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2020-04-23[10:14:53] <lprndn> bricewge: Don't know if you've seen it, I sent patches for the new version of lightdm's service :D
2020-04-22[10:30:23] <lprndn> bricewge: bad news on for the lightdm service. It seems we can't use handle-xorg-configuration with a service that support extension as it overwrites `compose` and `extend` fields :/
2020-04-22[10:37:07] <bricewge> I'm not sure of this. If lightdm-service-type is extended by set-xorg-configuration it get a xorg-configuration record, so it should be possible to handle the extension differently based on the type it is extend with?
2020-04-21[10:44:03] <bricewge> lprndn: Related to lightdm, please see fafe2343c2 services: sddm: Have sddm provision xorg-server.
2020-04-21[10:45:09] <bricewge> BTW yesterday I stumbled upon a channel using your lightdm service. It looks like we are not the only ones using it.
2020-04-17[16:28:57] <raingloom> is there a way to stop xorg/gdm gracefully? something like `systemctl stop lightdm`? i tried `herd stop xorg-server` but it also broke my vtty.
2020-04-15[15:47:03] <bricewge> lprndn: I think instantiating `lightdm-service-type` won't be needed. `lightdm-gtk-greeter-service-type` should be enough and will pull it automatically if I'm not mistaken.
2020-04-15[16:00:16] <lprndn> bricewge: So instead of a lightdm-service-type, we only define service-types for greeters? That would extend the config-file^
2020-04-15[16:02:51] <bricewge> We define both, lightdm-gtk-greeter-service-type extend lightdm-service-type. So lightdm-service-type should be pulled automaticaly by lightdm-gtk-greeter-service-type.
2020-04-15[16:06:56] <bricewge> lprndn: The shepherd service will be provided once in lightdm-service-type, like for the accounts. And the greeter service would only extend it and add it's own config to etc if needed
2020-04-15[16:11:35] <lprndn> bricewge: oh! reading cat-avatar-generator-service right now. I don't understand how it works but it seems a good idea! (Do you think it could be possible for lightdm-service-type to also pull a greeter if there aren't any and autologin is not set?)
2020-04-15[16:17:56] <lprndn> bricewge: autologin is set by lightdm only if there is a autologin-user and autologin-session in the config file so it's the same in the service.
2020-04-15[16:28:54] <bricewge> `lightdm-service-type` would only be use to choose another lightddm package, configure these options XDMCPServer and VNCServer or adding specific seats.
2020-04-15[16:32:41] <lprndn> bricewge: ok, I understand. But how does it work if a user define a greeter service but no lightdm service?
2020-04-15[16:56:17] <lprndn> bricewge: as you wish! My last meh is about what if someone set a lightdm-service without greeter? I'm sorry if I'm annoying, it would really bother me to create a possible trap for newcomers... but I don't want to be a blocker either. (looking at nginx, I think we could also just add a seats field at lightdm-service-type?)
2020-04-15[17:12:13] <bricewge> lprndn: I don't want to add an additional pitfall for newcomers too. The gist of this issue is users confusing lightdm with a greeter, to avoid that we could clearly indicate in the doc and the description that they probably want to use a greeter service not lightdm directly.
2020-04-15[17:15:35] <bricewge> At the end I don't see how you what you are suggesting can be acheived. Guix services are a DAG and since lightdm-greeter will depend on lightdm it's not possible for it to depend on the greeter -- this would create a cycle which a Directed Acyclic Graph can't represent.
2020-04-15[17:17:47] <bricewge> lprndn: An other way would be for lightdm to autologin on a default user (say "guix") or to autologin as a guest which could be confusing too.
2020-04-15[18:08:19] <bricewge> It would be helpful if someone knowledgeable could look up into the whole design for the lightdm service. Anyone?
2020-04-15[18:14:46] <lprndn> bricewge: Aren't seats defined in lightdm.conf? If so it's only defined by the lightdm service in the seats field, no?
2020-04-15[18:16:41] <bricewge> lprndn: Yes they end up in lightdm.conf, but they can came from lightdm-service-type or any service that extend it.
2020-04-15[19:14:30] <bricewge> lprndn: I think I have found a middle ground to have the best of both idea: when lightdm-service-type has no seats (the default when not extended) it fallback to a default config using the gtk-greeter
2020-04-15[19:23:10] <bricewge> lprndn: BTW having the seats in lightdm-service-type separated from the greeter, it's not straight forward to use modify-services since you need to modify 2 services to delete 1 greeter for example.
2020-04-15[19:48:13] <lprndn> bricewge: ok! Last thing! how would you make lightdm service defaults to gtk-greeter?
2020-04-15[20:00:10] <bricewge> lprndn : lightdm-configuration-seats default to '() when that's the case the configuration it generate default to seat:* being gtk greeter
2020-04-15[20:10:06] <lprndn> bricewge: so we need a lightdm-configuration-seats (taking a list of strings as input) field in lightdm-service, right?
2020-04-15[20:44:06] <bricewge> lprndn: lightdm-configuration-seats would be a list of lightdm-seat records
2020-04-15[22:34:26] <lprndn> bricewge: ok! seems good to me. So, really, users could define seats both in lightdm's service and greeters' services if I understand well.
2020-04-11[18:56:25] <bandali> another idea: use gdm only for gnome, otherwise use lightdm or sddm for other DEs and/or WMs
2020-04-11[19:00:24] <bandali> afaik lightdm and probably sddm too both support choosing from sessions
2020-04-11[19:02:33] <bandali> pretty sure lightdm does the latter
2020-04-11[20:44:44] <nckx> bandali: Do you use lightdm? It fails to build here due to several segv's during the test suite ☹
2020-04-10[16:13:58] <bricewge> sirgazil: It's for the new lightdm login manager
2020-04-10[16:45:48] <sirgazil> bricewge:
2020-04-09[15:19:22] <lprndn> thanks for the feedbacks on the lightdm service. working on it!
2020-04-09[18:11:03] <lprndn> Hey, just updated my lightdm service patches! ( If someone is willing, I need some advices on how to deal with config files in /etc and directories in /var/lib...
2020-03-26[18:15:12] <bricewge> How can I help (add lightdm service) making it master?
2020-03-26[18:17:36] <nckx> Especially if you're familiar with lightdm (I'm not).
2020-03-20[17:28:21] <svinoba> I am not able to install lightdm. The build fails. GDM installed OK but unable to use it. systemctl says no gdm.service. If I try to launch with xinit it fails to start and comes back to console with some error code.
2020-03-20[17:42:22] <svinoba> I actually had installed lightdm from distro. It would launch but then when I entered my credentials, it would try to login to DE but comeback to login screen.
2020-01-30[02:44:52] <jackhill> lightdm is packages, but I don't se a service.
2020-01-26[03:29:02] <raghav-gururajan> Oh :/ Other than lightdm, I do not have any other suggestions.
2019-12-29[16:07:50] <efraim> We also have a patch sitting on the ML for months now to add a service for lightdm
2019-12-19[01:57:29] <raingloom> with lightdm, if that makes any difference
2019-11-22[04:20:07] <PotentialUser-89> I tried installing lightdm but it fails to compile.
2019-10-10[15:52:02] <lprndn> by the way, I sent some patches to guix-patches adding a lightdm service some time ago. I think the multiple patches are a little daunting to review. Is it ok (or even useful) if I resend them separetely?
2019-10-10[16:03:25] <efraim> lprndn: I remember the lightdm patches, I have them starred for looking at later. I'd suggest bumping them with a ping message or something. The only way I'd go for trying for a faster review would be to include a vm config using it
2019-08-16[11:15:36] <jollyjester> just not lightdm or any heavy one, the most minimal one you can get
2019-08-08[02:50:34] <kori> you *have* to use something like slim or lightdm or gdm
2019-05-10[05:10:59] <atw> I do not know offhand about the build error you ran into there. could you paste the build log (from /var/log/guix/drvs/pv/457...-lightdm-1.24.0.drv.bz2) with a paste service? is liked
2019-05-03[00:24:03] <terpri> Marlin1113, i don't think lightdm is usable as a display manager yet; there is an open bug to add a service type for it
2019-04-18[11:56:27] <lprndn> Yeay! Just so you know, it does! And now I have a workinf lightdm service! :D
2019-04-18[14:27:10] <jonsger> lprndn: how did you start lightdm? could you share your config file?
2019-04-18[15:04:26] <lprndn> jonsger: I use the base lightweiht-desktop.scm with gdm removed and lightdm service added
2019-04-16[10:34:16] <lprndn-> I'm asking way too late but did someone worked on a lightdm service for guix?
2019-04-03[17:51:49] <bandrami> I just ran 'guix pull' and 'guix system reconfigure' with the lightweight-desktop.scm configuration from the 0.16 installer, and instead of LightDM I now have GDM, and ratpoison can't spawn any processes.
2019-03-23[20:17:46] <kmicu> Common display (login) managers are GDM, LightDM, SDDM and so on. That's the first window you see when you login into the system.
2019-03-07[03:05:00] <fjascovich> mikadoZero: I have installed packages, such as Xorg, slim, lightdm (and the greeter) but my question really is how can I start dm from packages installed with guix
2019-02-22[16:00:57] <kmicu> Anything maintained (and with a bug tracker) - LigthDM, GDM, SDDM, etc (LightDM compilation time is the shortest iirc so I use that.)
2018-07-24[13:09:22] <brendarn> lightdm fails to build for some mysterious reason
2018-05-10[16:49:21] <jD91mZM2> How would you enable LightDM in guix? Where can I see all available configuration settings for it?
2018-05-10[16:51:46] <jD91mZM2> pkill9: Yeah but no mention of LightDM anywhere, only SLiM (isn't that project dead btw?) and SDDM
2018-05-10[16:52:07] <roptat> there's gdm too, but I don't think we have a service for lightdm
2018-05-10[16:57:25] <jD91mZM2> Without LightDM? Barbarians! /s
2018-05-10[17:09:37] <wigust> jD91mZM2: SLIM works well for one year on GuixSD for me. Could I ask why do you prefer LightDM? BTW, we have a LightDM package but no service. Shouldn't be hard to write a service I guess.
2018-05-10[19:05:15] <jD91mZM2> wigust: Sorry for the late reply. I like LightDM because almost everything else is either crappy or too specific. SLiM is fine but no longer maintained according to the Arch wiki. GDM is a little bloaty and literally has "GNOME" in the name. Doesn't leave me with many options
2018-01-19[23:29:45] <sneek> atw, Apteryx says: for the record, I ended up replacing LightDM by SLiM on my Ubuntu install, and got what I want under 10 minutes... :)
2018-01-18[02:30:52] <Apteryx> str1ngs: good suggestion to restart lightdm... I hadn't. I'll try now.
2018-01-18[03:25:00] <Apteryx> I'm growing to dislike lightdm...
2018-01-18[04:49:01] <atw> hmm...I know that slim reads .desktop files out of a directory like /usr/share/xsessions. I'm betting lightdm does something similar, and that your ubuntu-installed lightdm isn't reading Guix's xsessions directory? (guessing)
2018-01-18[04:50:22] <Apteryx> atw: I've tried making my own /usr/share/xsession/ratpoison.desktop file, but it didn't get listed at the lightdm-greeter... Strangely, the deb package doesn't provide such a file at all.
2018-01-18[04:51:40] <atw> If my hypothesis is right, then using guix to install another wm that provides a .desktop wouldn't make the wm appear in lightdm either
2018-01-18[05:01:53] <atw> that does sound like the used to "publish" ratpoison to lightdm
2018-01-18[05:42:51] <vagrantc> ACTION vaguely remembers lightdm having a commandline option to set the greeter
2018-01-18[05:55:11] <atw> maybe lightdm does not use .desktop files to figure out what is available? The patch for I linked adds a .xsession file
2018-01-18[13:53:01] <Apteryx> sneek: later tell atw for the record, I ended up replacing LightDM by SLiM on my Ubuntu install, and got what I want under 10 minutes... :)
2018-01-18[14:54:25] <rekado> there are two things I’d really like to get done before FOSDEM: 1) replace slim with lightdm, 2) add a texlive profile hook
2018-01-17[23:36:43] <apteryx_> Copying the ratpoison.desktop file didn't enable switching to it from lightdm
2018-01-17[23:37:18] <apteryx_> xinitrc work though. maybe I should disable lightdm and always do "startx" from the terminal at boot... I don't boot often anyway.
2018-01-17[23:44:08] <str1ngs> apteryx1: did you restart lightdm?
2017-11-22[20:19:58] <vagrantc> so, following the desktop.scm shipped with the installer... i end up with gnome and xfce with slim as a display manager ... is this intentional as the recommended display manager for guixsd rather than gdm or lightdm or whatever?
2017-11-11[23:45:01] <rekado_> we also have lightdm, but no service for it
2017-11-03[04:05:04] <CharlieBrown> Trisquel uses lightdm
2017-11-03[04:08:58] <xelxebar> Check your X logs in /var/log; check lightdm's logs; try exporting FOOBARBAZ in .profile
2017-11-03[04:16:08] <CharlieBrown> ACTION posted a file: lightdm.log.txt (8KB) <>
2017-11-03[04:20:41] <xelxebar> CharlieBrown: I dunno, man. You're gonna have to comb through the logs yourself. The Xorg logs print errors with lines containing (EE). Not sure about lightdm. I glanced at the links you pasted but nothing stands out. Your Xorg does have errors though.
2017-10-18[03:41:02] <ServiceRobot> are there services for lightdm and php? there doesn't seem to be from what I saw
2017-10-18[03:49:01] <ServiceRobot> eh my only issue with lightdm is the lack of greeter updates but it's pretty solid regardless
2017-09-17[22:56:37] <cbaines> slim is a login manager, like the gdm, kdm, lightdm, ...
2017-09-10[00:37:45] <oriansj> will someone please fix lightdm-gtk-greeter
2017-09-10[01:01:40] <wigust> oriansj: Could you try to download lightdm-gtk-greeter manually? Like “guix download…” (first URL above ERROR in log). Or just try later. Seems launchpad is not available for you now for some reason.
2017-09-10[01:10:27] <oriansj> wigust: launchpad is available but the url is requesting a file that does not exist (it post pends the hash (it is literally attempting to download which does NOT exist)
2017-09-10[01:11:33] <oriansj> if the url is truncated to just it will download without issue
2017-09-10[08:28:55] <wigust> oriansj: I failed to build lightdm-gtk-greeter, too. It's strange for me, because when I manually copy failed URL and paste to “guix download” then it works. Did you open a bug report? Maybe I'll try to fix it, if I could.
2017-09-10[08:38:05] <wigust> (package-source lightdm-gtk-greeter) returns valid URL, hm.
2017-09-07[15:38:18] <shwsh> i'm using lightdm, tried getting gdm to work, and it failed :(
2017-08-26[10:32:13] <ng0> lightdm or gdm
2017-08-26[10:32:56] <ng0> lightdm is packaged
2017-08-21[16:52:21] <rekado> we also have lightdm, but no service for it yet.
2017-08-21[16:55:30] <efraim> what about lightdm?