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<damo22>ok i have a reproducible hang
<damo22>if i wait long enough maybe i will get a timeout on the ipc?
<youpi>ipcs don't have timeouts by default
<youpi>^C-ing it, however, should get a timeout at worse after a minute or so
<damo22>hmm that didnt work
<damo22>i remember changing something about stuck threads in the scheduler, maybe i did not iterate over processor sets?
<damo22>youpi: when my task hangs, the slave_pset runq is empty, so maybe gnumach is stuck trying to process simultaneous ipc? Processor set #1 runq: count(0) low(0)
<damo22>it probably cant process the ^C signal from the hung task
<damo22>can kdb send a signal to a task?
<damo22>maybe i can add timeouts to all locks
<damo22>and catch the one that is hung
<solid_black>hi all
<youpi>damo22: ^c should already be sending a msg to the signal thread of the task
<youpi>you don't need to add a timout to a lock to know which one is hung, you can simply look at the backtrace to see which one is hun
<AlmuHS_>youpi: could you generate a new Debian GNU/Hurd's D
<AlmuHS_>iso image, i refer
<AlmuHS_>i e
<youpi>there's the daily image
<AlmuHS_>but the daily NETINSTALL is buggy. I want to install in my Thinkpad T410 and I need the installer. The 2023 installer doesn't works fine with rumpdisk and i search a stable image with a more updated rumpdisk
<youpi>if I was generating a new CD, it'd be as buggy at the daily netinstall :)
<youpi>put another way, "buggy" is not a proper bug report
<AlmuHS_>the installer crashed in base files copying
<youpi>crashed how?
<AlmuHS_>red screen, i think that missed some files
<youpi>then it's about the archive state and that needs fixing for a CD image to work at all either
<AlmuHS_>i remember that the installer doesn't found some packages
<youpi>and of course details from the logs matter
<AlmuHS_>in the base system installation step
<youpi>sure but that's too vague, it's the details from the log that matter
<AlmuHS_>this week i will try to run this installer again
<youpi>to know what package exactly poses problem
<AlmuHS_>and rumpdisk continues without detecting the T410's HDD in AHCI mode. I've just bought a new hdd to be sure that the problem is not the device
<AlmuHS_>in the Debian GNU/Hurd installer
<AlmuHS_>but i don't know how to get logs from the installer or how to debug that
<youpi>it's all documented in the installation guide
<youpi>alt-f4 to access the logs
<youpi>or alt-f2 to access a shell
<youpi>and then you have /var/log/syslog
<AlmuHS_>ok, i take notes of this
<youpi>it's be really useful that people actually read documentation, they'd get answers to their questions without having to wait for some random guy on the internet to answer them...
<AlmuHS_>yes, but the docs need a better url to be easier to found and a good index
<youpi>that's just excuses
<AlmuHS_>extremely long
<youpi>you can't have both
<youpi>you can't have documentation that gives you want, and *only* what you want
<youpi>that's just how books work
<youpi>and it happens that reading long documents *teaches* you a lot of things
<youpi>so it's good in the end
<youpi>it seems that new generations don't understand that
<youpi>and expect things to come exactly as they'd want
<youpi>which AI happens to sorta promise
<youpi>but that's really no good long-term wise
<AlmuHS_>it must be in a section of "debugging installer"
<youpi>it's called troubleshooting
<AlmuHS_>yes, then might be in a troubleshooting section
<gnu_srs2>Hi, is there a description of the entries of struct ifrtreq somewhere? Not in /usr/include/net/route.h.
<youpi>not I know, but it's basically the same information as described in man ip-route