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<Kabouik>I'm not an Alacritty user myself, but I just noticed the package doesn't seem to work:
<acrow>Kabouik: I use alacritty and my rebuild has failed due to lack of the unicode-ident package. I see there is a rust-unicode-ident package available...
<Kabouik>Yes, I noticed the same, probably this package will need an update
<rekado>I’m on it
<Kabouik>But that surprised me, was a dependency removed? That would be surprising for Guix since it aims at being reproducible
<rekado>it’s weird, because rust-unicode-ident-1 is a cargo input of proc-macro2
<acrow>I blame rust.
<rekado>pushing a fix in a moment
<Kabouik>That was quick!
<acrow>Yes, rekado is an example case in real life as well as the documentation.
<trevdev>If I did something silly like installed php composer via just downloading composure.phar with the copy-build-system and moved it directly to #$output/bin/composer, and that was successful, how do I get to execute it without root? I'm getting permission denied.
<sneek>trevdev, you have 1 message!
<sneek>trevdev, podiki[m] says: just a wild guess, but maybe when running you may need to set SBCL_HOME (I do that when I run stumpwm for what I think are similar errors)
<zamfofex>trevdev: Does it have the executable bit set?
<trevdev>The symlink does...but I am willing to bet that the actual store item is read-only
<trevdev>Should I use trivial and use some other gexp to get it installed?
<zamfofex>I think you can just use ‘chmod’ on it.
<zamfofex>Like, from the package definition, I mean.
<trevdev>I see. This would be a custom modify stage maybe?
<zamfofex>Sure. You could also use ‘trivial-build-system’ instead, maybe.
<acrow>rekado: is the fix, 'out there', yet?
<acrow>rekado: Thank you for your many good works.
<acrow>rekado: system reconfiguration in progress.
<TopExpert>hi, is the current home.scm config somewhere? I rm home.scm by mistake while setting up my laptop
<TopExpert>I recall the system config used to be available from somewhere, but what about home for the last generation
<TopExpert>found it, in $HOME/.guix-home/configuration.scm :))
<trevdev>zamfofex: Modify phase seems to have built. I can stat the output bin and the permissions look good!
<trevdev>Thank you
<zamfofex>I’m glad I was able to help!
<trevdev>Of course the composer.phar has to do something weird all unto itself to verify its own integrity. I imagine the patching of the shebang changed its SHA512 fingerprint and now won't run because the signature cannot be verified. Cool!
<trevdev>Oh well, back to just moving the thing to ~/.local/bin/ for now. Maybe later
<Gooberpatrol66>Is it unusual for guix to restrict /run/dbus? A program i'm trying to run is trying to access it but my user account isn't allowed to access it
<Gooberpatrol66>my gentoo machine lets me read /run/dbus. how does guix handle dbus?
<acrow>rekado: system reconfig completed successfully. It took awhile to build the new rust dependencies but, eventually, alacritty rebuilt successfully!
<kiasoc5>i cant run qt5ct/other qt apps on wayland, even tho qt-wayland and qt5ct are in the same profile
<kiasoc5>only xcb plugin works
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<zamfofex>rekado: When trying to offload builds to my childhurd, it complains that ‘chroot’ isn’t available. Which is fair enough, but I see no way to skip that check.
<zamfofex>More acxcurately, I get an error like this: ‘derivation '/gnu/store/…-module-import-compiled.drv' offloaded to 'localhost' failed: chroot builds are not supported on this platform’
<apteryx>you can setup your daemon to disable chroot I think
<apteryx>pass "--disable-chroot" as an extra-options to your guix-configuration
<zamfofex>I see. 🤔 Is there any way to disable the check without having to disable native chroot builds on my host?
<zamfofex>apteryx: I’ve added ‘--diable-chroot’ as an extra option to my operating system definition’s ‘guix-configuration’, ‘sudo guix system reconfigure’ and even rebooted, but it seems the offloaded build still fails. 🙁
<apteryx>I had this working before and never needed to play with the option... so something changed or is amiss
<lilyp>apteryx: I'm still positive you could build something with guile's module reflections
<lilyp>also, does refresh work for variables reference via @@?
<davidl>zamfofex: thanks for the npm-import.scm link. Good work there!
<rekado>zamfofex: only the childhurd’s daemon needs to run with --disable-chroot
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>mbakke: re libutil use in syscalls.scm, maybe we should do things in a way that work with both 2.34 and earlier versions?
<civodul>what i have in mind: keep #:library "libutil" and have the code try that and fall back to plain (dynamic-link) if that doesn't work
<civodul>does that make sense?
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<f1refly>is someone here using kdeconnect? when I try to start one of the frontends I get this:
<f1refly>error activating kdeconnectd: QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildSignaled", "Process org.kde.kdeconnect received signal 6")
<rekado>efraim mbakke I pushed the “update-vulkan-headers-staging” branch a while ago
<rekado>I’m not sure if actually built it when I edited the specification from “update-vulkan-headers” to “update-vulkan-headers-staging’
<Luk6655>Hi,What is the recommended workflow for modifying a package source, then installing that modified source? Create own channel and define packages that refer to modified source or some other way?.
<rekado>it would be good if we could prevent this branch from going stale.
<unmatched-paren>Luk6655: --with-git-url
<unmatched-paren>see guix build --help-transform
<Luk6655>unmatched-paren: thanks
<zamfofex>rekado: The childhurd does have ‘--disable-chroot’ that it (indirectly) inherits from the ‘guix-configuration’ in ‘%base-services/hurd’. I am able to build packages on the childhurd, it’s just offloading that fails mysteriously.
<zamfofex>Luk6655: You can also use ‘--with-patch’ if it makes more sense to you.
<Luk6655>zamfofex: yes, it does. It is a nice option, because it doesn't require having to host a copy of the repo elsewhere.
<zamfofex>I spent a long time yesterday trying to figure out why the childhurd’s ‘--disable-chroot’ flag is not being honored when offloading, and I wasn’t able to figure it out. But maybe I was just too sleepy, I guess. (Or maybe I don’t know enough about the Guix daemon. Or both…)
<zamfofex>Here’s a question: How does offloading work? Does it reuse the childhurd’s existing daemon, or does it invoke a new daemon on the childhurd? Surely the latter would be silly, right? But it’d explain what’s going on, I think.
<cbaines>zamfofex, I believe offloading connects to the daemon, rather than starting a daemon then connecting to it.
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<Kabouik>What would I need in my config.scm to specify arguments to particular kernel modules? Other owners of my machine say I need to set `snd-intel-dspcfg` with `dsp_driver=1` to get audio working, and also `fbcon=rotate:1 video=DSI-1:panel_orientation=right_side_up` to GRUB config to properly rotate the touch coordinates. I am not comfortable with customizing the kernel, let alone in Guix, and since this fiddles with GRUB, I am afraid of potential
<Kabouik>(For reference, this is my config.scm, still pretty simple:
<Kabouik>(Actually the list of packages in there is all wrong now, I need to update it, but that should be no issue.)
<examors>Kabouik: For snd-intel-dspcfg you could try something like this:
<examors>I am not sure about the GRUB config, though.
<antipode>Kabouik: maybe the 'kernel-arguments' field of operating-system?
<antipode>I'm not aware of a mechanism for passing arguments to _particular_ kernel modules (neither I am saying it doesn't exist)
<zamfofex>A couple updates: I found out that builds were indeed also failing on the childhurd itself! I made sure that ‘--disable-chroot’ is explicited in ‘extra-options’, so it seems to just not be honored for some unknown reason. (???)
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<pkill9>zamfofex: what are you doing with the Hurd?
<zamfofex>pkill9: For now, I’m just trying to get it to build packages.
<Kabouik>Thanks examors and antipode, but that doesn't allow specifying an argument for the kernel module, does it?
<Kabouik>I am really lost with this, I'm not sure I'll be able to fix sound and touch coordinates on that machine.
<examors>Kabouik: A modprobe config file lets you pass module arguments. As shown in the docs, you can create a /etc/modprobe.d/whatever.conf with simple-service, and add `options snd-intel-dspcfg dsp_driver=1` in there.
<zamfofex>A couple more notes: I tried to specify ‘(extra-options '("--not-an-option"))’ to the Hurd VM’s ‘guix-configuration’, and it didn’t try to build a new image for it, so I’m led to believe it is simply being ignored for some reason.
<abrenon>hello guix
<civodul>zamfofex: weird; according to (gnu services base), 'extra-options' is taken into account
<zamfofex>civodul: Yes, I’ve been looking into it, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t. Though I will say: I noticed changes I apply to ‘guix-configuration’ in general do not cause an image rebuild. But for e.g. ‘openssh-service-type’, they do.
<zamfofex>civodul: Bar the ellipses, my system configuration looks like this: <>
<zamfofex>Though I think specifying the ‘--disable-chroot’ explicitly should be redundant, given that it is already specified in ‘%base-services/hurd’, no?
<apteryx>is the guix provided 'git-checkout' means of specifying an origin not able to use SSH keys? git clone works, but git-checkout fails with "error authenticating: no auth sock variable"
<apteryx>ah, it's this libgit2 limitation:
<zamfofex>civodul: I think I found the cause of the issue!
<zamfofex>In ‘(gnu services virtualization)’, in the definition of ‘secret-service-operating-system’, ‘modify-services’ is used without ‘inherit’ for ‘guix-service-type’.
<zamfofex>See: <>
<zamfofex>Seems like the bug was introduced in 2bac6ea177d5b3353ea1a4d032d17a6ac3763e96
<Kabouik>Thank you examors. I am reconfiguring with this: I hope it's right and won't break things. :O
<Kabouik>The reconfigure takes a long time since it's building the kernel.
<examors>Kabouik: In the contents of your snd-intel-dspcfg.conf, you need to write `options snd-intel-dspcfg dsp_driver=1` instead of just `dsp_driver=1`.
<Kabouik>Damn, it had just finished. :P Thanks!
<examors>well, at least changing that shouldn't recompile the kernel again :)
<Luk6655>Is there some way to explore what is taking the most space in /gnu/store? It seems my /gnu/store got to 45GB in few days. I only have 3 system generations (I do run gc fairly often)
<Luk6655>gc tells me hard linking saves about 15GB
<rekado>Luk6655: be sure to delete old profile generations before gc
<rekado>guix pull -d
<rekado>guix package -d
<rekado>those will delete all but the latest generation
<Luk6655>I see, ok, cool, I'll just read about them first, but hopefully they take care of it, thanks :-)
<Kabouik>Unfortunately, either that didn't work as expected, or this fix is not enough to solve the issue on Guix (others reported they just needed this on other distros). I already had sof-firmware installed but still observe the same symptoms.
<Kabouik>Can I check if the module is actually enabled and the configuration options are used?
<Luk6655>rekado: this -d seems to delete all, but the latest generation, I need those 3 system generations (various kernels etc) Is there any other way to discover what's taking so much space?
<Luk6655>those 3 generations really only differ in the kernel
<examors>Kabouik: if it worked I think you should be able to see something in /sys/module/snd_intel_dspfg/parameters/
<Kabouik>cat /sys/module/snd_intel_dspcfg/parameters/dsp_driver returns "0", hum
<dthompson>when converting packages to use gexps, is it preferred to replace things like '(which "foo")' with something like '(string-append #$foo "/bin/foo")' ?
<Kabouik>My config.scm does set dsp_driver=1
<examors>Kabouik: Hmm... I wonder if it could be getting loaded in the initrd, in which case the modprobe config won't take effect
<Luk6655>I can make my root partition bigger, but if it got to 45GB in few days, is it going to get to 450GB in few weeks?
<rekado>Luk6655: these commands only delete generations from the ‘guix pull’ profile at ~/.config/guix/current and from your default profile at ~/.guix-profile
<Luk6655>assuming I keep only few generations
<Luk6655>reakdo: ok, I'll give it a try
<Luk6655>and see how much gc clears then
<examors>Kabouik: You could try setting it via a kernel argument. I don't know if that works for non-builtin modules, but worth a try I guess. Just `(kernel-arguments (cons "snd_intel_dspcfg.dsp_driver=1" %default-kernel-arguments))` I think
<Luk6655>not much... only about 300MB for the user
<Kabouik>Does that go under (operating-system) examors?
<Kabouik>And should I remove the whole modprobe snipped or do I need to keep it to load the module?
<examors>I'm not sure if this module gets loaded automatically or not. You may need to keep the kernel-module-loader service
<Luk6655>Is there some way to see for example how much space a given os generation takes in the store?
<Luk6655>or list it by package at least? (other than using the usual disk usage tools)?
<Kabouik>I may have to postpone that attempt to later if it is going to rebuild the kernel, got to go soon
<Kabouik>Oh, it's not rebuilding. Let's reboot and try.
<lilyp>Luk6655: you can du the generation, but note that some things are stored outside of that so you'll only get a lower estimate
<lilyp>don't forget to follow symlinks :)
<Luk6655>lilyp: are there folders for generations?
<Kabouik>Thank you so much examors. I'll do some other iterations tonight, see if I can remove the kernel-module-loader service
<examors>Yeah, I reckon you can remove that.
<Luk6655>actually, I think I can see them in /var/guix/profiles
<Kabouik>Awesome. That Friday is ending well, finally.
<Luk6655>at the moment I'm just running mate-disk-space-analyzer on /gnu/store to see what's taking so much space there. BTW, what are the sizes of /gnu/store of people that have been running guix for a long time (months)?
<Luk6655>could someone give an example?
<rekado>Luk6655: you can use ‘guix size’ on a store item to see what contributes to its closure
<Kabouik>Now I need to sort out how to set those GRUB options for rotating the fb and touch coordinates, for next Monday to start in happiness too. :P
<lilyp>Luk6655: I think you should be able to fit ~10 generations into 100M
<lilyp>that's pulls+user packages+systems
<Luk6655>lilyp: I have 3, and my store is 45GB
<podiki[m]>for any matrix users: the libera chat bridge still seems to be one way here, you can send but won't receive (non-matrix) messages; I believe you'll see this message since I'm connected via matrix
<Luk6655>I do have some extra packages
<Luk6655>but not a lot
<Luk6655>the disk analyser shows I have one large package that takes 4gb around 5 bigger than 500MB, then maybe 10 ~100MB, 30 ~ 50MB and the rest is quite small...
<renken>more of a guile question but are modules seen as objects that can be passed to functions? for each module I want to call <module-name-prefix>function, is that possible?
<shcv>are there any secrets to replying to an issue in debbugs? I tried just sending an email to but it doesn't seem to have worked
<lilyp>shcv: looking into it
<lilyp>is this your first reply to any issue?
<shcv>well, I tried once yesterday too I think
<examors>Kabouik: I think you can actually add those other parameters to kernel-arguments too: `(kernel-arguments (cons* "snd_intel_dspcfg.dsp_driver=1" "fbcon=rotate:1" "video=DSI-1:panel_orientation=right_side_up" %default-kernel-arguments))`
<lilyp>in that case, you might be stuck in the moderation queue (to which I don't have access)
<dthompson>style question: when a gexp in a package refers to other packages, should those referenced packages be listed again in the package inputs? I know that technically speaking they don't need to (unless of course there is build code that requires that package be in the inputs list)
<Luk6655>well, running du on system generations (following symlinks) results in around 5GB only
<shcv>lilyp: ah. I can wait then; would be nice to get a message saying it worked though. Thanks
<Luk6655>let's say I run "guix shell a_very_big_package_with_lots_of_dependencies" , then I exit that shell and I don;t use it for a while, will gc delete that package from the store?
<Luk6655>I seem to have some large packages in the store that are not installed, but were used in guix shell
<lilyp>Luk6655: in fact, it becomes cleanup material as soon as you exit the shell
<Luk6655>Is there a way to list installed packages?
<Luk6655>I just would like to make sure, but I'm 99% sure I haven't installed them, they were just used in guix shell
<Luk6655>that was exited some time ago
<zamfofex>Luk6655: You mean ‘guix gc --list-live’?
<Luk6655>zamfofex: interesting, this indeed shows some large packages that are not installed
<Luk6655>I did run guix package --list-installed and this showed only a handful of packes for both my user and at system level
<zamfofex>You can try ‘guix gc --list-roots’ to see where they might come from.
<Luk6655>what are those "live" packages?
<Luk6655>the info page just says the command "lists live packages"
<zamfofex>They are the roots and their dependencies, I’m pretty sure.
<Luk6655>list roots shows me few per-user profiles and a large number of ~/.cache/guix/profiles entries
<Luk6655>I bet those are cached guix shell environments
<Luk6655>so the next question is, how do I manage them (delete etc)
<Luk6655>I did notice in the past if I run guix shell with the same selection of packages it starts up almost immediately, so those environments are cached
<pashencija[m]>Is there anyone using Pinebook Pro at the moment? I flashed the CI build on SD card and it booted from EMMC like there's nothing on it
<zamfofex>Luk6655: ‘rm -r ~/.cache/guix/profiles’ ? 😅
<Luk6655>zamfofex: I thought about it, I'll run du on them first.
<zamfofex>I think you should run ‘guix size ~/...’ instead, that might make more sense.
<Luk6655>yes, probably, do comes back with all zeros
<Luk6655>guix size doesn't work (or I'm using it wrong): guix size: error: /home/luk/.cache/guix/profiles/ltxapehp5jvjsxmkareeyd2lbkrtuo2vtukrtknkktacbk5fwyrq: unknown package
<zamfofex>I guess you need to use the store path they link to.
<Luk6655>each of the folders has a manifest file in there that specifies the packages that were used to create it, so this allows me to identify them, the file also includes the store location hopefully this will work with guix size
<zamfofex>This works for me: ‘guix size $(realpath ~/.cache/guix/profiles/*/)’
<Luk6655>so now the question becomed, do I just delete the folders and does this mean everything will get garbage collected? or will those items stay "in limbo"?
<Luk6655>zamfofex: yes, it works for me to, they come to about 10GB all together, so not that much considering the store is 45gb
<Luk6655>on the subject of clearing them up... I might just try to delete one and see if gc clears what was in it
<pashencija[m]>That seems to be some uboot misconfiguration on my side
<Luk6655>well, it doesn't appear to delete stuff... or perhaps there are other profiles that refer to the same packages that were specified in the profile cache I deleted
<Luk6655>Does anyone know for sure If I delete those cached profiles it will be able to garbage collect those packages from the store?
<Luk6655>or is there "a proper way" to remove them?
<Luk6655>there appear to be only links in the cache folder to /gnu/store/xxxxxxxxxxxxxx-profile locations, if I delete the links this seems to leave the profiles untouched
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<Luk6655>I can still run guix size on them despite the deletion of the link, and gc frees nothing more...
<VesselWave>Hello, I've submitted a patch to guix . As I use protonmail I couldn't sent patch through 'git email-send' for free. I've sent manually through web interface. As turned out I should have used plain text option in protonmail. So what could I do: create new issue correctly with plain text or maybe I can fix this one?
<rekado>VesselWave: just send a new one to the same address.
<rekado>VesselWave: also note that we prefer to have one commit per change.
<rekado>one commit = one patch
<Luk6655>I thought that perhaps guix package --list-profiles can show those profiles and be able to delete them somehow, nope it only shows two profiles. If no one knows how to delete them perhaps this is a bug in guix?
<zamfofex>How are you running ‘guix gc’?
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<Luk6655>both as a normal user and root, when running as root I login as root rather than sudo
<Luk6655>I do all system operations logged in as root rather than sudo
<zamfofex>I mean, which arguments are you passing to it?
<VesselWave>rekado: Can I send a new cover letter?
<jpoiret>Luk6655: you should instead do all system operations with sudo or similar software
<jpoiret>the issue is that you'll have two guix pull profiles, one for root and for your user
<Luk6655>jpoiret: that's the way I prefer it
<Luk6655>I'd rather keep the os profile separate in root's account
<zamfofex>Luk6655: have you tried ‘guix gc -d’?
<Luk6655>I was told as long as this is consistent it shouldn;t be an issue
<jpoiret>it shouldn't be an issue, but you need to `guix pull` twice
<jpoiret>and you keep two cached checkouts, etc...
<Luk6655>jpoiret: yes, I do
<rekado>VesselWave: you don’t have to, but if you want you can just send a reply to the issue email address, and then send your patch after that.
<Luk6655>guix gc -d, no, I tried guix pull -d and guix package -d (as normal user, as I didn't want to delete my 3 system profiles), then I run guix gc, both as user and root
<jpoiret>your system profiles can be deleted with `guix system delete-generations` only
<rekado>Luk6655: if your root user has some profiles you should delete their old generations too.
<jpoiret>also, guix gc doesn't need to be run as root
<Luk6655>rekado: root only has two profiles, its user profile that contains vim only, and the system profile. Root's account is only ever used to run guix system reconfigure and to edit an odd file with vim.
<Luk6655>no old profiles there
<Luk6655>does guix gc -d apply only to user profiles, therefore it will not touch OS generations?
<jpoiret>does `guix gc --list-roots` still show the profiles you deleted in .cache/guix/profiles/?
<Luk6655>let me check
<Luk6655>jpoiret: I don't think so, but I'm going to test on another one, just in case
<pashencija[m]>I booted it
<VesselWave>rekado: Thank you
<jpoiret>looking at the code, `guix gc -d` does try to remove all generations of the current user, unless current user has uid 0 in which case it tries to delete all generations of all users
<jpoiret>basically, it looks at the gc roots, filters it by (am i root or is it owned by me) and (is it a package generation or a guix home generation)
<Luk6655>jpoiret: they do disappear from the --list-roots list when deleted
<Luk6655>let me try to run gc again after I deleted another one
<Luk6655>yes, it actually did clear some stuff from the store
<Luk6655>so the way to delete them is to remove the links
<jpoiret>in general, what `guix package --delete-generations` does is basically rm the links according to a pattern, nothing more
<Luk6655>but guix package doesn't deal with the profiles in the .cache folder
<Luk6655>good, so this takes care of about 10GB... then I have 35GB more in the store :-)
<Luk6655>I haven't even started installing lots of packages, I guess I need to install a spreadsheet and analyse where this storage is used mostly
<Luk6655>well, no, actually after I deleted all those profiles it freed 21GB
<Luk6655>so the system itself is about 24GB, that looks a bit more reasonable
<Luk6655>there is some weirdness, how gc reports "size freed", it reported freeing 21GB, but I still have only 12GB free space on root...
<zamfofex>sneek: later tell civodul: I found what was causing me trouble setting up the Hurd VM, see: <> Thankfully, it seems like it should be an easy fix! It came up with a workaround for it, and it seems to have worked! 🎉 Though now I’m running into this on my VPS: <> So it seems I can’t start my VM on the VPS.
<sneek>Will do.
<klm_>Where can I find examples of using xorg-start-command? The documentation <> is a bit sparse.
<apteryx>use the source, luke!
<klm_>apteryx: I can see it produces a program-file, but I don't know how to get it into my PATH
<VesselWave>Hello. I've sumpited a patch to guix but it isn't show on the site . How long it ussualy takes to show a patch?
<apteryx>file-like objects can be added as packages to your operating system declaration, I believe
<apteryx>but that wouldn't work here, as it directly produces a file, not a directory which has a bin subdirectory
<apteryx>I think there are entry-points for such config in the xorg-configuration record
<apteryx>lightdm-seat-configuration has the xserver-command for example
<apteryx>(so at the level of the login manager, not xorg directly)
<apteryx>is anyone familiar with libssh vs libssh2? how do they compare? it seems libssh is more featureful (e.g., able to do more of what a typicall ssh client would do)
<apteryx>such as parsing ~/.ssh/config or reading SSH keys
<simendsjo>I'm trying to load a library, but a dependency, libfontconfig, isn't found. I can make it work by forcing LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LIBRARY_PATH. I'm not really sure what I'm doing here...
<klm_>apteryx: Thanks, but I haven't quite been able to grok the desktop service definitions. I don't want to run a desktop manager, and there seems to be little documentation about this. xinit / startx don't work.
<klm_>Fot reference, I added (extra-special-file "/usr/bin/my-start-x" (xorg-start-command ...)) into my services which worked
<char[m]>Hello. How do I properly do this? (full message at
<examors>char[m]: `modprobe.blacklist=hid_nintendo` is a kernel argument. You'll want to put that in `kernel-arguments` rather than `initrd-modules`
<drakonis>suddenly, nix users in guix?
<examors>simendsjo: the 'proper' way would be to set the RUNPATH of your library to include the location of libfontconfig.
<examors>If you compile it yourself, Guix's ld-wrapper does this for you.
<podiki[m]>char: as you are on matrix, you won't get replies from irc right now (some issue with the bridge), so you'll want to check the logs
<examors>simendsjo: if you can't/don't want to compile it for whatever reason, you can look into the patchelf tool
<apteryx>klm_: glad you could work it out
<strangepr0gram>i get unsupported manifest format and i'm not sure why
***justache is now known as justJingo
<strangepr0gram>at some point i had deleted guix-gaming games from channels scm, even though a package whose provenance is from it was inside the manifest
<strangepr0gram>is from there*
<unmatched-paren>Cairn: I have unexpectedly regained access to my network connection, so i'll respond to your hydroxide email :)
<unmatched-paren>Eeh, email backlog grew a *wee* bit while I wasn't trimming it :)
<arescorpio>My email : 1979/2022 and next ......+++
<GborBoskovits[m]>Hello guix!
<GborBoskovits[m]>I wanted to let you know that most probably I can not make it to the 10 days of guix.
<GborBoskovits[m]>There is nothing really serious going on, but my wife got covid. She is not in a very bad shape or anything, but I can't leave her alone with my son.
<unmatched-paren>GborBoskovits[m]: That's a shame. Hope she gets better :)
<mbakke>civodul: re libutil, that makes sense, I'll give it a try
<unmatched-paren>Aerc patchset v9 (!) has been sent, I would really appreciate if someone could review it :D
<mbakke>Gábor Boskovits: sorry to hear that! I don't think I can attend either as I need to sort out some local affairs before I can travel anywhere
<mbakke>Gábor Boskovits: FYI the matrix bridge is only one-way currently, see for replies