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<ptibedo>Bonsoir !
<ptibedo>Je vois que l'idéologie woke,etc a contaminé le monde du logiciel libre. Pouvez-vous arrêter cela cars je trouve que l'écriture inclsive est dégeulasse.
<Fare>va falloir faire un fork.
<ptibedo>Va surtout falloir arrêter de ce faire alliéné ! Vienne nous gonflé avec leur idéologie à deux balles.
<devcarbon>I'm trying to install a rust package. I very happily discovered guix import after trying to write a package def for a while, but there seems to be a problem:
<devcarbon>;;; Failed to autoload string->semver-range in (semver ranges):
<devcarbon>;;; no code for module (semver ranges)
<devcarbon>guix/import/crate.scm:260:26: In procedure find-crate-version:
<devcarbon>error: string->semver-range: unbound variable
<nckx>devcarbon: Welcome! Please use a pastebin (such as for many-line messages.
<nckx>(You ran into a bot.)
<devcarbon>full output:
<devcarbon>Oh I figured out how to search the IRC history, looks like this has the solution already:
<nckx>devcarbon: So this error is trying to say that the ‘guile-semver’ package is missing. The crate importer (deliberately) maintains a ‘soft-dependency’ on it, presumably since most users won't import crates. You'll have to manually install it [and possible ‘guile’ as well, if it still won't work]. This is documented, but I doubt anyone would ever find it here:
<nckx>…sigh :)
<nckx>The error message should be improved.
<nckx>I had no idea this had been reported before, let alone in 2020, and mothacehe said exactly what I think now.
<nckx>Unless I'm missing a hidden dependency, guile-semver is a whopping 0.4 MiB. 😒
<nckx>devcarbon: Would you have time to report this as a bug (to bug-guix at gnu dot org)? Feel free to suggest pulling in guile-semver unconditionally, this is a lot of trouble to save ~400K.
<nckx>ACTION → 😴💤
<devcarbon>Thanks nckx! I might have time if they don't mind a "sloppy" bug report :P
<nckx>Nah we love slop. It's what's for dinner.
<devcarbon>Haha okay.  Might even just document adding the dependency here:
<lechner>bug is better
<devcarbon>Oh sorry, I meant as a recommendation in the bug report.
<lechner>no worries, i meant it as an encouragement. thanks for helping to make Guix better for everyone
<devcarbon>Sent. :)
<lechner>devcarbon / thanks!
<lechner>please feel free to try our bug bot with something like #nnnn
<devcarbon>So just type in #what-ever-the-bug-number-is once it gets posted to ?
<lechner>or the URL, or "bug x'
<lechner>did you get a confirmation?
<devcarbon>Not yet.
<devcarbon>lechner : still no confirmation. Do you think I should try again?
<devcarbon>Is there a simple way to call guix commands from a repl?   I have emacs-guix installed, and I would love to be able to interactively debug problems instead of trying to guess at it from stdout.
<nckx>devcarbon: It's frustrating that Wokespam McFrenchtroll got their mail delivered in milliseconds and yours made a detour to Mars, but that's just the mail server for you. (I do not believe it's been redpilled.) Don't retry yet, give it a day, and sorry.
<nckx>ACTION quickly pretends to do the sleep before lechner can scold them.
<devcarbon>Haha :P !  Okay, no worries.
<jgart[m]>devcarbon: do you know about pk?
<jgart[m]>Just wrap some guix code in pk and debug that way
<jgart[m]>I've never been able to debug guix code with the guile debugger
<devcarbon>Nope, what is pk? (read: where can I learn about it?)
<jgart[m]>pk is not documented iirc
<jgart[m]>it is a debugging macro
<jgart[m]>Very similar to icecream
<jgart[m]>racket has docs for pk iirc
<devcarbon>Cool, thanks jgart[m]!
<jgart[m]>no probs
<jgart[m]>try sprinkling pk in different parts of a <package> then build the package and watch stdout
<daviid>jgart[m]: fwiw, peek and its alias pk are procs, not macros - they just display things ... so we indeed use them to debug, just like we'd put tons of printf in C ...
<jgart[m]>$2 = #<procedure peek stuff>
<jgart[m]>thanks daviid
<jgart[m]>I forget who's who sometimes
<daviid>fwiw, they are defined in (ice-9 boot-9)
<jgart[m]>daviid: how can we use the guile debugger?
<jgart[m]>sorry for the open ended question
<jgart[m]>I want to step through a guix package being built and observe the closures
<jgart[m]>or the environments/variables etc.
<jgart[m]>I want to see what happens in the environments and the execution when the arguments field passes it's data to the gnu-build-system, for example
<daviid>afaict, we do not have a guile stepper 'a la CL', so we use peek :) - or break and ,bt #:full? #t but i nearly never use a debugger
<jgart[m]>By arguments I'm referring to the arguments field of a Guix <package> record
<jgart[m]>Why don't you nearly ever use the debugger?
<daviid>jgart[m]: might wana ask in #guile, but i am afraid noone has any magic here ...
<jgart[m]>But if I ask in #guile about how to step through guix code then they will tell me to come back and ask here ;()
<daviid>jgart[m]: i don't use guix - when i face a bug in my code, i stop, think (a lot), process the code in my mind ... further look at the code, add a few peek .. till i find the cause, solve it and proceed ...
<daviid>jgart[m]: you can ask how to step, it doesn't matter you step a guix proc or another proc ...
<jgart[m]>I've been spoiled by pudb and modern debuggers
<jgart[m]>I'd like to trace exactly what happens here:
<jgart[m]>when I run guix build nnn
<jgart[m]>It's been a tedious process to follow exactly the execution steps for how the stuff in arguments is passed around
<jgart[m]>lots of abstraction ;()
<devcarbon>this might be helpful:
<jgart[m]>daviid: Can you tell immediately how is the caller of package-arguments after `guix build nnn` gets called?
<jgart[m]>package-arguments is the accessor function for that package record's arguments field in case I wasn't clear
<jgart[m]>I've gone through that manual page but I've also ran into a ton of quirks and bugs that I haven't bothered to report. It was a bad time or I wasn't doing it right with the guix code I was trying to debug
<jgart[m]>How do I enter the debugger when trying to build a Guix package if it builds successfully?
<jgart[m]>If it builds successfully it won't enter the debugger.
<jgart[m]>And if it fails, it won't leave me at the point on the stack that I want to be necessarily
<jgart[m]>iirc, there's no way to set a breakpoint in a guix package and then stop at it
<jgart[m]>I realize that we have small self-contained functional units that I can pk but there's certain execution points that I've found very difficult to inspect or jump to with pk
<jgart[m]>I want to step through a guix package the way you can step through assembly or C code with gdb ;()
<jgart[m]>Let me rephrase, I want to step through a guix package being built and watch every step and step into functions if I want to dig deeper
<daviid>jgart[m]: well, you'd need to ask for some other guix users help - you can display the arguments though, and repeat until it's correct .. as in (package ... (arguments (peek (list #:tests? #f #:make-flags #~(list ...)))) ...)
<jgart[m]>I've done that at the repl
<jgart[m]>(package-arguments nnn)
<jgart[m]>for example
<daviid>i can't 'in guix itself', sorry, good luck
<jgart[m]>Anyways, I hope I will be enlightened by how to debug with Guile at some point. Till then, I'll conform to using pk and being happy with it
<daviid>*i can't help with guix 'itself' ...
<jgart[m]>I understand
<apteryx>yay, sha256 checksum on header and payload now validates fine, for the guix-generated RPM
<apteryx>now it seems it wants the listing of the files with their hash, compressed...
<apteryx>to be continued
<herman>hey guys
<herman>does anyone know how I can get rid of the xfce come with the built guix from the official image?
<herman>this one
<herman>I'm trying to launch exwm, and xinit keeps saying a X server is running, so I tried to kill xfce processes
<herman>but after I killed them, they just restart and log me in again
<iyzsong>herman: the restart one should be gdm, and you can stop it by run 'herd stop xorg-server' by root.
<iyzsong>for gdm to launch exwm, you can create a '~/.xsession' script file, make it executable, with #/bin/sh shellbang, and put somethink like 'exec exwm' there.
<iska>hi! I need 32-bit glibc headers to build something, how do I add them to guix shell?
<lilyp>if you're trying to mix them that requires some guile code, if it's just glibc headers use --target=i686-linux-gnu
<patched[m]>The IRC logs seemingly only yield results from 2021 or before. How come?
<patched[m]>last result is from 2021-12-20
<lilyp>patched[m]: I'd guess it's a fix number of results, for instance "timestamp" brings me back to 2020
<patched[m]>But I never get anything after 2021
<patched[m]>Last result for me is 2021-12-26
<nckx>The Xapian database hasn't been updating since then.
<unmatched-paren>hello guix :)
<patched[m]>ACTION uploaded an image: (222KiB) < >
<patched[m]><nckx> "The Xapian database hasn't..." <- I see
<nckx>This has been common knowledge 'forever' but that's no way to live. I've 'fixed' it a few times in the past but I'll file a proper bug report.
<theo_p_>hello, can anyone help me out with adding a custom build option to build a package from source?
<ae_chep>Can you be a bit more specific?
<oriansj>is there any reason why moolticute has not yet been packaged for guix?
<theo_p_>yea, i want to build emacs from source with my own build options. For example, i generally do something along the lines of: ./configure --with-pgtk
<theo_p_>and then just "make -j$(nproc)". how do i do that with guix build?
<lilyp>oriansj: idk if we have a dedicated qt/kde team
<mirai>nckx: #61117 doesn't really need to use (assoc-ref outputs
<tasty-sandwich>"Update svtplay-dl to 4.18"
<mirai>it's already within a gexp
<oriansj>lilyp: fair enough
<sneek>civodul: Greetings :)
<civodul>sneek: botsnack
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message!
<sneek>civodul, cbaines says: regarding , I think the issue is in trying to extract the commits from the email. This is obviously a big problem, but I'm not sure what to do about it. Maybe it's possible to try and handle more ways of submitting patches, but in general I think extracting patches from emails will remain a hard problem.
<tasty-sandwich>"[PATCH] Building Icecat and jemalloc on aarch64-linux"
<civodul>cbaines: hey! it looks as if it extracted them successfully though, but somehow drew the wrong conclusion as to what changed?
<herman>That worked! thanks!
<cbaines>civodul, the branch only contains one commit but I think the patch submitter intended to submit 3 patches
<cbaines>I guess this is a Patchwork thing, since it only sees one patch
<msavoritias-web>hey. what is the straight forward way to expose my locale inside a container created with "guix shell --container" ?
<msavoritias-web>I want to run ansible but it complains about invalid locale while it runs perfectly without the container option
<msavoritias-web>as I understand though the container doesnt have a profile. At least I cant find anything to export the LOCPATH variable
<msavoritias-web>so is there a way to expose my locales inside the container or set the path in there to look for them?
<nckx>mirai: I prefer it.
<nckx>You can use both.
<f3n1x>hi guixers ! ... happy hacking ! When i go "guix home reconfigure ..." Guix is warning me about the following :" warning: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR doesn't exists, on-first-login script
<f3n1x>won't execute anything. You can check if xdg runtime directory exists,
<f3n1x>XDG_RUNTIME_DIR variable is set to appropriate value and manually execute the
<f3n1x>script by running '$HOME/.guix-home/on-first-login'-bash: /etc/bashrc: No such file or directory
<f3n1x>-bash: /etc/bashrc: No such file or directorywarning: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR doesn't exists, on-first-login script
<f3n1x>won't execute anything. You can check if xdg runtime directory exists,
<f3n1x>XDG_RUNTIME_DIR variable is set to appropriate value and manually execute the
<f3n1x>script by running '$HOME/.guix-home/on-first-login'-bash: /etc/bashrc: No such file or directory
<f3n1x>-bash: /etc/bashrc: No such file or directory " while , what puzzles me is the fact that /etc/bashrc exists. What am i missing here ? Thanks, thanks, thanks
<Kolev>Debating whether to install Guix on Trisquel.
<futurile>msavoritias-web: this works for me: guix shell gcc-toolchain --preserve=LANG --container
<futurile>msavoritias-web: then `locale` is the same inside and outside the container
<luishgh>hi guix, does anyone know how to replicate something like `xdg-settings set default-web-browser name-of-browser.desktop` with guix home?
<oceane>hi, i wonder if it's possible to route my internet traffic through tor with guix?
<neshamon[m]>I finally fixed my guix SD install
<mirai>oceane: you can adapt the instructions to guix configurations
<mirai>there's nftables and tor service already
<neshamon[m]>Guix wanted me to pin the kernel package. But it's odd because I never had to pin it on previous installs
<mirai>though I don't know how you will handle UDP traffic
<ArneBab>nckx: this is the upstream Guix tcsh and it’s a Guix system, but the ulimits are increased a lot.
<ArneBab>(sorry for answering only now, I had missed your reply because I had to drop AFK)
<ArneBab>… arg, no, they are not … I now know why some incremental compiles are so slow …
<ArneBab>nckx: I just found that tcsh also does not build on my system on master: guix build --check tcsh ⇒ same error (guix describe Generation 453 27. Januar 2023 16:21:00 (aktuell) guix 729eabc)
<ArneBab>My guix runs with a nice value. To reproduce: guix shell tcsh -- nice tcsh -c "nice echo 1"
<ArneBab>nckx: to trace this: guix shell tcsh -- nice -n 4 tcsh -c "nice echo 1" ← works; guix shell tcsh -- nice -n 5 tcsh -c "nice echo 1" ← breaks
<ArneBab>nckx: I sent a patch to the list that comments out the test.