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<gnu_srs>youpi: Do you want me to restart mahler?
<youpi>gnu_srs: if you can it can be useful yes, but no need to hurry, we're not late in building packages :)
<gnu_srs> FYI: I'm now happily running Devuan/Daedalus GNU/Linux on my main boxes. soon there will be a Hurd port to Devuan too :)
<gnu_srs>youpi: Whats wrong with mahler? rm -rf /home/buildd/chroots/lost+found/#1597653/
<youpi>probably passive translators?
<gnu_srs>cannot stat '/home/buildd/chroots/lost+found/#1597653/..*U'$'\023\027\005''...
<youpi>ah, a very bogus entry
<youpi>not really a problem
<youpi>I'll handle it, thanks for restarting mahler !
<gnu_srs>Ok. I'll leave the rest to you. No buildd started. I'll make the opening of port 25 now. Good luck.
<zamfofex>gnu_srs: What’s the point of having a Hurd port of Devuan when (as far as I know) systemd doesn’t even support the Hurd? From what I can see, Debian Hurd uses the Shepherd as its init system.