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*nckx blushes.
<chino>nckx: heh, yeah my .guix-channel which I haven't modified. However, I have my channels.scm under my_channel/home/config/guix/channels.scm
<nckx>You wouldn't happen to have any sqlite knowledge to spare? Mine doesn't go far beyond exporting (I take the stuff out of the thing) and reimporting (I put the stuff back in the thing) a dump…
<nckx>Andronikos: ☝, but everyone can play.
<chino>I wanted to have one repository where everything lays, so my_channel_git_dir/my_channel/{packages,home}/** but I guess that doesn't work out if I have an out of place scheme file?
<chino>perhaps I should rename channels.scm to channels and try again
<nckx>Forgive me, I'm a bit distracted, but that sounds like a good first sanity check. I still wonder where and what the offending ‘channel’ token actually is though.
<nckx>I thought it was a typo of ‘channels’ but if you haven't modified anything, probably not.
<chino>./nichijou/home/config/guix/channels.scm:1:(cons (channel (name 'nichijou)
<chino>./nichijou/home/config/guix/channels.scm:4:      %default-channels)
<chino>only "channel" occurrences I have. my guess is that guix/guile is evaluating nichijou/home/config/guix/channel.scm when it shouldn't (at least I don't want it to)
<nckx>Yes, it will do that, and without the magic in place that makes .guix-channel just work without imports.
*nckx going to concentrate on not completely destroying this server; good luck.
<chino>computing derivatives... this will stop you from  destroying it
<sneek>wb podiki[m]!
<chino>nckx: that was it, renaming channels.scm to channels worked! thanks
***chino is now known as renken
<nckx>This is the absolute worst I've seen so far:
<nckx>renken: <computing derivatives... this will stop you from  destroying it> Was that aimed at me? I'm afraid I can't parse it.
<renken>nckx: it was a joke about how you can't destroy it because someone else is currently using it. my bad, it's a silly one
<nckx>I'm probably still reading too much into it, but this is not a server.
<nckx>I'll stop clubbing your dead joke now.
<Hutchinson[m]>Hello, Are you interested in making $1,500 plus additional $500 for diligence and hardwork in two weeks (legit) by sparing just 15/30 minutes of your time every 48hrs without no start up fee ? If yes get back to me for more details
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<Andronikos>What does [m] mean on the usernames?
<nckx>That the user is connecting via the → bridge.
<nckx>It's a wretched source of spam, but unfortunately too popular to ban outright.
<dthompson>I don't think I've ever had a positive experience with matrix haha
<dthompson>beyond the spam, the bridge just seems to cause confusion
<Andronikos>I keep forgetting if I am in a guix shell or not. Isn't there a way to change the prompt?
<dthompson>Andronikos: yes, you can setup your bashrc to check for the GUIX_ENVIRONMENT environment variable and modify the prompt accordingly
<dthompson>let me see if I can find an example...
<mroh>Andronikos: you can try adding something like this to your .shellrc: "if [ -n "$GUIX_ENVIRONMENT" ] then export PS1="\u@\h \w [dev]\$ " fi"
<dthompson>mroh beat me to it :)
<nckx>dthompson: Well, a lot of users here are connected over matrix, and not even all of them have [m] (you can remove it if you're a little savvy). So whilst it gives me to end of headaches, it does represent a good number of people.
<dthompson>nckx: yeah it's more popular than I would have expected
<dthompson>I don't understand the appeal but that's okay :)
<nckx>As someone who prefers IRC and can't imagine switching, I can still understand them, because I've set up a bouncer before. :)
<nckx>It's not exactly welcoming.
<dthompson>oh for sure, irc is awfully clunky... but charming ;)
<dthompson>I live in an old house. I use old protocols.
<Andronikos>mroh: Works perfectly thanks. Shouldn't something like this may be possible with a flag as well?
<Andronikos>Well matrix is basically an open, decentralized alternative to discord. Probably one of the reasons so many use it.
<kabouik>Do you recommend using separate partitions for system and home in Guix? I don't see any real benefits with Guix, with everything being in /gnu
<nckx>I'd be more sympathetic to Matrix if its decades of supposed lessons learnt made it easier to moderate, but it doesn't even manage that. Or at least not across the IRC bridge. Which makes the exchange feel rather unfair: ‘come on over, it's the best of both worlds!’ whilst putting the onus to manage both worlds on us…
<nckx>kabouik: I don't recommend it for any distro, so no :o)
<kabouik>My opinion too!
<nckx>A Guix-specific gotcha could be that /gnu and /var/guix/db need to be kept in sync, which might break some assumptions/reasons some people use to separate partitions.
<nckx>It probably won't hurt if one back-up is a few days older than the other, but still.
<kabouik>I assume a swap the size of my RAM could be welcome though, and what size should I use for my EFI?
<mroh>the weather on staging looks great! (Im just building a vm for my desktop and get substitutes for (nearly) everything, impressive! ;)
*nckx average Coreboot enjoyer; doesn't know.
<nckx>Andronikos: Hmkay, that's a very clever pro-Matrix argument :) Discord is miles worse. OK. Fine. I'll suffer Matrix to live.
<nckx>I'll suffer Discord too, because it keeps 98% of the cryptocoin people off both Matrix and IRC.
<kabouik>Hum, the TUI installers just went back to the first step after formatting my partitions
<nckx>I've heard that before. Are you at the list of steps? It can sometimes be (too) easy to accidentally tab over and hit enter on ‘Exit’ or ‘Cancel’ or whatever the button is (I've done it before).
<Andronikos>Honestly I don't even understand why there is a bridge. If you like GNU Guix you it should not be to much to join the IRC through an actuall IRC client. Why bother switching your package manager or whole OS if you not even willing to use IRC.
<nckx>kabouik: If you're actually at the first step, without seeing the list, that's definitely a bug.
<kabouik>Yeah, I had to re-do everything (chose languages, layout, users, passwords, etc.). It remembered my WiFi password, and my disk is formatted to the new table.
<nckx>Andronikos: Well, I do think we actually mention the (fallback) Matrix option on our home page, and I should make it more clear than all gripes I have are with and how they choose to operate their bridge, not with any of the users who join us through it.
<nckx>kabouik: Could you report a bug? You'll be shocked to hear that shouldn't happen.
<kabouik>The default label for an encrypted partition was "Cryptboot", not "Cryptroot", right? I'd like to use the default label but don't exactly remember it. :>
<kabouik>I can nckx, sure. It's just about sending an email right? Mind that my Guix USB stick is about a year old though, it may very well not be a bug anymore.
<nckx>kabouik: cryptroot, lowercase, says grep.
<nckx>kabouik: Ah, yes, please do try <> first if you can.
<nckx>I actually recommend it, although both should *work*.
<kabouik>Erm, it's already started
<nckx>Sure. If. No problem.
<Andronikos>nckx: Never read it on the website. Which page do you mean? it doesn't say anything about matrix.
<nckx>kabouik: Once you reboot and ‘guix pull’, system produced by either ISO should be identical.
<kabouik>I admit I normally would have updated it first, but I admit I was so happy to find my bootable thumb drive (I never do) that I couldn't rest using it right away. :<
<kabouik>And that, I saw that as a test for that.
<nckx>Andronikos: Then I was mistaken. I know it's on the (very obscure and hardly-read and not publicly-writable) wiki, I thought it was on the Web site as well.
<Andronikos>What wiki?
<kabouik>To be clear, when I'm at the step were the TUI installer shows my /etc/config.scm, I can just go forward even if my ultimate plan will be to use another config.scm from another machine (with guix pull reconfigure; I'll have to recheck the exact command because I was not using Guix in the last weeks), I don't have to do it now while I wouldn't even know how to transfer my real config.scm?
<kabouik>I see I can edit the config.scm file but I see no point in doing that manually now if I can just rsync it later and reconfigure.
<nckx>kabouik: Yes, as long as your underlying configuration (partition layout, boot loader type, drivers, etc.) match.
<renken>is written in guile? where can I find the source code?
<nckx>kabouik: Stupid example, but check for UUIDs etc.
<Andronikos>Ah I was never on this site. It is mentioned not even once on the Guix website itself or in the docs. Interesting.
<nckx>Andronikos: No, and it's somewhat deliberate. The home page is where all info should be, so anything missing should be added there. And Guix has no plans for an official Wiki like, e.g., Arch has, so this is not that either.
<nckx>In practice, the only reason anyone is *ever* pointed to the wiki is for one page:
<nckx>And even that is frequently misunderstood as ‘this means it'll end up magically being packaged soon now’ :)
<kabouik>I hope I'll hold the record of the smallest Guix laptop:
<kabouik>There may be other Pocket 3 running Guix, or even smaller ones, but by combining niche device and niche system, I have a chance :p
<nckx>renken:, but I'm not even sure if the latter is even operational yet.
<nckx>kabouik: That's cute. What is it?
<nckx>Is that software framebuffer rotation or is that hardware just nuts?
<Andronikos>Why is your screen sideways
<nckx>…a more reserved way to put it.
<kabouik>It's a GPD Pocket 3 nckx. I expect all sorts of issue with a device like that in Guix, since it is convertible to tablet mode (which means touchscreen and autorotation) and had an active stylus, and some special Fn keys to control the fan.
<kabouik>Luckily it's an x86_64 i7 CPU, so that should save me from other compatibility issues.
<kabouik>Andronikos I think this is a typical issues with small screens, they're designed as portrait screens in the factory because most likely they would end up in tablets.
<nckx>kabouik: I enjoy Guix System on my X230T, mostly. The only thing still missing is subpixel rendering that sanely rotates with the screen. I don't know if fontconfig even supports that.
<kabouik>Somehow they managed to rotate the BIOS in landscape though.
<nckx>This is a proper laptop though, so I'm spared the crazyskreen.
***Server sets mode: +Ccntz
<kabouik>The Pocket 3 is a proper laptop too, but it suffers the curse of sub-10" screens never being made for landscape
<kabouik>Hopefully I can just rotate it when I boot.
<kabouik>Nice device nckx!
<nckx>renken: OK, so the log bot is still just an actual ZNC instance :) The -bot part of that code may be (almost) ready to replace it, or it may be very incomplete, I don't know. goggles.scm is what renders the Web page though.
<nckx>kabouik: Yes, especially with an 8-thread i7 installed. I hope it'll last me long enough to jump to a new freedom-respecting device I actually like.
<nckx>Which doesn't exist yet…
<nckx>Didn't mean to insult your Pocket with the ‘proper laptop’ line; I just meant this was built at scale by a laptop manufacturer with components still clearly intended for full-sized laptops. Pre-ultrabook & all, even.
<Andronikos>Why isn't there a Free Hardware Foundation yet?
<renken>nckx I see, I'll take a look at goggles.scm tomorrow! why should the ZNC instance be replaced by a guile bot? is it to add filtering on the logging side?
<kabouik>I kind of have a thing for small devices… 6", 8", and 13" looks huge next to them:
<kabouik>No offense taken regarding the Pocket, no problem. I actually don't hold GPD very high in my heart.
<nckx>renken: I don't think so. ZNC works fine, it's just a hack :)
<kabouik>I just wanted to make it clear because some could think it's a tablet with some of those cover/keyboard or something
<nckx><No offense taken …> (Good, because that keyboard does look like I wouldn't last a day on it :)
<kabouik>That is a real concern of mine too.
<kabouik>The keys are actually decent. But the non-standard layout, meh.
<nckx>kabouik: Heh, I'm very familiar with that exact green USB drive, so I can intuitively grasp the size of that thing. Nice.
<kabouik>I was surprisingly comfortable for the little time I spent typing on it before deciding the priority was to wipe Windows.
<nckx>Well, I did spend years with a Vaio P as my main machine, so I probably shouldn't play the ThinkPad keyboard hipster.
<nckx>s/main/& and oldy/
<kabouik>The install is greeting me with some red lines now, nice
<kabouik>Oh damn I thought that was semi-critical/semi-minor, but now, pressing Return before the end of the setup is my only possibility :>
<nckx>I'm not familiar enough with the TUI installer to know if ‘good red lines’ are a thing.
<nckx>…are they? Please?
<kabouik>guix-1.3.0-15 failed to build. I can understand that this could be an issue indeed.
<kabouik>Then shepherd-guix-daemon.scm failing for one missing dependency, and linux-modules.drv
<kabouik>Doubt it, I installed Guix on a 8GB machine, this one has 16GB
<nckx>Right. I wouldn't take any further failures too seriously.
<nckx>Does it print a log file you can zcat?
<nckx>Specifically, for the first guix build failure.
<kabouik>Yes. Now I wish it was a 22" screen with a more comfortable keyboard.
<nckx>I've never checked whether the installer runs SSH :3
<kabouik>The TUI offers to resume or restart, and shows a backtrace. I was not able to zcat because when I pressed enter, it brought me back to the TUI immediately.
<nckx>Ah. So no backtrace anymore?
<kabouik>I could just go upstairs and plug it to the screens and keyboard, but that would be a mission for tomorrow. I'll continue a bit here, see how it goes while I afk a bit
<kabouik>The backtrace is there, wait
<nckx>Okido. Please don't hesitate to file bugs, if you have the time.
<nckx>Pics are fine, by the way, even 90° monstrosities.
<nckx>Just ideally not 5 MiB ones.
*nckx AFK.
<kabouik>Seems to be complaning about the SSD, but there was no UUID in the config.scm at the end of the TUI walkthrough
*nckx ret.
<nckx>It's complaining that there's no device named cryptroot mapped.
<nckx>My guess is it didn't handle the first interruption well and some state was not cleared, or not restored.
<nckx>And yes, this is the name used by the installer:
<Andronikos>Why does this channel create archive logs?
<the_tubular>Anyone has an actual working WSL guix writeup ?
<nckx>Andronikos: Because it's a support channel, and they are very helpful for people searching the Web for previously answered questions, as well as for linking previous discussions without repeating them.
<kabouik>So I guess I should restart from scratch and make sure I reformat first nckx
<the_tubular>I'm gettings lots of errors after following the one I found online
<kabouik>And cross fingers in hope that the TUI doesn't reset again when doing so
<nckx>kabouik: Yeh ☹ I'd take this opportunity to reflash your USB drive, too, as sad as it will be.
<kabouik>That too would be a mission for tomorrow (now I know what you think, you're hoping that it'll fail again so that I can confirm tomorrow that it didn't with newer builds!)
<nckx>Very bad at isolating variables, but I'm not sure how useful debugging ancient bugs will be.
<nckx>kabouik: I'm not hoping that, I'm not that cruel.
<kabouik>Your lies are archived.
<nckx>If it magically and frustratingly works without a useful bug report or explanation I'll be happier, I swear!
<nckx>Trust me, we'll be able to extract plenty of juicy bug reports from the resulting installation later 😉
<nckx>We can sacrifice one.
<kabouik>As a funny coincidence, I just saw Stallman on TV. I never saw him on TV in my country so far.
<nckx>Oh. Wow. I've never seen him on TV anywhere, ever.
<kabouik>Shocking right.
<nckx>What enlightened country do you inhabit.
<florhizome[m]>nckx are you talking to me?
<kabouik>That's on Arte, so I guess France and Germany could both enjoy it.
<kabouik>Though that was about an hour ago, I paused it at some point.
<Andronikos>If I have a config.scm from my configured system and I have a new system. Do I need to install GNU Guix again with the installer and after that copy the file over and do a system reconfigure or is it possible direcly within the installer?
<florhizome[m]>Arte <33
<nckx>florhizome[m]: Uhm, I'm not sure why you'd think that? I don't find your nick mentioned above.
<nckx>What'm I missing?
<nckx>kabouik: Fair, if I'd have to guess which trad television network would ever show rms, I guess Arte would be it.
<florhizome[m]>i think matrix bridge messed up the message order
<nckx>‘Hippies *and* nerds? Sign us up!’
<florhizome[m]>I saw my latest message just there
<nckx>florhizome[m]: Well, your ‘are you talking to me’ message was the first one I saw.
<kabouik>The documentary just mentioned LineageOS before, now Tails. Cool stuff. Sad they don't mention SailfishOS. >.<
<nckx>florhizome[m]: This is my (‘our’, IRC) view:
<florhizome[m]>I asked about how to switch to core-updates for a new rust before
<nckx>No other messages from you today AFAIS.
<Andronikos>kabouik: How is the programm called? Can't find it on artes program list from today and yesterday
<kabouik>Sadly my stupid TV box shows the name of the current programme, not the one I'm playing after having paused for one hour. Let me check online.
<nckx>florhizome[m]: You'd either add (branch "core-updates") to a guix channel entry in {~/.config/guix,/etc/guix}/channels.scm, or ‘guix pull --branch=core-updates’ once, but beware, the latter will be temporary.
<florhizome[m]>there is a program called MediathekView btw in order to schedule downloads from German public tv
<Andronikos>Oh that is neat. Going to check it out.
<nckx>Browsing F-Droid it seems like every second application is specifically German (weather, public transport, …). I guess I was right about the ‘enlightened’ bit.
<Andronikos>well, our state wants an generel encryption key for whatsapp so I don't know if that counts as enlighted.
<nckx>So they can mandate Free client implementations of course. /s
<kabouik> Andronikos
<Andronikos>also our isps "censor" some websites as of you can't view it with the isp dns server since it won't resolve or to a special website.
<kabouik>Arte is yt-dlp-able by the way.
<nckx>Andronikos: …to lovingly encourage you to use encrypted DNS!
<nckx>And before you mention it: the friendly letters they send to torrenters is because they didn't seed enough Linux ISOs, of course.
<Andronikos>kabouik: thank you
<kabouik>Speaking of encryption keys and chats, I've discovered some months ago, which looks quite nice. What I like the most about it: it has a nice CLI client, which is what I would use… But I haven't found any friend accepting to try it with me. :>
<Andronikos>yea those websites the isps blocks are mostly for "isos"
<kabouik>So here's me throwing a bottle into the sea here, in a GNU lair.
<nckx>Meh, same here, and we're worse than Germany.
<nckx>Which is a great tagline for anyone to have.
<Andronikos>well the things with chat is you will always have the network effect problem. Had the same with Signal.
<nckx>kabouik: Well, I would, but… *points around* IRC…
<kabouik>I love IRC too, partly (but not only) because there's plenty of terminal clients too.
<kabouik> checks the top notch encryption part though, supposedly at least (I didn't check carefully, but they detailed it a lot on their github and on reddit).
<Andronikos>hmm how do they manage to be decentralized. So both need to be online?
<kabouik>I think both store the data
<kabouik>It's probably not perfect. For one, they don't support the mobile OSes I would like and I couldn't comile their CLI client on arm (but I should retry), but I like that they're trying to do things differently, and a bit "hardcore". The messages still go through some sort of relay server, but encrypted, and users are free to use and set up their own servers I believe.
<kabouik>So I'm at 11% of guix compilation, which is where it failed earlier. Fingers crossed.
<Andronikos>Why do you need to compile in the first place. Isnt it an i7?
<kabouik>Yes it's an i7, I'm not sure why it's just not fiding it precompiled somewhere
<nckx>i7s, well known for not having to compile anything and just knowing the resulting binary beforehand. (Sorry.)
<nckx>kabouik: This might be related to the age of the image. While old substitutes should never have been deleted… they might have been? Can neither confirm nor deny, literally.
<podiki[m]>nckx: mind if i PM you about something (should be quick)?
<Andronikos>I think i missunderstood some fundamentls. Isn't compilation only needed of the ci hasn't already? So for example unsupported arch or very new package?
<kabouik>My thinking above was that if it is a common architecture, odds are good that the binary would already be compiled, no?
<nckx>podiki[m]: Welcome!
<nckx>OK, my bad, I thought this was specifically about magic i7s vs other x86, never mind.
<nckx>It's late…
<Andronikos>kabouik: yes that was my intention
<kabouik>To think my 8" laptop has a RJ45 and mu 13" doesn't. :<
<Andronikos>from which year is the mu? Most do not since they want all to be flat
<kabouik>Admittedly the 13" is thinner, a lot more comfortable to use, and doesn't take much space in my backpack if I'm going to get a backpack (which I would probbly do for a 8" too).
<kabouik>I would say it's late 2021/early 2022, but really it's an iche device. And if you go 8", you have to be a little thicker than a 13", so it's easier to justify a RJ45.
<kabouik>s/an iche/a niche
<kabouik>You're in luck nckx, I'll have to update my thumb drive image. :P
<Andronikos>if a package is licensed as gpl3+ but has a dep for a package that is licensed mit, is it still eligible for guix?
<podiki[m]>mit meaning expat presumably? yes, we have expat pacakges
<nckx>Andronikos: Sure. That's combination is fine, as are most. There are only a very few that pose real problems (ZFS + Linux probably being the most well-known, or OpenSSL if someone forgets the Exception).
<nckx>It's so rare that you shouldn't worry too much about it, but do flag suspicious-looking combos in your patch submission if you notice them.
*nckx → 😴💤, 'night Guix.
<Andronikos>podiki[m]: what do you mean with expat?
<kabouik>Good night
<bredge>kabouik: welcome to simplex friend
<podiki[m]>the license is expat more formally(?)
<podiki[m]>anyway, expat is what you'll see in guix, even though it is called MIT in many places like GitHub
<Andronikos>ah so this is fine? Since I search through guix license and didn't find any MIT.
<kabouik>Hum, I just updated the thumb drive but now realize my old image was probably customized to use the Linux kernel and get WiFi working.
<kabouik>I wish I could really use Libre.
<Andronikos>me ,too
<Andronikos>nvidia is really fun to use
<Andronikos>if you don't have wifi without drivers how does your install even work?
<kabouik>I mean I probably can, but that would probably make Guix a secondary system, and my goal here is to make it primary. As a first step. Then we'll see in the future if I can do the extra sacrifices for Libre.
<kabouik>Ethernet or dongle I guess Andronikos
<kabouik>I had more luck with my outdated image nckx, turns out the latest can't access the Guix server and substitutes (and same with the System Crafters non-guix image, with both Wifi and Ethernet).
<kabouik>Hopefully it's just a server hiccup and not my machine refusing to connect for some obscure reason while it could wit the older image.
<kabouik>The machine does have Internet access (just confirmed by exiting the TUI and pinging something)
<florhizome[m]>kabouik you can dm me later maybe i can help
<florhizome[m]>i have another Problem; i had windows on a separate Disk but the bootloader Partition too as a remainder from the Installation process; when i updated things in Windows now (hoping a BIOS update would Help with some ACPI using Firmware packages i'm trying for this rather new Laptop) it seems like the grub partition got erased. On arch i would now take a live ISO and chroot to fix that, what is the guix solution?
<florhizome[m]>i remember that chrooting manually was pretty painful
<prettyprincess>Is there any way you could make it so GRUB has a package output for grub:doc that just installs the documentation. I wanted to look at the info documentation for GRUB on my system but I don't like having to install the software on my user profile since there is no use for it (as the system is the only one that matters for grub).
<mroh>try `guix shell grub info-reader -- info grub`
<podiki[m]>Andronikos: late, but yes, if you compare with the "expat" license you will see the same
<roptat>oh wow, lightdm :D
<roptat>it's been a wishlist item for like ages :)
<roptat>but 175 strings to translate in the manual :/
<raghavgururajan>Hello Guix!
<rekado_>looks like cannot talk to any more, so is stale
<florhizome[m]><florhizome[m]> "i have another Problem; i had..." <- Ok going at this now… basically I just need to access my old config, and do a system reconfigure, right
<rekado_>none of the MDC servers can talk to any servers.
<rekado_>I opened a ticket.
<rekado_>I also see connection timeouts when attempting to install Guix in a Github Workflow.
<rekado_>so maybe it’s a problem on the GNU side.
***Dynom_ is now known as Guest7779
<rekado_>it’s working again
<kabouik>Is that a known issue florhizome[m]?
<efraim>rekado_: wasn't connecting for me for about an hour, it's now showing up for me again
*efraim does shrug emoji
<efraim>65% on staging is pretty good
<kabouik>Eh, maybe that was my issue too last night when trying to install Guix.
<kabouik>It was complaining about failing to access the Guix substitute server. I was thinking maybe the image shipped alternate but oudated URLs from when the Guix server was having issues a few weeeks ago, but maybe the server is just having issues again.
<efraim>for those curious, with choosing by hand which packages to build I personally have 15.9% coverage on master and 9.6% on staging for riscv64, for the last time I ran guix weather
<efraim>unsuprisingly it has better coverage than powerpc-linux
<rekado_>there was network maintenance between 5am and 9am UTC+2
<rekado_>the servers are fine
<rekado_>unexpected to see connection problems outside of the maintenance window, though.
<efraim>then definately gremlins in the line
<kabouik>The issues I got were a bit earlier than 5am rekado_, around 3-4am, but maybe they're unrelated. I'll see tonight when trying again with the same image.
<vldn>mhhh guix deploy not working, i get
<vldn>FORMAT: error with call: (format #f "missing modules for ~a:~{ ~a~}<===~%" /dev/sda3 ===>#f )
<vldn>i used almost the same example config
<rekado_>maybe a bug
<rekado_>the code got #f when it expected a list
<vldn>is the command ran on my computer or on the remote?
<vldn>so does the remote host complains about the missing list or my instance of guix
<Burutsu>/msg sneek help
***wielaard is now known as mjw
<kabouik>Turns out the install issue is not gone, I'm still failing to reach the Guix substitute server.
<vldn>ping is responding?
<rekado_>vldn: the code to produce the list is run on the remote, but the code that complains is local AFAICS
<kabouik>Yeah that works vldn, not sure why the installation doesn't reach it
<kabouik>(I have to go to lunch, will catch up later)
<vldn>alright maybe because the remote host is not installed right, i try to infect it via the deploy script, just made a binary installation with a "guix system reconfigure" on the running debian host xD i'll experiment a bit further
<vldn>/var/guix/profiles/system/profile/bin/guile --no-auto-compile $GUIX_NEW_SYSTEM/boot
<vldn>let's try booting guix system within debian .. xD
<florhizome[m]>If i switch to core updates, what's the Key to specify in channels.scm? Is someone running a substitute server for it?
<florhizome[m]>completely unrelated: wouldn't it help guix development quite a bit to have some "guix boxes" similar to debian?
<flatwhatson>hello guix, you might be interested in the update of emacs-flycheck-guile 0.4, currently pending merge here:
<flatwhatson>this brings some improvements in warning parsing, displaying warnings missing location info, better customization of errors displayed, and support for geiser's per-project repl configuration
<vldn>new guix deploy error :( (uuid "3c19c085-5bcb-4afa-9b13-484ef74516f" (quote ext4)): invalid UUID
<raghavgururajan>florhizome[m]: core-updates is also evaluated and built by CI.
<nckx>vldn: Copy/paste again 😉
<florhizome[m]>raghavgururajan ah great
<nckx>florhizome[m]: As said yesterday, (branch "core-updates"). What are Debian boxes?
<vldn>the uuid?
<nckx>Something to do with a ‘Vagrant Cloud’, which raises more questions.
<nckx>vldn: Yep. :)
<vldn>i'm so damn blind
<vldn>a 2 was missing at the end xD ty :D
<nckx>Took me a sec to spot it too.
<vldn>sadly same error
<vldn> (format #f "missing modules for ~a:~{ ~a~}<===~%" #<<uuid> type: ext4 bv: #vu8(60 25 192 133 91 203 74 250 155 19 72 78 247 69 22 242)> ===>#f )
<nckx>Looks different to me, if equally unhelpful.
<florhizome[m]>As i understand debian has a system of virtual machines run by them and users that can be accessed via ssh for development
<vldn>is my host missing something? i'm running on btrfs instead ext4
<nckx>(I was going to add: if you'd want to add a more informative ‘string too short/long’ warning rather than just ‘invalid’, vldn, that would be welcome.)
<nckx>florhizome[m]: For all committers? I see.
<florhizome[m]>for example there should still be a Debian kfreebsd box up somewhere that can be used to Work in that specific setup
<nckx>vldn: That error is based on operating-system-initrd-modules, not whatever the host might run.
<nckx>But of course ext4 is built in.
<vldn>(initrd-modules (cons* "virtio_scsi" %base-initrd-modules))
<vldn>just got this on the remote cfg
<nckx>Well, yeah, plus there is no "ext4" module anyway.
<nckx>florhizome[m]: It would help, but the problem is we prefer to add machines to the build farm (CI) rather than have them sit mostly idle, which means granting all committers access is a security risk. This is less of a problem for x86 than for other, more rare, architectures, but then most of use don't need an x86 box to begin with — we have those at home.
<nckx>s/of use/of us/
<nckx>sneek: learn sed.
<florhizome[m]>nckx not sure how they handle access. i think i read guix is moving to team based organization that could be a base to determine access to common boxes.
<florhizome[m]>it should make development for more obscure platforms easier, i imagine
<florhizome[m]>well they don't necessarily have to bei hosted centrally.
<nckx>If you're interested in porting (I didn't read the context, if any), we can arrange PPC64LE access for example.
<nckx>And no, not all Guix hardware is hosted by us.
<nckx>Having the MDC was more of a happy accident :)
<nckx>vldn: I'm starting to think this is a syntax error. Could you share the file?
<rekado_>IT seems to be rebooting transfer nodes, so right now * is not accessible.
<florhizome[m]>With guix being able to be easily configured from a repository within the system i imagine it could just open up cool ways of collaborating. ~Lets spin up a vm to work on a certain feature.
<nckx>OK, not what I'd hoped.
<nckx>vldn: Why is /boot needed-for-boot?
<antipode>nckx: I'm adding a few checks for proper antioxidation to antioxidant -- until the failures are addressed (which likely will take a while), the channel evaluations will fail; I recommend disabling the jobset for now.
<nckx>OK, thanks for the heads-up.
<vldn>just a try because my vps didn't respond after reboot
<vldn>the entry is new, should not be the problem
<nckx>I'm confused as to where (uuid "a19c2dd6-1eac-47a6-b4ff-a1549fc67bd5" 'ext4) comes from.
<nckx>Being, y'know, unmentioned in the file.
*nckx away.
<vldn>yeah i formatted the swap partition and tryd the new uuid, same error
<antipode>Getting a lot of "error: connect*' recently:
<rekado_>there was network maintenance
<antipode>Is this reproducible for other people (guix build /gnu/store/20826q7abzrbri7mim5sv95y03cyz96k-asciidoc-9.1.0)?
<efraim>I'm not sure if granting access to the daemon using GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET would be a security problem or not, but it would potentially be one way to allow offloading of builds to special architecture
<vldn>oh weird my remotehost can't ping but my host system can ping
<antipode>rekado: there is network maintenance or there was network maintenance?
<vldn>now its responding
<vldn>maybe try again antipode
<antipode>I'm getting these errors now, not only in the past.
<antipode>vldn: Still the case.
<antipode>This happens for ruby-asciidoc pretty consistently, but I just tried substituting /gnu/store/2iavgf3br0ryvqn4aghr3l6wxw7qjm1m-gcc-11.3.0-lib and that worked.
<rekado_>there was, but apparently there are problems due to the maintenance work
<rekado_>again we cannot reach * from
<rekado_>(or any MDC server)
<rekado_>someone’s messing with the firewall
<abrenon>hi guix
<rekado_>I’ll reopen my ticket with IT
<abrenon>still no love for my friend ? it's a cool lib to handle roman numerals in Haskell
<abrenon>ohhh, seems down from here
<dthompson>down for me too :(
<abrenon>: (
<abrenon>thanks for checking
<rekado_>the server is up
<rekado_>it’s the campus network
<abrenon>ohh ^^ well stuff happens
<abrenon>thanks for the explanation
<dthompson>yeah it's okay
<dthompson>I'm in charge of keeping a lot of servers up so I have endless sympathy for network issues :)
<dthompson>how many 9s of uptime is the guix issues SLA? ;)
<abrenon>I hope people will swarm the issue for my package submission once it's back online ; )
<rekado_>I’m disappointed that the planned network maintenance window between 5 and 9am UTC+2 hasn’t been respected.
<dthompson>abrenon: I'm trying to dip my toes back into guix after being away for quite some time so maybe I can take a look.
<lilyp>the package lgtm, but 1. it's at the end of the file? and 2. I'm currently bootstrapping c-u, so I probably won't push anything for the next three days
<abrenon>dthompson: that'd be great ! thank you
<lilyp>oh and I also haven't tested if it builds due to 2 :)
<abrenon>thank you for your feedback lilyp ! yeah, I added at the end, isn't that expected ?
<lilyp>it raises the possibility for merge conflicts
<abrenon>since it's "just another package" and isn't linked to any other that I know, I thought it was belonging there
<abrenon>ohhh I see
<lilyp>we typically try to insertion sort the packages
<abrenon>that's much better !
<dthompson>ah we keep them alphabetized now?
<dthompson>that's nice.
<abrenon>I personally tend to do that on my private projects so I like the initiative
<dthompson>abrenon: if that's the only issue with your patch then I can just do that and push it when I have a chance.
<lilyp>well, it's not that grand of a move actually :)
<abrenon>is that a new thing ? I thought I was adviced to append my previous packages
<Guest9081>anyone managed to get palemoon on guix?
<dthompson>abrenon: it's new to me because I haven't contributed in a long time
<abrenon>ok !
<dthompson>package order was a lot more lax a few years ago
<lilyp>it is still very lax
<abrenon>well I'll still try and re-work my patch to take insertion-sort into account
<abrenon>lilyp: all the more reason to start enforcing it
<lilyp>it's only really enforced in crate-* currently
<abrenon>I'll try and do my share. Trouble is: what do we do on non-yet-sorted files ? try to find an "island" of locally-sorted (by chance) packages and make it grow ?
<lilyp>but *-xyz sounds like a good place to introduce it as well
<abrenon>especially with their naming
<abrenon>or should I propose a patch to sort the file first ?
<lilyp>my advice would be to get the longest prefix match
<lilyp>so if you have rom*, add it before or after that
<abrenon>great !
<abrenon>thanks again !
<abrenon>I'll rework that and report here when I'm done
<lilyp>[reason for longest prefix match being that you can pretty easily do that with Isearch)
<abrenon>"Isearch" ? what's that ?
<lilyp>C-s in emacs
<dthompson>abrenon: sure, if you want to send an updated patch with that, go for it. just didn't want that to be a blocker for you.
<lilyp>it's not a blocker at all; committers usually insert the package wherever they see fit anyway
<dthompson>I didn't want it to be perceived as a blocker :)
<abrenon>you're not, I need the training and learning the good practice
<dthompson>sounds good then :)
<dthompson>abrenon: feel free to ping when you've sent your updated patch. I'll build it locally and if it builds I'll push.
<abrenon>yeah… I pulled and am currently fighting with an ABI-mismatch
<abrenon>I'll try and avoid a make clean since I only have a i5 here
<dthompson>abrenon: ooh is it the abi mismatch for a bootloader thing?
<abrenon>it's ci.scm but the bootloader's close, yeah
<abrenon>I removed all the close .go files mentioned but I still get the error
<abrenon>I wish I could understand which file was faulty
<dthompson>abrenon: yeah it's confusing, I struggled with the same thing yesterday, I think.
<dthompson>here's what worked for me: remove the .go files from gnu/ and all the subdirectories except for packages.
<dthompson>it's probably overkill but it kept me from doing a full rebuild and not having to rebuild packages was a big timesaver.
<abrenon>oh, great
<abrenon>I'll try that
<dthompson>you could try maybe not deleting the .go files in services but I think I had to delete them. probably only a subset needed deleting but I wasn't going to waste time finding out.
*abrenon thinks it's still taking a long time
<abrenon>…90%… ^^'
<dthompson>but less long than if it was a full rebuild, hopefully.
<abrenon>possibly ^^
<abrenon>the file still shows a massively sorted liste of packages with occasional noise before pandoc and for the last ~30 packages
<abrenon>it's still time to sort it : )
<jpoiret>abrenon: my technique for ABI mismatches is to do `grep -lR "name-of-record-that-doesnt-match" --include "*.go" . | xargs rm`
<abrenon>nice one
<abrenon>I'll try it next time
<apteryx>jpoiret: could be automated in a convenience makefile target, perhaps
<abrenon>dthompson: finally done ! : )
<apteryx>error: ABI mismatches detected; attempt to fix it? (Y/n)
<abrenon>that'd be so cool
<jpoiret>that could be manageable
<abrenon>how easy is it to trigger ABI mismatches ? (in order to test the above fix)
<jpoiret>just change the definition of a record type
<jpoiret>and then load any file that depends on that record type but hasn't been recompiled since
<florhizome[m]><Guest9081> "anyone managed to get palemoon..." <- I once wanted to go for iceweasel, the hyperbola Version. But it's ... non trivial
<efraim>I worked on arctic-fox previously
<ternary>I assume this has been asked before, so sorry, but why is Guix still on Rust 1.57? Does it suck to package or something?
<apteryx>can we define an origin taking a git-checkout object as input?
***mark__ is now known as mjw
<florhizome[m]><ternary> "I assume this has been asked..." <- Rust is packaged up to 1.60 on the Update-Branche you could try to switch or... wait till it gets merged i guess
<jpoiret>and yes, rust sucks to package
<jpoiret>mostly because any upgrade of rust retriggers all rust builds, which themselves cost a lot of cpu time as it stands, and since rust is now integrated deeply into the dependency chain of most applications, that would lead to a very costly world rebuild
<renken>jpoiret: why would it trigger packages rebuilds? must they all be recompiled again against the new version?
<antipode>Because rust is a dependency of rust packages.
<antipode>Rust does not have a stable ABI, so it is technically required to either compiler everything against the new or against the old, not really anything in-between.
<antipode>However, if it did have a stable ABI, a system like used for gcc would be possible --
<antipode>-- there is a 'default' version against with packages are compiled, but when a new version of gcc is released, we can define a gcc-N package which packages can opt-in.
<antipode>(and eventually, the new gcc becomes the default again)
<ternary>Makes sense. Working with Guix has really made me annoyed by Rust's method of building
<klm>apteryx: do you mean like this: ?
<bdju>I'm trying to get yt-dlp to use cookies from qutebrowser and I got this python error about not finding a keyring: but I have python-keyring installed. anyone know what I'm supposed to do?
<apteryx>klm: no, that one uses a git-fetch method; I think what I had on mind was the 'computed-origin-method' as used by our icecat package
<klm>apteryx: ok, then I'm afraid I can't help
<mroh>bdju: the documentation writes you need python-secretstorage and start gnome-keyring (for the dbus api, that is). I wonder if yt-dlp would also need those (as propagated-inputs) to support cookies...
<klm>`guix style <package>` is deleting comments before `(add-before ...)` inside modify-phases. Surely this must be a bug?
***PotentialUser-88 is now known as mango
<mango>I am trying to use the go-build-system for a package. How can I specify the Go toolchain version to use? I can't find documentation on this
<rekado_>mango: you can use the keyword argument #:go in (arguments …)
<klm>it's deleting them inside a lambda too, strange. is it not allowed to have comments inside gexp's? is that it?
<nckx>No. That just sounds like a bug.
<antipode>antiox should be able to be evaluated again, albeit partially due to just skipping the new checks for some packages
<nckx>Because of the downtime, it was still enabled for most of the time. Re-enabled.
<klm>nckx: ok, I'll try it on the latest guix
<antipode>nckx: Noticed another ENOSPC (from a day ago?), again, unfortunately: .
<antipode>That's it for today for me.
<nckx>Ugh. OK. I'll check the nodes again, thanks.
<davidl>nckx: any news on the bash-coding-utils patch?
<nckx>Oh, has it not been reviewed yet? OK… Then that means I'll go ahead & merge what I have, IIRC. I'll have access to my keys this weekend. 👍
<davidl>not what I have seen no :(
<davidl>nckx: I sent you a pm with some minor edits Id be happy to be included before merging.
<jpoiret>has anyone had any luck with generating a symbol table for a library in guix, externally? ie, I have a core dump, and I want to have the symbols for the libraries used, but I can't just compile them in because the core dump uses the one without the symbols
<nckx>davidl: OK 2!
<nckx>antipode: All of the nodes currently have ~145GiB free, so I wonder (but will never know) what happened there.
***jesopo is now known as jess
<acrow>nckx: You had said to remind you about this commit if I failed to get a response from others. Well, I've made a good try but finally I want to ask if you have time to make the commit? You can see the latest efforts on the end of the ticket since we last discussed this.
<nckx>Sure, it's apparently a theme. Same response as above!
<acrow>nckx: I suspect there are greater things in the works but I think this small thing remains worthwhile. Thank you for your help.
<nckx>Indeed. Core-updates is almost here.
<dthompson>I think I got bit by the ubuntu sudo + guix pull issue at some point. tried to run 'guix pull' and it failed. had to find and chown several files that should've been owned by my user but were instead owned by root.
<dthompson>not sure how I got into that state but I'm out of it now.
<nckx>Was it (a Guix from) before June this year? Shouldn't happen since then.
<dthompson>I think maybe the guix I had prior to running 'guix pull' about a week ago was that old.
<dthompson>how do people update emacs when they've installed an update to an emacs-* package? I think there's a way to do it without restarting??
<acrow>dthompson: I think an emacs restart may be required.
*dthompson now play Weezer - Say It Ain't So
<dthompson>I took a multi-year break from getting my emacs packages with guix and using the built-in package manager and I just switched back.
<dthompson>I'll search the ol' mailing list, for good measure
<acrow>acrow: I think all will still work following the obligatory 'guix package -u emacs' but your running emacs will be ill until you then restart it to let it pick up the new libraries.
<dthompson>I wonder if there's a way we can latch onto whatever package.el does to handle updates...
<dthompson>surely someone already looked and there's a complication or something
<acrow>dthompson: However, I don't think a system restart is required provided you stay on the guix side of things....
<dthompson>I just don't want to shut down emacs. got a lot of lovely little buffers here. :)
<dthompson>including all my irc buffers
<acrow>dthompson: I don't understand, bc package.el is there by default and, I have no reason to believe, isn't still just as functional as before.
<acrow>dthompson: yeah, I use emacs for irc too and, yes, that is a thing I've let go of.
<dthompson>acrow: oh I think there is some confusion. I'm not using package.el.
<dthompson>I have switched from using that to installing all my emacs extensions with guix.
<acrow>dthompson: is good but I've never known how to effectively search it for those golden nuggets of wisdom that nckx and others so often drop.
<dthompson>found this very recent thread I had missed:
<acrow>dthompson: I have gone the same way bc the emacs people here are on top of things!
<dthompson>yeah it used to be that there was more missing stuff but nowadays guix has everything I use and it stays nicely up to date. kudos to everyone maintaining emacs packages.
<dthompson>I'll just eval the updated files and see how it goes.
<acrow>dthompson: Skimmed that link and it looks good though I have not tried it. My biggest concern would be if you are running emacs27 -- IDK how the great re-compilation would shake out. I guess you will know soon...
<dthompson>I'm on emacs 28
<dthompson>I updated one package a M-x eval-buffer seemed to do the trick. for more substantial upgrades this would be very cumbersome but in this case it works fine.
*acrow breaths sigh of relief
<morganw>Some problems will be package dependent. I think Org mode cannot be upgraded once it is loaded.
<dthompson>that doesn't surprise me.
<acrow>dthompson: the thing I've seen is that the emacs world is so active -- sometimes I find I'm not using the best emacs-pkg because a better one is now in common use and I did not know.
<dthompson>acrow: yeah happens to me all the time
<dthompson>I was pretty behind the times and not using emacs 28. they really packed a lot of quality of life improvements into that release.
<acrow>acrow: I agree. Emacs, good as it has always been, is having a little renaissance.
<PotentialUser-72>Hello, has anyone had issues using sdkman in guix os?
<PotentialUser-72>Side question, I want to install openjdk, but can't find how to install a specific version of a package. I remember I saw it in the manual but can't seem to find it
<nckx>PotentialUser-72: You can refer to specific versions as NAME@VERSION, where VERSION can be 13, 13.0, 13.0.7…. Each version needs to be explicitly packaged, though (see ‘guix show openjdk’).
<PotentialUser-72>This is what i was looking for
<PotentialUser-72>tab autocompletion wasn't working so I didn't know if that was right
<PotentialUser-72>I'd prefer if i could use sdkman though, tried installing it the classic way mentioned in their website but it doesn't quite work
<nckx>Tab-completion for @VERSION isn't implemented yet. Would be nice.
<nckx>I wouldn't be surprised if nobody here had heard of SDKMAN! before. I hadn't.
<PotentialUser-72>I'd guess most people here wouldn't be Java devs, I use it for Clojure
<PotentialUser-72>Also very easy to install, manage and switch between different jdk implementations and versions
<PotentialUser-72>update-java-alternatives is cancer
<jpoiret>sdkman is the java equivalent of rustup i guess?
<jpoiret>please don't compare scripts or binaries to real-life illnesses people might have
<jpoiret>rustup/sdkman are things needed on most other distros because they lack the ability to use multiple versions of the same language side-by-side
<nckx>jpoiret: I think it wants to be more than that, not just for Java.
<nckx>It's ehm
<nckx>it's a special idea.
<PotentialUser-72>how would i switch to different openjdk versions using guix?
<PotentialUser-72>Still very begginer, I think i'd be able with guix env
<jpoiret>yes, that's it
<jpoiret>new versions of guix have `guix shell`, `guix environment` has been deprecatde
<jpoiret>it has a more "natural" CLI interface
<PotentialUser-72>Might be a better method than sdkman tbh
<jpoiret>if you want to use libraries though, you'll have to use transformers and whatnot though, so that the libraries too use the jdk version you want
<jpoiret>it's a bit more complicated
<PotentialUser-72>what kind of libraries?
<PotentialUser-72>what would be wrong with something like maven?
<jpoiret>the issue is that the packages in guix use the default version of java/jdk whatever to compile themselves
<jpoiret>so if you need to use an environment with an older java for example, you'd have to rewrite those packages
<jpoiret>thankfully there are convenient wrappers that are just "please give me an environment with those packages but modified to use java XX"
<jpoiret>you can't do that with the CLI only though, you'll have to use a manifest
<PotentialUser-72>but that would be  for packages that _depend_ on jdk right?
<dthompson>do we have a general threshold for number of packages that would be rebuilt by a package update where we say it's better off in core-updates? I'm looking at a submitted patch to update python-simplejson and the patch is straightforward but 'guix refresh -l python-simplejson' says 216 packages would be rebuilt. the biggest affected package seems to be tryton.
<dthompson>it seems like a lot of small updates, no major packages affected as far as I can tell.
<nckx>dthompson: is the rule.
<nckx>Since master's fine here, that's the end of that.
<dthompson>nckx: thanks I missed that
<jpoiret>PotentialUser-72: exactly
<jpoiret>seems i just found the reason for the libparted segfault in the installer 8)
<jpoiret>and the fix is a one-liner
<jpoiret>i thought it would be harder to debug, but loading symbols into gdb was pretty straightforward with unstripped libraries
<PotentialUser-72>Hmm, I've installed Clojure using `guix install clojure` and I don't seem to have neither `clojure` not `clj` in my path. I don't get it
<rekado_>PotentialUser-72: you’ll need clojure-tools
<rekado_>clojure is just the Java libraries.
<PotentialUser-72>I see, usually in other package managers, the clojure package includes the cli bin as well
<rekado_>upstream provides two separate packages for this, so we do the same.
<PotentialUser-72>I see, makes sense
<jeko>Yooo Guixters !