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<rrq>does hurd depend on having grub boot? when I replaced it with syslinux (copying the multiboot module parameters), it starts up but breaks on saying "/dev/console not a terminal"...
<rrq>... and the qemu window says "using COM port for console" at the top in red.
<rrq>I can log the bootup with "console=com0" to gnumach, but I don't know haw to read it.
<rrq>looks like some difference between grub vs syslinux in machine set up perhaps? but seems odd that hurd/gnumach would bother about the pre-boot
<rrq>edit: "using COM port 1 for console"
<rrq>hmm I also have the filesystem as hd0s0 rather than hd0s1 (changes boot argument), and no swap
<rrq>edit: it's hd0s1 in mine and hd0s2 in debian's boot, rather
<youpi>rrq: I don't know if syslinux supports multiboot?
<rrq>it does.
<youpi>if it does and you managed to properly pass parameters, normally things should just work
<youpi>details do matter, notably things like escaping ${} etc.
<youpi>make sure that the dump of the module list is exactly the same