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<luckyluke>Hi! today I re-bootstrapped my 64-bit hurd install and it seems quite faster than a few months ago :) maybe that's because of the percpu work
<Inline>welp, i couldn't manage, i mean i managed to bootstrap it but since it was in a qemu vm, not sure how it would have helped me
<luckyluke>I'm also using mainly qemu, at least until we don't have more drivers
<luckyluke>Inline: what were you trying to achieve?
<Inline>well i got the debian hurd image, and wanted to rebootstrap it to a 64-bit version
<luckyluke>what I did was basically using deboostrap and the 32-bit grub installation. I used to do the --second-stage form a ramdisk but I found out I could just start the 64-bit install from disk
<luckyluke>the I set up networking, users and so on
<luckyluke>btw, I had to use the serial console to install, the console translator crashed on boot and filled the screen, but the underlying system was ok
<luckyluke>one of the advantages of having the console in user space
<luckyluke>fyi this is the grub config I used
<Inline>i suppose i'd have to use an image which i mount from within and bootstrap into that
<luckyluke>the current debian hurd 32-bit image should be ok, you just add a new disk (or a new partition) and run debootstrap --foreign there
<youpi>see the 64bit faq
<Inline>thank you