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<Inline>is the arch mach for hurd in any way related to mach-o from ppc darwin ?
<solid_black>"well, yes, but actually, no"
<solid_black>"Mach" refers to the same thing in both, the Mach microkernel
<solid_black>"Mach-O" supposedly means "Mach object" [file format]
<solid_black>except that it has exactly nothing to do with Mach, and is just a format that NeXT came up with
<solid_black>this is kind of like JavaScript and Java
<Inline>ah ok thank you very much
<gnucode>well I should my copyright papers in for the Hurd soon.
<gnucode>that'll be nice to be able to contribute to the official Hurd manual.
<gnucode>I didn't realize someone was trying to port guix to maxOS
<Inline>lol, i just failed today installing it on mach
<Inline>seems the only lisp running on mach is clisp
<Inline>and elisp ofc