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<etno>sneek later tell gnucode This is really cool gnucode, one day I'll join you in the club!
<sneek>Got it.
<gnucode>I feel like I am so close to getting the Hurd to boot on my T410!
<sneek>Welcome back gnucode, you have 1 message!
<sneek>gnucode, etno says: This is really cool gnucode, one day I'll join you in the club!
<gnucode>etno: I'm happy to virtually meet with you anytime if you want to chat or work togethor on something. Let me know!
<gnucode>I just can't quite get the grub menuentry right.
<gnucode>I've tried copying my T43's menuentry to my T410 grub.
<gnucode>It complained that it could not find I think
<gnucode>and there actually is no /lib/ on my T410
<gnucode>hello friends
<gnucode>Well I'm working on a q3 qoth.
<solid_black>hi gnucode!
<sneek>solid_black, you have 1 message!
<sneek>solid_black, gnucode says: Yeah I guess I underestimated how important a qoth is for the Hurd. That's a great way to update people apparently.
<gnucode>solid_black: Are you coming to my belated New Year's party?
<gnucode>I guess it's next Saturday
<gnucode>sounds good! I have it planned to meet at 3pm UTC, which I believe is 10am EST. Anyway, do you want to meet perhaps an hour or half hour before and make sure everything works with me?
<gnucode>I should probably send another email in bug hurd announcing it. I can't post it in reddit which is pretty annoying.
<gnucode>that's where the Belated New Year's Party will be
<gnucode>if there's a password it'll be SMPBABY!
<gnucode>let's make it "SMPBABY"
<solid_black>"Use your modern web broswer" -- which doesn't work on GNU/Hurd :D
<solid_black>speaking of SMP, it can't come soon enough, these Ladybird builds are taking forever
<gnucode>hahaha. What are you talking about? LadyBird works!
<gnucode>I know it's not quite modern enough yet...
<gnucode>solid_black: isn't SMP restricted to 32 bit x86 right now?
<gnucode>I know the goal is to have it work on 64 bit too.
<solid_black>I don't think it is, but I also haven't tried enbling SMP, so I don't really know
<gnucode>also, is it like near midnight where you are now?
<solid_black>00:19, yes
<gnucode>haha. late night hacking is cool. Samuel just gave me a tip to try to get this T410 booting Mach. I'm going to give that a try. which means I need to reboot...
<gnucode>well that didn't work