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<gnucode>howdy pals!
<gnucode>etno: how goes things?
<etno>gnucode: in a kind of an existential questioning :D
<gnucode>sure why not?
<gnucode>How does one live a good life?
<gnucode>you misspelled "haha". So one should laugh a lot?
<etno>(searching for good arguments to forget about this idea) Has it been tried to implement the microkernel features on top of Linux? Using processes for memory protection and disabling anything that is available as a server ? No VFS, no network stack, no hardware driver... ?
<etno>As few drivers as possible, I mean
<etno>I certainly don't want to be annoying... I should probably not have asked such question ... sorry
<etno>Gooberpatrol66: thanks a lot
<gnucode>etno: you're not annoying! It's fun having people chat in this channel!