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<rrq>when I've cloned gnumach from savannah, there is a step to do before dpkg-buildpackage; can someone tell me? .. i.e. how to generate "configure" etc.
<rrq>ah.. found it
<rrq>found "autoreconf --install"
<rrq>(I got confused by doc talking about building on a debian system, which I do, but apparently I should follow the "On non-Debian System" steps)
<youpi>the section names could bring confusion indeed, it's not about building "on debian system", but "building a debian package from a debian source"
<rrq>(thanks. When adopting that understanding it went well... though compilation broke; I probably need to reset my workspace to a prior proven version)
<rrq>like v1.8+git20230410 perhaps
<youpi>the current master does build on my system
<rrq>I get: _Static_assert(sizeof(ipc_port_t) == 8 * 1, "expected ipc_port_t to be size 8 * 1");
<rrq>several like that for vm/memory_object_user.user.c
<youpi>did you install a 32-bit mig?
<rrq>thanks. I messed that up
<rrq>btw, the mig build page points to source with /cgit/
<rrq>now I tried bulding mig from scratch.. then gnumach still bails with same error
<youpi>but again, is 32/64 bit coherent between your mig and gnumach builds?
<youpi>aka: tell us exactly what you did, otherwise we can only answer "well, works for us"
<rrq>I build on an amd64 host. I used the non-debina instructions, with the "building on a 64 bit machine" variant. My install dir is not ~/gnu but another dir (GNU=<full path>)
<youpi>I'm not talking about what you followed, but what you ended up typing
<youpi>otherwise there's still the interpretation step that could bring issues
<youpi>aka: did you pass --host=i686-unknown-linux-gnu to configure?
<rrq>yes: exactly as per page under "Building and installing" (with different GNU= directory) skipping the first ../configure and using the second
<rrq>hmm I do have mig-for-host:amd64 and mig-x86-64-gnu installed as well; let me try after removing those
<youpi>ok, then the cross-build case probably got broken at some point when adding the 64bit support, probably better get an earlier version of mig
<youpi>they shouldn't hurt, provided that you make sure your gnumach uses the mig you just built
<youpi>note that on debian you can as well merely install the mig-i686-gnu package
<youpi>rather than building your own
<rrq>ah. I'll try that.
<rrq>(doesn't install as "mig" of course)
<rrq>looks better.. a fair few warnings, but no error
<werdahias>youpi: mind taking a look at kew ? like what do I need to patch ? the porting docs do not mention ECHO
<youpi>as I m entioned in another channel the other day, hurd does have ECHO, you just need to include the proper header, termios.h
<youpi>(and yes, I did try to #include termios.h and print ECHO, it did work
<werdahias>that header is included though
<youpi>perhaps you need #define _BSD_SOURCE or such to get it
<youpi>there are contradicting standards between that being defined in termios.h, ioctls.h, etc and the standards levels
<werdahias>hm, I see. thanks, I'll patch that in then
<werdahias>huh, still fails even with that patch :(