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<gnucode>morning hurd people
<gnucode>it's been about 3 or 4 months since I have updated my hurd install.
<gnucode>I did "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade" (Apparently this is not the recommended upgrade procedure...
<gnucode>anyway, "which halt" and "which poweroff" are not working.
<gnucode>sudo halt-hurd is also failing
<gnucode>sudo apt full-upgrade give me this gem of an error
<gnucode>malloc(): invalid size (unsorted)
<gnucode>actually most commands give me that error
<gnucode>I would rather not have to hard shutdown via holding the power button, but I do not see how I can turn off my machine at present.
<gnucode>Did Samuel mention something on bug-hurd about needing to run some command after a recent upgrade to fix some packages?
<gnucode>also I am kind of excited that I am using the Emacs version 29. That's pretty cool!
<gnucode>I am also somewhat starting to think that apt may be a better package manager than guix for the Hurd. Guix has to download a zillion files to update the tiniest stuff. I feel like the Hurd's network stack a little slow for that. But I am using really old hardware. What do I know...
<gnucode>well while I while I wait, I guess I could check if magit still works on this newer version of emacs...
<gnucode>well, it appears to work. That's good news
<gnucode>ok interesting!
<gnucode>sudo seems to be the problem
<gnucode>so i can run "su"
<gnucode>then apt full-upgrade seems to work
<gnucode>but halt-hurd and reboot-hurd does nothing.
<dsmith>I'm curious why sudo would be a problem. Because environment or path no set properly?
<gnucode>dsmith: I really do not know. I did just do a massive upgrade.
<gnucode>maybe that broke some things
<gnucode>but also why would "halt" and "reboot" may disappeared?
<gnucode>I have used sudo before just fine on this machine.
<gnucode>ok, interesting
<gnucode>I just did a su
<gnucode># cd /usr/sbin;
<gnucode># ls | grep halt-hurd
<gnucode>so I can manually run that command apparently.
<gnucode>I guess that I will give that a try.
<gnucode>if i leave this irc session then it probably worked.
<gnucode>hey hey! That totally worked!
<gnucode>and X is working just fine.
<gnucode>and it's pretty awesome that I'm running Emacs 29!
<gnucode>interestingly, "sudo apt" is giving me the same issue
<gnucode>malloc(): invalid size (unsorted)
<gnucode>that is rather odd!
<dsmith>Sounds kind of like a C lib issue. Like not using the right onw.
<gnucode>I guess I could try updating again.
<gnucode>I probably don't quite have enough time for that now.
<gnucode>also netsurf is no longer installed.
<gnucode>I should really actually port that program at some point.
<gnucode>anyway, thanks for the encouragement dsmith. I'm going to head out to work a little early.
<gnucode>I hope the ARM port works out swell. I think my pinephone (and graphene OS) are my only ARM devices.
<gnucode>anyway, I need to head to work.
<gnucode>talk to ya'll later
<gnucode>howdy friends!
<gnucode>hello friends
<gnucode>well sudo apt still is not working
<gnucode>also git somehow got uninstalled.
<gnucode>and apt install hit fails