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<gnucode>apt is saying that I have held broken packages
<gnucode>aptitude may have fixed the problem.
<gnucode>morning friends!
<privacy>Good morning.
<gnucode>privacy: how are you doing?
<anthk_>how's the hurd support on physical machines?
<gnucode>anthk_: It can run on modern Intel processors including SSDs, but it is fairly hard to get it installed on those machines.
<gnucode>I'm running it on a T43. 1.5 GB
<gnucode>and it's running X
<anthk_> is this accepted into mainline?
<youpi>we use rumpdisk for hurd-amd64
<anthk_>did audio work? does it use azalia.c for instance?
<gnucode>anthk_: audio is still a work in progress. We do want to use a NetBSD kernel for audo drivers.
<gnucode>The Hurd did have a demo of sound a year or two ago. So it is not terrible far away.
<youpi>audio is not integrated
<youpi>(but the librumpdev-audio0 library is built)
<gnucode>weirdly enough, I think I am going to try to make a "watch me hacking on the Hurd video", I apparently can record the screen via the Hurd, but I have to use Linux to record the audio. Then I'll try to combine the audio and video. It'll be interesting.
<gnucode>well my ffmpeg recording of the Hurd screen did not work as well as I would have hoped.
<gnucode>output.mp4 is created, but linux can't play the file.
<gnucode>now I am trying to install kazam
<gnucode>kazam did not work. haahah.
<gnucode>hey hey recordmydesktop totally works!
<gnucode>Now all I need to do is to record sound on linux and merge the files!
<etno>>>weirdly enough, I think I am going to try to make a "watch me hacking on the Hurd video"<< sensitive content ahead!
<etno>I want to subscribe ;-)
<gnucode>etno: I do have some videos up on hard limit.
<gnucode>I'm "The GNU Guy"
<etno>I remember watching the one about Texinfo, and laughing quite a bit with the mac-users pun
<gnucode>so get this, the Hurd is recording my screen...
<gnucode>I had linux set up to record my audio via audacity. Now Linux is locked up, and I'm still working on the hurd.
<gnucode>Normally it's the Hurd that gets locked up!
<gnucode>Not today!
<gnucode>hmmm, my linux machine just moved to a new desktop workspace. So it's rnning, but input is either not accepting input, or is accepting it really slowly.
<gnucode>well the hurd is a bit slow in saving the desktop recording. I only told it to record 5 frames a second. I should probably change that to a lower frame rate.
<anthk_>use a less complex codec
<gnucode>I think it's using ogv
<gnucode>howdy again!
<gnucode>and magit works again! woo hoo!
<anthk_>how's a daily usage of hurd in a vm?
<gnucode>anthk_: what do you mean?
<gnucode>I personally prefer not to use it in a vm.
<anthk_>ok, under real life loads/work
<gnucode>well SMP is not really ready yet.
<gnucode>So it only runs on one core at the moment.
<anthk_>as GNU/Linux today looks more and more like a huge blobbed chunk with a supposed GPLv2 licensed kernel taped aside, I wish hurd gets more support