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<damo22>how do i enable console on com0
<damo22>console=com0,115200 ?
<damo22>some of the early console is set up at 9600 baud??
<damo22>and then it switches to 115200 ?
<damo22>its broken on a real com port
<damo22>if i set the destination baud to 9600 i can read most of the early console except the bit i need
<damo22>if i set it to 115200 it doesnt print anything
<damo22>can we just hardcode the baud to 115200?
<solid_black>fresh build of Ladybird browsing
<etno>solid_black: 🤩
<ThinkT510>solid_black: sweet!
<solid_black>what would y'all think about adding UEFI boot support to gnumach?
<youpi>you still mean via grub, right?
<solid_black>not necesserily, from any uefi environment
<youpi>I mean: it's not useful to implement the pieces which are already in grub
<youpi>multiboot is a way to do that on legacy x86
<solid_black>yes, but it doesn't look like multiboot exists on arm?
<youpi>is there nothing similar?
<solid_black>perhaps porting multiboot to arm would be a simpler way
<youpi>possibly it's uefi, I just mean we don't need to implement more than the equivalent of multiboot
<solid_black>as far as I can see, there are two ways Linux on arm can be entered, and it's either through uefi, or through a simple linux-specific boot protocol
<solid_black>and it would be nice to support both ways
<youpi>does xen not define some multiboot protocol for its guest support?
<youpi>we don't really need two ways :)
<solid_black>ACTION has no idea about xen
<solid_black>I don't mean implementing lots of efi functionality, we'd only need to build gnumach into something that looks like a PE, and perhaps to fetch the initial modules via the EFI calls
<solid_black>but 🤔️, maybe we don't need the two ways indeed, and if something does UEFI, we can throw GRUB at it
<solid_black>unrelated: is there a reason why we don't use "libc ABIs" (as in glibc:libc-abis file, and EI_ABIVERSION)?
<youpi>most probably because nobody had a look at it yet
<Arsen>porting multiboot to arm and amd64 would be nice
<solid_black>so it would be ok for me to add it?
<Arsen>please do take that task up if you can
<youpi>solid_black: I don't actually know the consequences
<solid_black>hmm, I must have mixed something up, we do have the overall mechanism, and UNIQUE ABSOLUTE are there, but not IFUNC
<solid_black>the trouble with booting via the linux boot protocol is the way initrd is passed
<solid_black>namely, it's loaded into memory, and then the info is encoded into the deivce tree
<solid_black>under chosen, via linux,initrd-start / linux,initrd-end
<solid_black>which is cool, but that seems to only support a single initrd, and no argv for it
<solid_black> ?
<youpi>that looks so, yes
<solid_black>looks like I can no longer reliably reproduce your pipe/echo/[ failure, I don't know why
<solid_black>I've tried to see if I can reproduce it without kvm (and maybe record it with record-replay), and whther it reproduces on a simpler C program that does all the same pipe/fork/write/read/handle SIGCHLD/wait things
<solid_black>haven't succeeded in reproducing in either case, but the original test doesn't seem to reproduce this anymore either
<solid_black>so I'm at a bit of a loss for what to do about it next
<gnu_srs1> Hi any ideas on how to do diff -ur /dev/null <directory>. Or do I have to got through all files manually "for filename in <directory>do ; diff -u /dev/null <directory>/fillename; done"?
<youpi>mkdir olddir
<youpi>and use -N
<youpi>diff -urN olddir <directory>
<youpi>or else the question wasn't precise enough to understand what you actually wanted to do
<azeem>I think he wants to have a diff which creates a new directory hiearachy
<youpi>that's what I guessed, yes
<youpi>so mkdir + -N should work
<gnu_srs1>That worked, thanks :)
<gnucode>hello you smart people!
<nikolar>hello gnucode
<gnucode>nikolar: I'm about to send in the 2023 q3 qoth.
<ThinkT510>quarter of the hurd
<gnucode>if you go to there's a new news article that I wrote. Samuel probably did some edits to it.
<gnucode>Yeah, apparently wrote an article about it. It really is helpful to put out that qoth.
<gnucode>ok, I apparently installed netsurf-common last time. netsurf-gtk is soooo much faster!
<gnucode>now I just need to port it so others can play with it.