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<gnucode>I feel like I should really learn how to use git-send-email via emacs and Gnus. That would probably make everyone's life easier.
<gnucode>It's kind of annoying having to use Gnus to get the message ID, manually copying that ID to my terminal command of git send-email --in-reply-to=MESSAGE-ID
<gnucode>apparently there is a gitpatch.el...maybe that might work.
<Arsen>gnucode: make a macro to save git send-email --in-reply-to=MESSAGE_ID into the kill buffer :)
<gnucode>Arsen: so you are saying to save the the formatted patch into the kill buffer?
<Arsen>no, the command
<Arsen>(kill-new (format "git send-email --message-id=%s" 'whatever))
<gnucode>I'll give it a try.
<solid_black>woohoo I got my hello-hurd demo working on x86_64-gnu
<sneek>solid_black, you have 1 message!
<sneek>solid_black, gnucode says: we now have the sneek bot set up! And we can tell it to send offline users messages, when they log in!
<etno>solid_black: woohoo 🎉
<solid_black>..except that it's only the default build that works, the "tiny" build fails to print and exits with 1, the "tinier" build crashes :)
<solid_black>let's see if I can fix that
<gnucode>that's still pretty cool progress!
<solid_black>hey gnucode!
<gnucode>solid_black: how's it going? You're working late.
<gnucode>also do you have a XMPP account?
<solid_black>yeah, doing a little evening hack