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<Inline>but only in the debian hurd image
<gnucode>Inline: doesn't guile run?
<gnucode>that's kind of sad.
<Inline>oh wait
<Inline>it runs
<gnucode>I know haunt run on the Hurd.
<Inline>haunt ?
<gnucode>it's a static site generator.\
<gnucode>and it does run on the Hurd...but I haven't been able to get it to generate my site, which uses the commonmark syntax.
<Inline>no idea, i tried to install gcl, sbcl even from sources but seems i have ot define some things in config files
<Inline>for the bootstrapping to work properly
<Inline>i have no idea how todo porting....
<gnucode>there are some porting guidelines
<gnucode>how outdated is this wiki page?
<almuhs>gnucode: LOL, this article is based in my work
<almuhs>it was the draft that a friend and me wrote to describe the smp implementation just before start the project
<almuhs>currently, the project is so much progress than then, obviously
<gnucode>almuhs: yup. I think I mentioned to you that I was going to put that article on the wiki...
<gnucode>but that was a while ago.
<almuhs>maybe, i don't remember now
<gnucode>well that's another wiki page that is really out of date now.