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<jab>hello friends!
<gnucode>looks like the next qoth is going to be fairly small.
<youpi>probably, but with the big rust news :)
<gnucode>youpi: as in rust is now officially ported?
<gnucode>Is there a link that I could mention regarding that?
<youpi>yes, and most importantly, available in debian :
<gnucode>hmmm... That's nice!
<youpi>(which made the % of package bump up from 58% to 71%
<youpi>(of built* packages)
<gnucode>oh wow!
<gnucode>is that "all of debian's packages?" Or just rust specific debian packages?
<youpi>of all of debian's packages
<gnucode>I'm guessing that enabling the rustc compiler made Debian GNU/Hurd able to compile 71% of debian packages from 58%
<gnucode>that's pretty cool!
<youpi>the rust-specific debian packages were at 0%
<youpi>there were a lot of rust packages to build
<youpi>but also a lot of other packages waiting for it
<youpi>e.g. waiting for a more recent version of librsvg