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<damo22>something fishy is going on, i changed all the baud parameters from B9600 to B115200, and i mostly get a 115200 console over real com port, but the last bit after start pci-arbiter:..... is garbled
<damo22>what sets the baud rate after start pci-arbiter: .... ?
<damo22>maybe the tty params are changed by bootstrap?
<damo22>this was captured over a serial port from a HP T620
<damo22>we probably dont see it on qemu because the baud rate doesnt matter on something that has no clock
<damo22>but we really need to fix serial port debug access
<solid_black>sneek: tell gnucode to stop spelling Ladybird with capital B 😀️
<sneek>Welcome back solid_black, you have 1 message!
<sneek>solid_black, gnucode says: For now, do you suppose it would be hard to package LadyBird for Debian ?
<sneek>gnucode, solid_black says: to stop spelling Ladybird with capital B 😀️
<solid_black>judging by my recent experience, *everything* is hard to package for Debian
<solid_black>but what do I know; people with actual Debian packagingng experience will probably disagree
<solid_black>but even then, Ladybird may be relatively hard, since it was not written to be a good citizen among other software / packages
<solid_black>the SerenityOS Browser was written to be a good citizen on Serenity, and then things got ported to other systems as Lagom / Ladybird, but they don't respect the existing conventions much
<solid_black>but also, there's hope, since it's not only the Hurd people who would like Ladybird packaged
<solid_black>so we'll probably see it eventually packaged, from the larger Debian community
<solid_black>meanwhile, I'm trying to keep the Hurd supported in Lagom / Ladybird upstream, and I even had to argue to re-enable 32-bit support in Lagom (see
<gfleury>youpi: can you resend me the command make check in glibc to check if abi and plt are ok when moving symbol
<youpi>gfleury: I don't remember what I had sent you, but it should have been something like
<youpi>make -C ../htl subdir=htl objdir=$PWD ..=../ $PWD/htl/check-abi-libpthread.out
<youpi>make -C ../elf subdir=elf objdir=$PWD ..=../ $PWD/elf/check-abi-libc.out
<gfleury>youpi: thanks it was that
<gnucode>hey friends!
<gnucode>nikolar: what cool things are you doing today?
<nikolar>nothing much actually
<gnucode>I'm thinking about writing q2 2023 qoth.
<nikolar>isn't it a bit late for that
<gnucode>Samuel actually requested that someone go in and fill out that backlog of features. :)
<gnucode>backlog of past work*
<nikolar>heh fair enough
<youpi>nikolar: I believe it's still useful
<nikolar>didn't say it was
<youpi>so people know that no, the project hasn't been inactive for all that time, it just has not communicated
<nikolar>just a bit late
<nikolar>youpi: yeah taht's fair
<youpi>but better late than never :)
<nikolar>true true :)
<ThinkT510>how far back are you planning to go?
<nikolar>hello again ThinkT510
<ThinkT510>greetings once more
<gnucode>ThinkT510: well ideally one would go back for several years perhaps? It takes me about 2-3 days to write up a qoth. It's not difficult. It just takes time.
<ThinkT510>impressive. I like your dedication. probably need to go through a lot of the mailing lists and commit logs
<gnucode>ThinkT510: Anyone can write a qoth. I just follow this guide:
<Gooberpatrol66>gnucode: congrats for working on it
<gnucode>Gooberpatrol66: thanks! It's nice the q3 of 2023 we can report that rust works! I actually got html-ts-mode working in Emacs yesterday! That means Emacs on the Hurd can use tree-sitter!
<dsmith>gnucode, Next month I'm giving a talk about Rust at the Akron Linux User Group meeting
<gnucode>dsmith: that sounds cool! How many archetitures does rust actually support? I've heard it is a really hard language to port.
<gnucode>*hard to port to other archetitures. (maybe hard to port to OSes too).
<dsmith>Lots. But there are different Tiers.
<dsmith>gnucode, Hurd is Tier 3
<dsmith>Make that