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<zamfofex>youpi: Are those logs cross‐building from Linux, or are they a native build?
<youpi>zamfofex: they are native builds
<zamfofex>I see! Well, that should make it easier, though it does mean the cross‐toolchain I’ve built (or having been waiting to build) is effectively useless.
<etno>I attempted to build gnumach on a x86_64 Debian/Linux box using a i686-linux-gnu 32bits toolchain. Had mig previously compiled with the same toolchain (both host&target 32bits). The static checks in generated interfaces fail and expect ipc_port_t to be 8 bytes long. I moved to hurd and it builds like a charm, but for the sake of understanding, do you have a hint about where I was wrong ?
<youpi>etno: possibly you are using an old mig
<youpi>some bits have changed in the ABI
<etno>youpi: I cloned master from git:// . But nevermind, I don't want to waste more of your time. It was just in case it could not work for an obvious reason. I will continue to use Hurd since it gives better results :-P
<zamfofex>youpi: I investigated, and I highly suspect it was Debian’s move from Make to Hadrian that caused the build failures <> I noticed the file that was deemed “not produced” actually ended up as ‘_build/stage0/lib/i386-hurd-ghc-9.4.6/ghc-boot-th-9.4.7/libHSghc-boot-th-9.4.7.a’ (mind the difference: expected ‘i386-gnu-ghc-9.4.6’ vs. actual ‘i386-hurd-ghc-9.4.6’).
<zamfofex>If I had to guess (very loose guess), the GHC for build uses ‘i386-hurd’ (because it was built with Make), whereas the GHC being built expects ‘i386-gnu’ (because it is being built with Hadrian). It might be a carelessness from the GHC/Hadrian developers that did not ensure the names matched across the build system.
<zamfofex>I mean “across the two build systems”.
<youpi>you seem to know about that, it'd be useful that you investigate further, I have no idea where to look about it )
<zamfofex>I don’t know how to fix it. 🙁 I tried various things, none of them really worked, unfortunately.
<zamfofex>sneek: later tell youpi: Seems like I was able to overcome that issue! 🎉 Now I need to see if I anything else comes up.
<sneek>Got it.
<gnucode>hello ya'll!
<zamfofex>Hello! 👋
<gnucode>zamfofex: do you use haskell stuff a lot?
<zamfofex>Not recently, but I used to use it and Agda a bit more a few years ago.
<zamfofex>I have to go AFK soon, by the way. In any case, I hope everything is well with you. 🙂
<gnucode>ok. I think there is a document converter that is written in haskell. I might want to use that at some point.