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<raingloom>quick question, is there maybe a way to `guix import` a Pipfile directly? (trying to package brutaldon)
<Gooberpatrol66>gentoo has this thing called a "meta package", which is a package that just pulls in a collection of other packages. are there similar packages in the guix tree?
<nckx>Gooberpatrol66: gnome is one.
<Gooberpatrol66>so if i were to try to make one, it would not be against policy for it to be accepted as a contribution?
<nckx>Gooberpatrol66: That depends on the package.
<nckx>There's no policy AFAIK, but I for one don't see the point in shipping collections of people's opinions. All foo-plugins? Sure, I guess.
<nckx>Foo-plugins-starter-kit? Plz no.
<nckx>Channels are a great place for those 🙂
<nckx>Gooberpatrol66: So what would you like to add?
<Gooberpatrol66>i was thinking of making a package for deadbeef + others for deadbeef plugins
<Gooberpatrol66>and then a meta package for all of them
<nckx>Gooberpatrol66: Yeah, someone suggested something similar for LV2 plugins recently.
<nckx>How about a separate regular deadbeef package + deadbeef-plugins meta-package over a deadbeef-with-plugins meta-package? Having metapackages with 1 ‘type’ of thing feels cleaner to me.
<nckx>Grand. And thanks!
<notzed>trying to build guix from source on an amd64 system. is there something i need to pass to configure to get make check to not try to run i386 binaries?
<lispmacs>hi, I'm having trouble with Wesnoth bogging down badly, even if I switch to a lower resolution and disable the sound. I'm running Gnome DE. My graphics card isn't the latest ever made, but I never had trouble with Wesnoth before on older distros. I've got 8GB of RAM. Am wondering if maybe something quirky going on with Gnome gfx system?
<lispmacs>gnome shell
<jackhill>lispmacs: I don't really know, but I wonder if it could be the same thing as . If you can try without GNOME that would be interesting. It seemed to be GNOME-specific in #38557
<jackhill>notzed: I don't know, sorry. You may have to wait for more people to be awake or ask on
<notzed>jackhill: no problems, yeah timezones are always trouble for anyone in this part of the globe. i'll just mail the list thanks.
<jackhill>notzed: :) you just need to convince more people in your part of the globe to become active int Guix!
<notzed>jackhill: any gnu/linux is so rare around here i think that'll be an uphill battle. i don't have the patience myself, nor any influence if i did.
<lispmacs>jackhill: Wesnoth works great in Enlightenment. Must be a gnome problem. What was that bug number again?
<brettgilio>Hey all, Leah Rowe the creator of Libreboot is in some pretty bad financial trouble and is asking for donations to keep eating and not be homeless. If you can help, great. If not, pass on the link:
<alloy>Hey there! How can
<alloy>I refer to a file relative to my system configuration? Is there some method to get the path where the config.scm is while reconfigure?
<adflytapt6[m]>hello Guix.
<adflytapt6[m]>is it possible to configure packages in Guix on foreign distribution with .scm config files? or it must be traditional ways like /etc and ~/.config files?
<brown121409>Hi guys! How long does it usually take for a patch to appear on debbugs after sending it to Should it take longer than 1 hour?
<efraim>alloy: there's 'local-file' from (guix gexp). (local-file "foo") is "foo" in the same directory as your config.scm
<alloy>Ah thanks!
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<paprika>can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong here?
<valignatev>Hey guix! Is there a way to subscribe to only one thread in mailing list?
<brettgilio>paprika: it helps if you show us output too
<leoprikler>brown121409: the first patch you send is handled manually to avoid spam afaik
<paprika>if it's not clear, I want a config with Windowmaker, XFCE and SLiM with autologin nstead of GDM
<paprika>I will brettgilio
<leoprikler>paprika: Try indenting your code with Emacs – that usually catches syntactical errors.
<paprika>I will leoprikler, although I've never used it before
<leoprikler>I've cleaned your config up a bit, will paste after building it
<leoprikler>A few pointers before I do:
<leoprikler>Don't mix append and cons*, that only makes things more complicated than they need to be.
<leoprikler>set-xorg-configuration sadly only works for GDM, with slim you need to set the field directly
<leoprikler>(append (list a b c) d) = (cons* a b c d)
<snape>(in case it's not clear paprika, it's not a syntactical error)
<navik>hi snape
<snape>hi navik!
<navik>hm, do you know where to find default `install.scm` for the ISO on the native installed GUIX system? the one you have from the 1.0.1 x86_64 ISO from
<navik>a bit unfamiliar with no `/usr`
<paprika>ah thank you leoprikler, I thought that was what append and cons* were for
<paprika>Although I wasn't sure
<paprika>and thank you you're cleaning up my config
<paprika>I'm still reading the emacs tutorial
<paprika>(it's something I've been meaning to do but never saw a reason for, now there is :))
<snape>it's a great investment :)
<navik>`/run/current-system/profile/share/guile/site/2.2/gnu/system/install.scm` is the one :)
<paprika>thank you so much leoprikler, it seems to work now! :)
<leoprikler>no problem
<snape>navik: I think it's gnu/system/install.scm
<snape>well it's what you just said :D
<navik>snape: you're correct - I just had to find the path up until that
<leoprikler>btw. also note that I changed strawberry to paprika to make auto-login work
<paprika>I noted that, changed it though, as my username on my machine is different from IRC
<leoprikler>then you should change auto-login as well ;)
<paprika>thanks for the headsup :)
<efraim>Anyone know if our httpd service works? I heard it was buggy and I have an app that needs it specifically
<brettgilio>Goodnight, Guix. I've spent the last 5 hours cleaning up and fixing /tons/ of python packages. Fixing and enabling tests, doing upgrades, fixing licenses, etc. A lot of maintenance. So hopefully I'll get those rolled out tomorrow.
<jayspeer>brettgilio: your service won't go unnoticed
<nckx>brettgilio: Thank you!
<brettgilio>Happy to help :).
<fetsorn>Hello, people, my first time on IRC and new to guix as well. Trying to run a java application, anylogicPLE, available at It runs out of the box on arch.
<fetsorn>Doesn't run on guix though, and I'm too nooby to figure it out. Checked for some missing libraries with ldd yesterday, added ~/.guix-profile/lib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH, errors just moved from stdout to a gui pop-up frame
<fetsorn>My question is, what would be a proper way to troubleshoot a java app? On Arch, I would just install a bunch of java packages like eclipse until all the proper dependecies fell into place.
<fetsorn>Or perhaps you'd just tell me "we all run java apps just fine, you're just a noob, try harder" or "don't waste your time, something like anylogic probably won't run on guix" - that would help. Thanks.
<alloy>fetsorn: it does not look like a free software project, so it will no be packaged in standard guix. If you were to package it yourself, you would run into the problem that java support on guix is currently kind of like non existent in my experience..
<fetsorn>Hey, thanks. I would like to try and package it myself, came to guix to learn that anyways. By "non-existent support" do you mean I'd have to put much effort or that I might have no luck in the end no matter what?
<fetsorn>And then as well, it wasn't a package on arch, it just ran out of a self-extracting .bin file
<fetsorn>.bin extracted to a folder with a bunch of folders with jre binaries and plugins, and the app launched from an elf executable
<fetsorn>But here on guix elf complains that jvm exits with an exit code 2
<fetsorn>Which is why I thought perhaps I messed up the java install
<nckx>fetsorn: We really do have a ‘0 support for non-Free software’ policy. We do support Java software in general, but the packaging quality is probably not up to the level of other languanges (yet).
<fetsorn>nckx: thank you, won't trouble you with non-free stuff here anymore then.
<nckx>fetsorn: In general, precompiled ELF executables can very often be made to work on Guix using a tool called patchelf, but it's a bit of a hack and probably takes a bit of learnin' the first time.
<fetsorn>nckx: Nice! Gonna look into patchelf then
<navik>Am I correct in assuming I need to run `sudo guix pull; sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm` for the system to be updated proper? Just ran as normal user and got some permission problems with symlinks by the end of reconfigure.
<navik>anyway, it seems to work with a sudo - now at generation 2
<raghav-gururajan>sneek later ask lispmacs: Regarding GNOME, could you please add your issues to this report (
<sneek>Will do.
<raghav-gururajan>sneek botsnack
<nckx>navik: ‘sudo guix system’ *might* work if you're lucky but you really don't want ‘might’ or ‘lucky’ anywhere near your system. Use ‘$ guix pull && sudo -E guix system’ instead.
<nckx>‘sudo’ can break in interesting ways.
<snape>navik: yeah, pull doesn't need 'sudo'
<snape>and when you use 'sudo' (for 'guix system'), use it with -E, as nckx says, because then it'll use your own environment variables
<fetsorn>nckx: patchelf is nice, made life easier, thanks
<navik>nckx: ah, so I might have broken some things already, I'll take note on your suggestion towards `sudo -E`! thanks
<nckx>fetsorn: Awesome.
<nckx>navik: Same!
<fetsorn>nckx: still having jvm exit code 2 though. Could you tell me what free java software I could get on guix just to confirm that jvm works?
<nckx>Not really, sorry, not a Java person.
<snape>fetsorn: I think there are few java people in the Guix community
<mehlon>heya, can I add a chainload to windows or another EFI file from the guix config?
<mehlon>the manual only describes adding another linux kernel to the boot menu
<nckx>The one I know of (Björn) is hardly ever on IRC.
<fetsorn>snape, nckx: ok, thanks
<snape>fetsorn: looking at their site, it looks like anylogic doesn't even support OpenJDK
<snape>it says "Java 2 Standard Edition 9.0 or later is needed to run AnyLogic simulation applications."
<fetsorn>snape: so that's where I goofed, that's it, thank you
<snape>np :)
<mehlon>how can I find all available options for the grub bootloader in guix?
<nckx>We currently lack a way to pass --more --custom --options to grub-install.
<mehlon>aie aie
<nckx>Patches are the gift that keeps on giving…
<adflytapt6[m]>fetsorn: to test java you can try ant.
<fetsorn>adflytapt6[m]: trying that, thanks
<mehlon>I love how the fsf recommends popcorntime as a free software replacement to netflix
<mehlon>or, the fsf wiki, anyway
<zap`>mehlton: wow)
<nckx>Is that bad? Good?
<adflytapt6[m]>mehlon: fsf wiki -
<navik>it is interesting from a systems perspective, the tug between piracy/anti-piracy, as it seems to be a battle between decentralization/centralization . Fascinating.
<navik>Just as how the iron age decentralized bronze age and broke up empires.
<nckx>It *is* all about power & control.
<navik>Personally, I do like the fact that the kind of music that I enjoy, actually can be generated by proper trained ML now adays.
<leoprikler>I think the Free Software movement (and movements adjacent to it) have quite a long history of criticising current copyright traditions :)
<navik>which puts into effect the question - who owns the training set
*nckx promised their partner they wouldn't make any more ambient jokes so shuts up.
<navik>I just need a copy of that ML network and the weight matrices, and I'll be set.
<navik>luckily, there's meditation as an alternative to all that.
<nckx>(Practical) software freedom + ML in general is an, er, interesting question.
<navik>how much memory is needed to remaster the guix ISO, available at I think I ran into swapping with only 1G of memory.
<navik>oh this is meta
<navik>running guix in qemu, which runs qemu to remaster the ISO
<nckx>navik: That depends on what you need to build (and whether you're using --max-jobs and --cores >1 to build more things at once). I very much doubt it was the ISO creating step itself that was ooming, but a package that likes RAM.
<nckx>navik: You mean deviously elegant, right? 😉
<nckx>navik: If it really was an OOM you can check dmesg for the exact process that was killed & work back from that.
<nckx>Unless it was GCC or so. But then the Guix log should tell you the failed package too.
<navik>so, running with vanilla arguments, as specified in the online manual (only disk-image and iso9660 option), so I guess single core and one job.
<nckx>I guess, I don't really know the defaults.
<navik>from what system usage tells me, it's one core.
<nckx>Didn't Guix barf errors at you, or a log file (/gnu/store/….bz2)?
<navik>nckx: no, I just presumed it was slower than nescessary, since it was at 90-100% memory and collecting swap-space. But it didn't die.
<nckx>Oh, you just said ‘swaps’ not ‘fails’, my bad.
<nckx>I'm so blasé about swapping on my build box (‘only’ 8 GiB RAM) that it's no big deal here.
<nckx>I forget some folks consider it not done.
<navik>it's now stable at 22% of memory for qemu in GUIX VM, and 50% total memory usage in VM, which amounts to about 1.5G total. Should work with -m 2048 then when launching a build environment for the ISO.
<navik>nckx: I envy you - need to get a proper build system running, this kills my laptop
<nckx>My laptop has more RAM than my (main) build box. Zswap is magic (granted, so is building browsers overnight).
<alextee[m]>I need to try this guix vm business, i use virt-manager at the moment
<alextee[m]>Are there any benefits to working with vms the guix way?
<snape>alextee[m]: Guix VMs can be described with one file, which is a nice benefit :)
<alextee[m]>Oh nice that sounds more manageable
<snape>as all kinds of Guix systems by the way
<snape>not just vms, conainers, bare os systems too
<alextee[m]>What aboiut VMs based on isos? Like other distro VMs
<snape>you can generate an iso from the Guix .scm file, and then load it on any vm
<snape>the 'guix system vm' commands does that for you though
<alextee[m]>But that's for creating guix VMs? Can that work with say a parabola VM?
<kmicu>Hi alextee[m]: maybe clarify your use case cuz I have a feeling you and snape are talkin’ about different things xD
<alextee[m]>kmicu: i am using VMs for running other distros (like debian) to build and test an applicatiom i'm developing
<snape>oh.. so kmicu is right :)
<snape>I'm talking about a VM that embeds a Guix system
<alextee[m]>I have no use for a guix vm. I think that's what snape was talking about lol
<snape>if the VM embeds Debian, then it's not related to Guix at all
<alextee[m]>I see
<navik>to clarify my babble above; I had issues with installing guix on my current laptop, so resorted to install the ISO in a VM, and use the guix system therein to generate an ISO, since I need a non-standard ISO to install on another device.
<navik>snape: but the native vm-functionality of guix is least to say interesting
<navik>it took about 2-3 hours to remaster the ISO on a Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3427U CPU @ 1.80GHz, on a single core.
<sneek>lispmacs, you have 1 message.
<sneek>lispmacs, raghav-gururajan says: Regarding GNOME, could you please add your issues to this report (
<snape>brettgilio: your link doesn't work
<raghav-gururajan>snape MiniFree is down due to lot of backorders.
<bandali>snape, it seems like the cert on all of her sites have indeed expired (yesterday)
<snape>oh, I see!
<jlicht>hey guix!
<alextee[m]>oh minifree has a lot of bad reviews here
<bandali>alextee[m], leah has reassured that she'll get to all the orders
<alextee[m]>there's people saying they ordered 11 months ago lol
<bandali>she's seems to have been going through some real rough times
<bandali>i only see 11 weeks on that page, not 11 months
<alextee[m]>oh must have misread
<bandali>yes, and see for more explanations/updates
<alextee[m]>https is broken there
<bandali>yes, known issue
<bandali>the certs on all her sites expired yesterday
<snape>I used to have libreboot, but it wasn't really stable (least I can say), and there has been no release since 2016
<snape>actually it was stable
<snape>but the 'suspend to ram' didn't work
<snape>on the x200
<snape>(at least with Guxi)
<snape>pretty annoying
<snape>when the battery last 2 hours and rebooting takes minutes
<snape>because of some other bug encryption related
<bandali>it seems libreboot (like many other free software projects) suffers from being severely understaffed :(
<snape>yes, too bad because we really need that kind of stuff
<alextee[m]>^ i think one cause of that is lack of user-facing stuff like documentation and being easy/intuitive to use, which means most people will just avoid free software altogether
<alextee[m]>probably not the case with libreboot though since it isnt really a user-facing program
*alextee[m] really dislikes how 95% of free software expects the user to be a hacker
<alextee[m]>more users = more interest = more room for improvement and collaborators
<nckx>alextee[m]: Then contribute?
<alextee[m]>only ubuntu and linux mint work easily out of the box as distros, and that's pretty bad lol
<jlicht>snape: FYI, suspend to disk works pretty well with the 2016 libreboot on my T400
<alextee[m]>nckx: i am, i am developing this
<jlicht>alextee[m]: they "work" easily out of the box by installing a lot of nonfree software. The "more users" meme only works if we see it for what it is: a means to an end.
<nckx>And that's great. But criticising other projects for not doing what you want them to do doesn't seem very productive.
<nckx>Users don't have to be hackers to contribute.
<alextee[m]>nckx: i am only criticising as (hopefully) useful feedback jlicht it's not that they use nonfree software, it's mostly because they put effort on being user friendly. i think having more users means more people will complain about stuff that the developer hasnt even thought of and should put effort in addressing
<snape>jlicht: yes, but T400 is too big :))
<jlicht>snape: my point was not "buy a T400!", but rather that libreboot + suspend to disk is also an option ;-)
<leoprikler>I don't think Ubuntu puts that much effort into being user-friendly 😉️
<snape>I don't understand, I say it doesn't work with x200, you say it works with t400 so it's an option?
<jlicht>snape: suspend to *disk*, not ram ;-)
<snape>does it work with full disk encryption as well?
<jlicht>alextee[m]: I agree with what you say, but Ubuntu (and others) seem to prioritise this form of user-friendlyness over granting users control over their computing. They are of course free to do so, but it is far to easy to start thinking that "more users" = "more success".
<jackhill>Hi Guix. I'm working on a package for libhackrf and the hackrf firmware. The releases ship pre-build firmware. I plan on rebuilding it from the source, but my question is: should I delete the pre-built firmware as part of a source snippet, or add a phase to the build system to clean it out?
<snape>jackhill: the former :)
<jackhill>snape: sounds good, thanks!
<jlicht>snape: no worries. I am not actually quite sure about that, I am using a hibernate patch for Guix that I have rebased on master for quite some time. It does come with quite some warnings on it potentially wiping your disk etc etc so I really do not feel comfortable advising you on this
<snape>ha :D
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<leoprikler>Is there any way around the disk-wipingness of the patch?
<jlicht>leoprikler: probably :P. I mean, a lot of other distributions have made it work without (afaik) wiping your harddrive
<snape>jackhill: np! Then when people use 'guix build --source libhackrf', they will get a cleaned up source
<nckx>alextee[m]: I don't think I've ever heard any other feedback to Free software projects since the beginning of time (so, a few decades now 😉), that's all. It's a very old message. It's still not been validated.
<alextee[m]>heh, i see, i haven't really seen many people mention it, might be because im relatively new to free software nckx
<alextee[m]>if it wasn't for something like linux mint i probably would have stayed on windows though. it was a good transition into the free world
<nckx>alextee[m]: Oh, don't get me wrong, I like your optimism! We need optimists. Especially those writing code 😉
<nckx>I've obviously spent too much time on hacker news & such places and it has poisened my mind.
<nckx>And my spelling.
<leoprikler>The transition from Windows to Linux Mint already disproves the "more binary blobs = more user-friendly" argument, but it takes time to realize that.
<leoprikler>binary blobs, heh
<nckx>(Or maybe I'm too optimistic in my ‘many more 'users' are willing to code much more than we give than credit for’. Ah, philosophy.)
<alextee[m]>nckx: i kinda agree that more users = more contributors is just a meme
<jlicht>nckx: might be fun to you :-)
<nckx>s/give than/give them/, what is going on.
<alextee[m]>im more concerned with "more feedback for the developer" which is pretty much equivalent to more users
<alextee[m]>you'll get a lot more "hey im on distro x and im trying y but i get error z"
<nckx>jlicht: Yess, feed my HN hatred.
<alextee[m]>in projects with only a few users or not very welcoming to new users that's harder to get which usually leads to broken stuff imo
<alextee[m]>or hard-to-use stuff at least
<leoprikler>Guix is kinda on the other end of that debate.
<nckx>Maybe it's just my personal sensitivity to it, but 'users' who have always been treated as 'mere users' tend to internalise it, demotivating both 'sides' (which shouldn't be there to begin with but there come the unicorns & puppies again).
<leoprikler>Because we (users and devs alike) have to fix the weird build systems that come as a result of people trying way to hard to reinvent the wheel that is package management/build systems.
<nckx>alextee[m]: And your comment (even if not meant as such) contrasting users & hackers probably triggered me.
<nckx>It should be quite obvious why I love Guix so much.
<leoprikler>I think Guix is simple enough that you can try hacking even if you've been treated as 'mere user' for a long while.
<alextee[m]>yeah i guess it happens often that "user friendly" usually comes at the cost of some badly designed system. guix is for generally advanced users anyway, not part of this debate :D if it's user-friendly to advanced users (and it is imo) it's fine
<leoprikler>At least it marks my first time actively contributing to package managment.
<nckx>jlicht: Now I remember why n-gate rang a bell: their, er, 'edgy' FOSDEM coverage.
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<jackhill>(re: "'users' who have always been treated as 'mere users') yes! My hope is that everyone can empathize more. My personal felling is that it's less about nuts and blots like better documentation, but more about the mindset/goal of development.
<jackhill>allow people do use software as they wish my writing software that more easily accomplishes their wishes.
<jackhill>sofrware freedem is vital to that if we can use it in that way. I see both Guix and GNOME as striving for this in different ways
<alextee[m]>gnome is so awesome, it's the little things like the "windows" button working out of the box and the resize handle of windows being around 10 pixels wide
<alextee[m]>have you tried resizing in other desktop environments? you need surgical precision to resize windows :D
<valignatev>Slack and discord damaged me permanently. I though that the "♥" that jackhill posted at the end is a reaction somebody made under the previous post
<nckx>alextee[m]: I'm pretty sure i3's mouse-resize margin is .5 pixels, i.e. 'maybe it will, maybe it won't.’ But that's probably deliberate malice.
<valignatev>I didn't know that i3 has a resize margin at all, you just right click with modifier and drag in any point of a floating window :)
*nckx learnt a new way to resize windows today; keeps using Mod-r arrow-keys like an animal.
<A[m]3>valignatev: you can resize not only floating ones there.
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<fetsorn>Hi everyone. I need and to run some executable, on Arch these come with gcc-libs, what should I install on guix to get them?
<zap`>Seems like it is normal behavior for tiling wms "awesome" resizes floating windows like that too. I think it is superior experiece :)
<zap`>fetsorn: gcc-objcc++ I guess
<fetsorn>zap`: right, thanks
<nckx>fetsorn: gcc:lib.
<nckx>(Assuming you're patchelfing something, not building from source; that would require gcc-toolchain.)
<fetsorn>nckx: right, yeah, I'm still on that. "gcc:lib" isn't a package, is it?
<nckx>fetsorn: It's an output of a package, but that's a technicality. It's a package you can install.
<nckx>Ah, actually, gcc is probably hidden isn't it.
<nckx>guix package: error: gcc: unknown package
<zap`>there is gcc-toolchain package
<zap`>or you could install gcc-objc++:lib
<fetsorn>nckx: yeah, it must be hidden
<fetsorn>zap`: right, trying that, thanks
<zap`>It sometimes confuses me how guix treats "buildsystem packages"
<zap`>eg where is cargo?
<nckx>zap`: rust:cargo.
<nckx>This isn't related to build systems per se, it just seems like you found an unintended hack around ‘gcc was deliberately hidden’ because we forgot gcc-objc++. 😛
<zap`>nckx: thanks. So the lesson for me is always check the outputs :)
<nckx>zap`: And the second hack is that gcc-objc++ happens to contain a copy libgcc_s & stdc++, which again feels like a happy oversight.
<zap`>nckx: haha. This is because I used to grep things in guix repo before when I was looking for packages before I started using emacs interface
<fetsorn>nckx, zap`: thanks, needed libraries were in gcc-objc++:lib, executables run fine
<nckx>To be clear: you're absolutely right! I just wonder whether you should be (😉)
<nckx>zap`: ☝
<zap`>fetsorn: mixing ld library paths could actually break things...
<zap`>Watchout for segfult.
<zap`>I mean when you install object files using guix and actual executables with other means. I have run into problems with it recently
*zap` afk for an hour/two
<nckx>Yes, it's all extremely fragile. But sometimes you get luck.
<nckx>y, even.
<lispmacs>hi, I'm trying mate because of gnome-shell bogging
<lispmacs> down on me. but if I try to run evolution in mate,
<lispmacs> I get error "Settings schema
<lispmacs> 'org.gnome.system.proxy' is not installed" and it
<lispmacs> will not launch
<valignatev>A[m]3: Wow, I've never even tried to resize tiling windows with a mouse! I guess it won't work for me anyway because I have disabled window borders
<doopnoop>Hi everyone! I'm having problems reconfiguring my system. When i tried to "guix systen reconfigure config.scm" i got an error message saying, among other thing "\builder for `/gnu/store/gd0as57hnqyq5iqw3ffmf6qi45mjz1pd-etc.drv' failed with exit code 1". here's a pastebin containing my config (hostname-, account- and disk setup omitted) and the erro
<doopnoop>r message: any help would be appreciated!
<brettgilio>doopnoop: could you also give us `guix describe`?
<doopnoop>sure! one sec
<fetsorn>If I open an elf executable with "./executable" zsh tells me "zsh: no such file or directory: ./executable". When I open it with "~/.guix-profile/lib/ ./executable" it runs just fine. "file ./executable" says it's 64-bit, which is my arch, "ldd ./executable" says all libraries are linked. I am its owner and permissions are set to 755.
<nckx>fetsorn: You need to patch the interpreter with patchelf, or just invoke it manually like you did.
<nckx>Both are equivalent anyway.
<fetsorn>nckx: I don't get what is happening here - what would I change in the interpreter?
<nckx>fetsorn: Because /lib/ doesn't exist on Guix Systems.
<nckx>Unless you explicitly create an extra-special-file in your system .scm.
<guixy>Hello guix!
<fetsorn>I don't want to invoke it manually 'cause there's a bunch of these executables calling each other and I suspect it may be what causes all to fail eventually.
<nckx>Hello… guixy!
<fetsorn>Oh, right, so I'd need to "patchelf --set-interpreter" for all these executables
<nckx>fetsorn: Yes.
<nckx>Like everything else in Guix, there could (and are) be different interpreters for different glibc versions so we can't plonk a random global one in /lib.
<nckx>You'd definitely get segfaults then.
<guixy>I'm working on a package that needs dbus-glib.
<guixy>One file has #include <dbus/dbus-glib.h>
<guixy>I've tried to use the approach in xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin, which adds a phase to add the right path to C_INCLUDE_PATH
<guixy>But that isn't working. It could be because the package uses cmake-build-system.
<fetsorn>nckx: You beautiful person, thank you for guidance today, it all finally works.
<nckx>guixy: Could you paste your package file?
<guixy>it's a bit long...
<nckx>At somewhere like, I mean.
<leoprikler>you can reduce it to the (define-module) header + the package if that makes things easier
<nckx>Thank you for not plonking it in here.
<nckx>leoprikler: I totally feel you but that adds a slight non-zero chance of introducing errors & effort.
<nckx>(has happened.)
<leoprikler>sure, if there's in-file dependencies
<guixy>The package is xiphos, and it requires the other packages in that file.
<nckx>leoprikler: It was as silly as a missing ) I believe but it took a while to figure out that the OP wasn't using the same file.
<nckx>guixy: Thanks!
*nckx adds 'xiphos' to the end and runs guix build -f file.scm for those playing along at home.
<guixy>Sorry it's a bit sloppy. I leave cleaning up for when I'm preparing a patch.
<nckx>First guess (…) is that XiphosFlags.cmake should set -I/path/to/dbus/include but doesn't.
<nckx>Are you up to adding that yourself & playing around a bit? E.g (string-append "XXXCFLAGS=-I" dbus "/include"), or something like that.
<brettgilio>nckx: you around?
<brettgilio>I have a Q
<brettgilio>One sec
<nckx>Suuperbusy at this exact moment, can it wait 10 more?
*nckx AFK for a few.
<brettgilio>Anybody can answer this is they know actually
<guixy>I'm not very familiar with cmake
<brettgilio>They say the python-llvmlite package looks for libm which I thought was part of the glibc suite. But it is failing here. Any thoughts on how to proceed?
<nckx>guixy: Something like #:configure-flags (list (string-append "-DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=-I" dbus "/include")) perhaps?
<nckx>I think CMake gives developers just enough rope^Wflexibility that this can be completely package-dependent.
<brettgilio>bandali: i can remove that specific test. But I'd prefer to try and fix this method first if I can.
<bandali>brettgilio, right
<guixy>brettgilio: libm is in glibc.
<brettgilio>guixy: I know
<nckx>guixy: There's a package that does (setenv "CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH" (getenv "C_INCLUDE_PATH")) so you can try that too.
<nckx>I have no idea if or how these are actually enforced or just conventional.
<brettgilio>I know libm is in glibc. but just passing glibc as an input doesn't seem like the right thing to do here.
<lispmacs>hi, last week some folks were helping me get printing to work on my Guix system, running Gnome and cupsd. They told me to install hplip-minimal and cups-filters in system services, and to enable debug log-level, which I did. But for some reason all jobs in queue are still dying with error "Filter failed".
<nckx>It would be redundant anyway.
<brettgilio>nckx: right
<lispmacs>my /etc/config.scm:
<nckx>lispmacs: That would be me, at least… What did error.log say?
<nckx>I was lucky, it contained store paths + clear error messsages.
<nckx>Might be vendor-dependent.
<lispmacs>nckx: after enabling debugging, I haven't been able to find anything in error.log that explains why fail is occuring, only explaining that is occurring. But I will post the log:
*nckx will take a look when they get back.
<guixy>Maybe adding python will help my issue...
<valignatev>I'm trying to package alacritty and already packaged a ton of cargo packages it depends on. For some reason cargo-build-system requires me to specify all transitive dependencies in the cargo-inputs for Alacritty definition. I kinda heard that there is some effort to make cargo-build-system better in that regard, so my question is: should I submit m
<valignatev>any packages that I've already packaged or I should wait for changes in cargo-build-system? I've seen some discussions on semantic version importer and also about general overhauling on duix-devel
<nckx>guixy: When I build with -{M,c}1 I get: /tmp/guix-build-xiphos-4.1.0.drv-0/source/src/editor/editor.c:35:10: fatal error: webkit/webkit.h: No such file or directory.
<nckx>I can also confirm that #:configure-flags (list (string-append "-DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=-I" (assoc-ref %build-inputs "dbus-glib") "/include/dbus-1.0"))
<nckx>does in fact make it into the gcc command.
<valignatev>Alacritty itself isn't ready yet. I'll die if I have to specify all transitive deps by hand
<valignatev>I also saw a ripgrep submission that isn't merged still, so there might be a duplication of a packaging work going on
<brettgilio>valignatev: it never hurts to submit the patches now. It tells us what needs we have.
<brettgilio>We can always revise later
<brettgilio>I personally like patch revisions. Gives an impression that we are always working hard ;) haha
<valignatev>The ultimate goal is Alacritty, but I think I'll try to split patches in some human-friendly chunks so nobody has to review 2k LOC of package definitions in one patch
<valignatev>Also it seems that packaging Alacritty is not possible in a sane manner currently
<leoprikler>would it perhaps be helpful to have an alternative to propagated inputs, that propagates only when building?
<nckx>guixy: The problem is that Guix doesn't *have* webkit/webkit.h AFAICT. We only have webkitgtk version 2.
<valignatev>leoprikler: Do you refer to cargo-inputs or to something else up above the chat?
<nckx>lispmacs: Did you ever post that log?
<leoprikler>would be useful for cargo, but perhaps also other build-systems with similar limitations
<guixy>nckx: So I should I ask upstream to migrate to webkit2?
<nckx>I don't really know. Is webkit/webkit.h webkit(gtk)@1 or @3?
<nckx>This is very much not my jam.
<nckx>A Web search does seem to imply this is 1.x Webkit, indeed.
<nckx>We already dropped 2.4 because it was unmaintained and therefore considered insecure, so there's no way WebKit 1 will make it into Guix, sorry.
<nckx>*2.24 obvs.
*A[m]3 sent a long message: < >
<guixy>The build system checks for webkit2gtk-4.0
<efraim>I'm planning on reviewing the ripgrep sumission soon™ but it is like 260 packages
<guixy>"error: %build-inputs: unbound variable
<guixy>hint: Did you forget a `use-modules' form?"
<jackhill>hmm seems to go to curiass, not the channel logs
<guixy>That should be the logs for this channel
<jackhill>lispmacs: oh hi! I see you're interested in packaging hackrf as well. I just started looking at doing so yesterday. Let me know if I can help
<jackhill>guixy: oh, I see it's only available over http
<jackhill>with https: Resource not found: /guix
<jackhill>(and a the cert is only for bayfront)
<nckx>jackhill: Yep, it's HTTP-only.
<nckx>All links you see should be http://, let us know if not.
<jackhill>nckx: nope, the https introduction was on my side :) Would adding https be considered?
<jackhill>lispmacs: see :)
<nckx>jackhill: Sure, there's no anti-HTTPS sentiment, it's just work™.
<nckx>It used to be a pain to provide HTTPS for logs. for some reason I forgot. Maybe it's no longer valid.
<jackhill>nckx: cool. I guess the place to look is maintenance.git I don't want to promise to work on it though :)
<jackhill>at least letsencrypt should make getting a cert easier (I could immagine that being a blocker otherwise)
<nckx>jackhill: Yep, we use LE for everything else.
<nckx>But ‘everything’ is on berlin, not bayfront.
<jackhill>speaking of everything else, mumi seems unhappy
<kmicu>Where’s my mumi?
<jackhill>kmicu: Pretty interface to debbugs. I know Ricardo wants help with making it more awesome (/not leak file descriptors)
<kmicu>Are you my mumi?
*kmicu stops cuz a reference to Dr Who’s The Empty Child episode is not as popular as Guix 😹
<nckx>That one actually kept me awake as a child.
<jackhill>lispmacs: see also #35169
<oriansj>nckx: thanks for making me feel super old;
<oriansj>nckx: going from child to now (I was an adult back then-> I am now an old fart)
<guixy>Old/young/middle-aged depends on your life expectancy. If you expect to live to age 75, you are middle-aged between 25 and 50. If you expect to live to 90, you are middle-aged from 30-60. If you only expect to live to 30, you're old starting at age 20.
<guixy>I personally don't keep track of my age. I'm pretty sure it's illegal where I live to ask during job interviews, and I don't actually care about my birthdays.
<oriansj>guixy: it is always legal to ask, it is however illegal to descriminate
<oriansj>it is for example illegal to discriminate based on religion but it is pretty common to see that done is businesses
<guixy>A while ago at work we were hiring someone. We were told we could not ask about age, religion, kids, if they were married, where they were from, or other personal information.
<guixy>In a follow-up interview.
<oriansj>guixy: correct, however proxy questions are quite common
<oriansj>aka, what college did you go to and when
<guixy>"What year were you born" is necessary I think
<guixy>in the paperwork at least
<oriansj>guixy: that is still using age
<oriansj>businesses don't collect that data if they do not want to justify why they discriminated against a protected group
<oriansj>but proxy collections are essentially the same thing but allow a business to state: nope we had no idea that they were {group}
<oriansj>aka, don't ask for gender but name because name is usually a good proxy for gender
*rekado_ restarted mumi
<guixy>Sorry, took it off topic.
<oriansj>also third party data brokers sell protected information and can be leveraged by SaaSS companies to provide a hyper discriminating hiring service.
<rekado_>now 16 of the new servers are connected to
<rekado_>these are all servers with a single fast CPU and 128GB RAM.
<rekado_>the remaining servers need to wait until later
<oriansj>rekado_: single CPU in this day and age?
<rekado_>had to install the base system manually because our GRUB cannot be used over serial connection
<rekado_>oriansj: single CPU socket but 32 physical cores
<rekado_>two threads per core
<rekado_>so if you squint it’s 64 cores per server
<oriansj>rekado_: got it 1P server
<rekado_>I have yet to install the dual CPU servers
<rekado_>we really need to fix PXE support; this would have made this a lot more convenient
<oriansj>rekado_: I have yet to deal with less than 4P in the last 10 years (for servers)
<rekado_>driving out to the data centre and juggling USB sticks is no fun
<guixy>I've got a lot of packages in the works, waiting for upstream to accept a pull request or bump their version number.
<lispmacs>nckx: I was having trouble posting my cups log because with debugging enabled it went up to a 1MB within a few minutes, and apparently wgetpaste backends do not like more than 25 KB
<rekado_>we benchmarked the servers for our workload and the 1P servers were giving us the most bang
<ScaredySquirrel>ok um...would you guys check out my config.scm? it has a problem with the parentheses
<rekado_>ScaredySquirrel: are you using Emacs? It can help with parens.
<lispmacs>jackhill: I already submitted a patch to Guix for the hackrf definition, but Guix said they would rather not take it until I could package a release instead of a git commit. Hackrf team told me this morning they are working on a release but don't expect it out for a few weeks
<rekado_>guixy: it’s no problem to use arbitrary commits in Guix packages, but it’s frowned upon.
<guixy>I've contributed a package that uses an arbitrary commit before. I promised to update when they bump their version. Still not happened.
<rekado_>guixy: in that case it’s probably fine to just add a comment with a link to the upstream discussion.
<guixy>Other pending packages fail at weird times. ignuit has a test that passes in a pure environment but fails the automated build.
<guixy>pysolfc is just weird. It generates test scripts for both python2 and python3 and runs them during make.
<guixy>That's a paste of the ignuit package I'm working on.