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<gnucode>howdy friends!
<gnucode>Any ideas on what we should call Sergey's new bootstrap design? Awe-Boot?
<ThinkT510>what is it that makes it better?
<gnucode>I personally think that the current Bootstrap should be called "SilentBoot", because that's what happens if you misspell a boot argument.
<gnucode>ThinkT510: I have a good conceptual document written up.
<ThinkT510>got a link?
<gnucode>yeah I am looking for that...
<gnucode>ThinkT510: the formatting is pretty wonky.
<gnucode>You have been warned
<gnucode>ThinkT510: if you think of a good name for the new bootstrap design, then please let us know.
<gnucode>unified-boot is pretty good.
<gnucode>There is a huge log of the conversation on the irc logs.
<ThinkT510>serverboot2 sounds good to me but I've never been very imaginative with naming
<gnucode>This is the irc log of Unified-boot
<gnucode>Also wasn't there someone interested in starting the qoth again? I'd be happy to work with him to write Q3.
<ThinkT510>any write-up would be nice at this point. probably doesn't have to be quarterly
<gnucode>true true.