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<luckyluke>ok gdb 13.2 does not support hurd64 yet, gotta build from upstream (IIRC support was added a while ago)
<gnucode>luckyluke: I don't know if GCC has been built on hurd64 yet...
<youpi>cross-built packages for gcc-13 are available on my repo, but as I said on the list, I wasn't able to build natively yet, because of bogus behavior wrg bash
<youpi>gdb has not seen any contribution to support hurd64
<gnucode>youpi: thanks for the hard work btw. :)
<damo22>is bash part of coreutils?
<jrtc27>it's its own project
<damo22>i added a test to bash, perhaps it does fail on hurd64
<damo22>does anyone have a hurd64 installed?
<gnucode>I should probably try it out in qemu, but I currently do not have it installed.
<youpi>damo22, gnucode: images are available
<Gooberpatrol66>youpi: where can one find those images?
<youpi>in the 64bit pages of the wiki
<Gooberpatrol66>ah, thanks