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<etno>It works in both directions ;-)
<gnucode>hello hurd people!
<gnucode>etno: how's learning coming?
<gnucode>also I am planning on calling the current Hurd's bootstrap "Micro-Boot". To differentiate it between Sergey's alternative bootstrap proposal, which has yet to be named. Maybe we will call Sergey's bootstrap proposal, "Bootshell V2". Any ideas on what we should call Sergey's bootstrap proposal?
<etno>gnucode: slowly, but not too bad, thanks. I went through the run-it for real in a VM tutorial. It works © (after a few tweaks :) )
<gnucode>did you find that on the wiki?
<etno>...practical training, I mean. I did not use the Wiki for that, but read about the 'critique' and 'future' papers.
<etno>And viengoo
<gnucode>viengoo does seem interesting.
<gnucode>howdy friends!
<luckyluke>hi, do these triplets make sense on a hurd64?
<luckyluke>luca@debhurd64:~/gdb-13.2$ ./configure
<luckyluke>checking build system type... x86_64-unknown-gnu0.9
<luckyluke>checking host system type... x86_64-unknown-gnu0.9
<luckyluke>checking target system type... x86_64-unknown-gnu0.9
<luckyluke>maybe the 0.9 shouldn't be there...
<gnucode>luckyluke: those triplets always seemed difficult for me to parse...
<jrtc27>cpu x86_64, vendor unknown, OS gnu0.9, no environment specified
<jrtc27>seems reasonable, though you'd have to cross-reference with i386 hurd (does it have a version number? does it default to a vendor of pc?) and x86_64 gnu/linux (does it default to a vendor of pc?)
<luckyluke>yeah I thought the version number was strange, but apparently it was always like this
<jrtc27>config.guess does indeed seem to spit out i686-unknown-gnu0.9 on exodar