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<Gooberpatrol66>rekado: this is for doing CI on patches that are submitted on bug-hurd. the guix packages aren't that recent are they? i'm interested if you're proposing collab though
<rekado>Gooberpatrol66: we have other (closely affiliated) projects using for CI. I can’t decide this by myself, but I think it would not be a problem to add a jobset for hurd.
<rekado>do you have a specification for cuirass already that can be used to apply patches and build with cuirass?
<rekado>I thought that maybe this would be better served by something like laminar.
<Gooberpatrol66>rekado: i just have the upstream guix packages in the CI right now
<Gooberpatrol66>i don't think i can test any changes until i'm able to build the packages
<Gooberpatrol66>i'm not an expert. why's laminar better?
<gnu_srs2>youpi: Is it possible to define new ioctls, if so how?
<youpi>why new ioctls ?
<youpi>it's just about using #define with IOC etc.
<youpi>but still, why new ioctls?
<youpi>(remember the xy problem)
<gnu_srs2>#define BIOCSETF _IOW('B', 103, struct bpf_program)
<gnu_srs2>From kFreeBSD
<youpi>you don't need that
<youpi>use device_set_filter()
<youpi>that's already what performs what you want