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<ravindroid00>Hi, I am currently working on a project regarding Hurd and I want to correctly setup a subhurd. The documentation seems to be a bit old and outdated, are there any relevant resources I can use? Up until now, I've mounted a hurd img using -hdb to my qemu system and modified the fstab in the image file as follows ( I
<ravindroid00>didn't edit the boot script because I couldn't figure out what to edit. Then I made the hd1s2 partition readonly (mounted to /mnt using `settrans -a /mnt /hurd/ext2fs /dev/hd1s2` and then used fsysopts to make readonly) and tried booting the subhurd using `boot -D /mnt --boot-script=/mnt/boot/servers.boot /dev/hd1s2` and it failed
<ravindroid00> ( Any help is appreciated.
<youpi>ravindroid00: which documentation are you following?
<ravindroid00> and
<youpi>I don't think the documentation is outdated, it's probably some bugs that went unnoticed
<youpi>at least, it's really supposed to be the most up-to-date documentation
<youpi>(and if somebody writes something else that is more up-to-date, please contribute to the wiki, avoid splitting the documentation effort)
<ravindroid00>Yeah that makes sense. You guys ever used a subhurd recently? Or maybe know a way how to? My project has a strict deadline and I spent most of it trying to get a subhurd up and running, but failed. A little lost right now. :"