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<gnucode>howdy friends!
<etno>gnucode: 👋
<gnucode>etno: what are you up to today?
<etno>I am glad to read about all the stuff going on with the gnu/Hurd; amd64, aarch64, ... The Christmas party :-D
<etno>gnucode: and you, what's up?
<gnucode>I would agree, the arch port is very interesting! And I guess we are not going to be calling it a belated New Year's Party. :)
<etno>Absolutely, sorry
<gnucode>etno: no need to apologize. I should probably post something about it on reddit.
<etno>Tried to install Debian from last June on a physical laptop. Unfortunately, I hit issues with the hard drive. AHCI panic with an alignment issue, and IDE emulation resulted in a "bad geometry" thingy. I guess that my best next step is to find an other machine.
<gnucode>etno: what machine?
<gnucode>I've got a really old T43 I think. It definitely works on that!
<gnucode>I even upgraded to 1GB of RAM. Wow!
<etno>gnucode: 640KB ought to b... (Sounds familiar, somehow, haha)
<etno>gnucode: it is a Dell Inspiron 1750
<etno>Full Intel chipset afaict
<gnucode>etno: damo22 would probably be the person to talk to about installing the Hurd on modern hardware.