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2021-11-21[21:33:36] <janneke> now gdb-minimal still fails to cross-build for the (child)hurd
2021-11-21[22:28:28] * janneke fixes (cross-)building gdb-minimal for the Hurd on c-u-f
2020-06-29[13:58:20] <mbakke> janneke: the Rust test suite needs to run GDB Python scripts, do you think it's reasonable to add Python to 'gdb-minimal'?
2020-06-29[13:59:09] <janneke> mbakke: dropping python was my main reason for creating gdb-minimal...
2020-06-29[13:59:18] <leoprikler> Wouldn't "gdb-for-rust" which is gdb-minimal + python be a better option?
2020-06-29[14:00:38] <leoprikler> oh, right, so gdb-minimal already has guile? neat
2020-06-27[09:44:03] <terpri> the commit is definitely in the guix repo (35691bf5dc69e4d482b31fab63e3bd73ffece755, janneke added a gdb-minimal pkg)
2020-06-27[10:58:37] <mbakke> I wonder we should change packages to use 'gdb-minimal' instead of the "full" gdb
2020-06-27[11:00:47] <janneke> mbakke: similarly, i was wondering whether to include "guile" in gdb-minimal
2020-06-27[11:06:10] <janneke> "<mbakke> I wonder we should change packages to use 'gdb-minimal' instead of the "full" gdb" <= that sounds like it makes sense
2020-06-27[11:07:46] <mbakke> janneke: I'll try that on staging once you have added guile to 'gdb-minimal' :-)
2020-06-27[11:13:00] * janneke tests gdb-minimal without guile removal for the Hurd
2020-06-27[11:42:06] <mbakke> janneke: it makes a lot of sense to use 'gdb-minimal' for test suites and the like. I'm not sure if Valgrind needs to include GDB at all, I suppose people who use Valgrind already have it installed?
2020-06-27[12:57:23] <mbakke> and also changed Rust to use gdb-minimal on the same branch
2020-06-27[15:40:35] <janneke> hey logs, didn't we chat about gdb-minimal?
2020-06-27[17:29:16] <janneke> civodul: yeah, we now have "gdb-minimal"
2020-06-27[17:34:26] <civodul> janneke: neat, gdb-minimal
2020-06-27[17:35:48] <civodul> BTW, it works!
2019-01-03[21:56:31] <adfeno> Even though I run gdb with: SHELL="/gnu/store/q19l04vd2za80mk1845pz7r8cz29qk43-bash-minimal-4.4.23/bin/bash" gdb -ex 'set environment XDG_DATA_DIRS="/gnu/store/q9qrh9xkd3clh06qq48d9y889gxskppv-gtk+-3.24.0/share${XDG_DATA_DIRS:+:}$XDG_DATA_DIRS"' -d "Downloads/icecat-60.3.0" "/gnu/store/x9c8vysvvivx4bc1xa4gz7sl37y3i2k6-icecat-60.3.0-gnu1/lib/icecat/.icecat-real"