs automatically?
<jpoiret>or magit, either is fine :)
<zimoun>no, I am also looking for one. Adding an alias in .gitconfig is not doing the job for me.
<cbaines>I have magit configured to add the signoff line when I apply patches
<jpoiret>zimoun: piem-am-args looks like the way to go :)
<cbaines>when you've got the relevant menu up that shows the --signoff option in Magit, you can toggle it on, then C-x C-s to save that as the default
<jpoiret>cbaines: the thing is that we use piem. How do you get the mbox?
<cbaines>I don't know what piem is?
<cbaines>generally I cherry pick commits from to apply patches
<jpoiret>something to easily get mboxes from various sources
<tschilptschilp23>hi guix!
<johnjaye>my irc settings render your name as tsch. hello tsch
<tschilptschilp23>johnjaye: I guess my nick is too long, it's tschilptschilp23 :P
<vagrantc>johnjaye: that seems awfully lossy
<johnjaye>technically i have the nicklist display still. but it just kind of stays on the A's all the time.
<johnjaye>vagrantc: small terminals means tough decisions have to be made.
<apteryx>seems the core-updates merge broke a few system tests; I know two: jami and xvnc
<ae_chep>2~/win 11
<rekado>podiki[m]: sorry, what’s that about mu4e?
<zimoun>jpoiret: do you use b4?
<jpoiret>adding `--signoff` to piem-am-args works for me
<zimoun>it fails for #60788. Well, “b4 am” fails for me.
<zimoun>jpoiret: do you experiment the same?
<jpoiret>it's already been applied i think
<jpoiret>since we had some trouble with the vnstat tests earlier today
<zimoun>yes, just “b4 am” fails but “b4 am” (contrary to what I said)
<zimoun>is it a bug from b4?
<zimoun>both msgid are from the same thread.
<podiki[m]>rekado: about message signatures, I don't have it setup but it should check automatically (I had some issues signing, but I also use org-msg which I think was my problem in the wrong signature being used)
<rekado>podiki[m]: sorry, I still don’t know the context. Have I been involved in a conversation about signatures?
<podiki[m]>ah sorry that was cbaines, hit the wrong name!
<podiki[m]>cbaines: see ^ for some mu4e signing/verifying message info but I haven't set mine up properly
<cbaines>that information doesn't seem to work for me podiki[m]
<cbaines>I think I've found out how to enable verification though
<cbaines>setting mm-verify-option to known seems to work
<podiki[m]>cbaines: ah yes, that seems to do something. now I just gotta test my signing, there's too many similar options (I think all via gnus)
<podiki[m]>now I see "bad signature" not sure why (maybe have to verify/trust the key somehow?)
<mirai>is there some fundamental reason why can't /etc/services be provisioned within a build environment?
<apteryx>perhaps explained in Eelco Dolstra's thesis, if there is one
<mirai>it's a simple “database” file containing known services tcp/udp ports, doesn't seem to depend on networking
<apteryx>I think it's used by the resolver in libc, which is not functional in the container anyway, so perhaps having teh file would be moot?
<mirai>jpoiret: did you change your git email configuration regarding the X via guix patches via … ?
<mirai>apteryx: guile netdb uses it
<mirai>and by resolver, you mean getaddrinfo?
<jonsger>how can I restart pulesaudio?
<mirai>jonsger: pulseaudio -k
<lilyp>joke: you don't restart pulseaudio, pulseaudio restarts you
<jpoiret>mirai: no, but now all my patches contain the From: line to avoid misattribution
<jpoiret>basically, since debbugs changes some DKIM-protected headers, either you disable DKIM or you end up with debbugs rewriting your From: to pass DKIM
<jpoiret>(that's only if your DKIM policy is quarantine or refuse)
<elb>is that why I don't reliably get replies to my debbugs emails, I wonder?
<jpoiret>no, the Reply-To header should be properly set
<jpoiret>well, maybe it does contribute to it, but I haven't experienced this issue
<elb>I get maybe 1/2 to 2/3 of the replies that go to tickets I open
<elb>which is annoying when someone asksf or info and I don't know
<jonsger>sudo herd restart user-proccesses does the thing, but it kicks you even out of your sway session :P
<jpoiret>user-processes kills just about every user process, right?
<jonsger>I guess, but pulseaudio seems one of them. runs as your user
<jonsger>jpoiret: congrats on becoming a commiter, btw :)
<guixfren>taking a proper look at the contributing guidelines has been on my todo list for far too long
<jpoiret>thanks! just pushed for the first time (very scary)
<the_tubular>Everything is bork, quick panick!
<the_tubular> /s
<the_tubular>Just kidding, congrats jpoiret!
<attila_lendvai>python-daemon fails to build. updating it to v3.0.1 leads to two failed tests with: AttributeError: 'Exception_TestCase' object has no attribute 'instance' (and the other with 'types'). any hints?
<apteryx>mirai: I guess getaddrinfo is the main API of the resolver bits yes; though I'm no expert.
<apteryx>what do you mean about git email configuration?
<apteryx>perhaps the effect of using X-Debbugs-CC ?
<Kabouik>It seems there are a bunch of packages that won't install on aarch64 because they depend on vulkan-loader-sdk, which won't build:
<Kabouik>Build logs here:
<Kabouik>I'm sorry I am on a mobile device and cannot easily copy text to pastebin it.