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<gnu_srs>youpi: mahler is up again. I followed your instructions to restart the build queue but the daemon does not start due to: NO-DAEMON-PLEASE
<gnu_srs>Please take over.
<youpi>gnu_srs: thanks!
<youpi>actually I wanted to build a gcc-13 with nocheck by hand, so it's good that it didn't start :)
<youpi>NO-DAEMON-PLEASE is expected, so buildd doesn't autostart, we do want to start it by hand, to make sure we run ./recreate first
<gnu_srs>I did run recreate and buildd after that. But I should also remove the NO-DAEMON-PLEASE?
<gnu_srs>Can you please also build emacs w/o tests so it is installable again, thanks.
<youpi>no, we want to keep that NO-DAEMON-PLEASE file, so buildd doesn't auto-start
<youpi>emacs won't remain installable for long, until next upload onlky
<gnu_srs>I know about that, but anyway. BTW: How can the problem of *.common packages being upgraded when the source package FTBFS be solved?
<youpi>with the mini-dak software currently running on debian-ports, it cannot
<youpi>it'd need either improving mini-dak, or installing the full dak
<youpi>we need to fix FTBFS-es anyway
<gnu_srs>Well, fixing all FTBFS-es due to failing tests is a large effort, compared to fixes of packages which FTBFS w/o tests.
<youpi>if it's just a couple of tests, it's possibly worth it
<youpi>running a build w/o tests is manual, and we have to do it over and over again
<youpi>not really a good use of our time
<youpi>one thing I can maybe do at least is uploading to unreleased
<youpi>possibly the arch:any and the arch:all packages remain there, then
<youpi>so it's at least available
<gnu_srs>For emacs there are plenty of failed tests: Ran 7149 tests, 6844 results as expected, 14 unexpected, 291 skipped
<youpi>14 unexpected
<youpi>not that many
<gnucode>ThinkT510: do you want to help me write up Sergey's new bootstrap proposal?
<gnucode>I can send you the link the document on my nextcloud
<ThinkT510>I'm not very knowlegable but I can proofread what you got for typos if that is any help
<gnucode>ThinkT510: sure
<gnucode>What's your email?
<ThinkT510>I'd rather not provide that sorry.
<gnucode>that's fine. How would you proof read the document?
<gnucode>do I post it on a pastebin ?
<ThinkT510>the details are totally over my head so my feedback is not super helpful but here are my limited observations:
<ThinkT510>I see several cases after the ascii diagram where you reference function names but there is an obvious space where there probably shouldn't be
<ThinkT510>eg: set_file_translator () instead of set_file_translator()
<ThinkT510>the paragraph mentioning libpciaccess doesn't have a full stop at the end
<ThinkT510>I see some fixmes here and there that haven't been addressed too (I lack knowledge to help you there)
<ThinkT510>when it gets into what seems to be open questions and a lot of copy pasting chat logs I'm guessing you want to extract what you need from that to something more formal
<ThinkT510>sorry I haven't been much help
<adamnr>Hi Hurd