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<gnucode>what is the mtab translator?
<gnucode>I guess I shall investigate
<gnucode>ok mtab provides the various mount points.
<gnucode>hello friends!
<gnucode>I am working on writing up Sergey's bootstrap proposal today.
<gnucode>I should be able to send a drapt to the mailing list soon-ish.
<gnucode>etno: what are you up to?
<etno>I joined the chan recently, glad to see that there is activity. Currently learning by reading the codebase ':-D
<gnucode>etno: I'm the guy you want to talk to if you want to learn how to edit the wiki or do any documentation things. :)
<gnucode>etno: also what do you want to learn?
<etno>gnucode: nice to meet you; noted for the wiki contact, but I am afraid I don't know where the wiki is (embarrassed)
<etno>gnucode: "also what do you want to learn?" < a bit everything for now (I just started, really). I am interested in both the basic technical aspects of the mach IPC as well as the actual layout of the servers
<gnucode>etno: the hurd wiki is right now the largest collection of Hurd knowledge. I refer to the wiki insteal of the Hurd manual at the moment.
<gnucode>etno: I would reccomend downloading the irc logs. It's pretty easy to grep through them and get tons of info.
<gnucode>also browse the bug-hurd mailing list. Lots of good stuff there.
<etno>gnucode: thanks, it's a pleasure to have the guided tour
<gnucode>haha. :)
<gnucode>well that's interesting.
<gnucode>search something in the search bar.
<gnucode>It re-directs you to darnassus.
<gnucode>I guess that makes sense.
<gnucode>hello everyone
<gnucode>well that made me a little sad...