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<werdahias>hwo can I define ECHO in hurd ? I get the follwong compilation error because ECHO is undefined. what's the equivalent under HURD ?
<azeem>what kind of flag is that supposed to be, terminal stuff?
<youpi>ECHO is defined
<youpi>you're probably just missing including the proper header
<youpi>actually, this code looks just wrong
<youpi>ECHO is not a c_lflag
<youpi>oh, on linux it is
<youpi>Mmm, I'm a bit lost, let me check further
<youpi>so, yes, it is defined, like on linux, are you sure you included <termios.h> ?
<youpi>#include <termios.h>
<youpi>#include <stdio.h>
<youpi>int main(void) { printf("%d\n", ECHO); return 0;}
<youpi>that does build
<werdahias>relevant header:
<werdahias>termios is included there
<adamnr>Hi hurd
<janneke>hey isaneran :)