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<gnucode>ok I am in the shell...
<gnucode>I'm not certain how to see where my / and /home partitions are
<gnucode>it said they were supposed to be mounted in /target
<dsmith>gnucode, Have you seen ?
<gnucode>let me take a look
<gnucode>well looks like the installer shell is sort of stuck...
<gnucode>I may have been using a weird installer CD too.
<gnucode>let me try burning using the June 8th 2023 installer iso cd.
<gnucode>ok the netinstall does not work.
<gnucode>geez magit is soo freaking awesome!
<gnucode>Cherry picking is so easy! somewhat counter-intuitive. Y branch name RET branch name RET highlight the commits then A A
<Gooberpatrol_66>for people who didn't see it
<anthk_>on hurd, any working fs beside of ext2fs?
<youpi>fatfs ;)
<anthk_>ok, a journaled one :p ?
<Gooberpatrol_66>people were discussing a new filesystem, but no work done yet
<ThinkT510>Gooberpatrol_66: nice. glad they got qoth going again.
<ThinkT510>really cool someone is trying to port the ladybird browser
<gnucode>anthk_: I would think it would be awesome to port bcachefs to the Hurd. It would probably be a fair amount of work.
<gnucode>but 90% of the code builds and run in userspace
<nikolar>gnucode: how is your porting wotk going for netsurf
<gnucode>nikolar: haha. I think you seriously overstate my coding abilities. :)
<gnucode>I did try to work on it last night.
<gnucode>It looks like there is only 4 instances of PATHMAX.
<gnucode>nikolar: were you the person who was wanting to write a filesystem?
<nikolar>Haven't done much work on that recently but soon
<nikolar>gnucode: ^
<gnucode>nikolar: do you have a design document?
<nikolar>nope, not yet
<nikolar>i am more of a code first type of guy
<gnucode>what sort of features do you hope to have in 1.0 ?
<nikolar>well snapshotting and rollback i guess
<nikolar>if all goes well, zfs likefilesystems
<nikolar>as in different mountpoints that belong to the the same partitions
<nikolar>depends on how much time i have since it is a uni project after all
<nikolar>until i graduate at least
<nikolar>gnucode: ^
<gnucode>nikolar: have you considered porting bcachefs?
<nikolar>hah no
<nikolar>that seems like a lot of work
<nikolar>porting a linux kernel driver to anything
<gnucode>nikolar: have you watched the talk that Kent and I had?
<gnucode>90% of bcachefs already builds and runs in userspace.
<nikolar>yeah but the part that's actually a driver doesn't
<nikolar>because it's in the kernel
<gnucode>I wish you luck. Developing a filesystem from scratch is not easy.
<nikolar>thanks gnucode
<nikolar>it's really not that bad if you just want something to keep your files
<nikolar>it's hard when you get to performance
<gnucode>hey youpi
<gnucode>I can remove all but #187391 ?
<youpi>gnucode: msgget is still not implemented either