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<gnucode>off topic: 2023 weird c code winner
<gnucode>I didn't know that printf is turing complete!
<danmorg>the the microkernel in the Hurd have kernel threads - and in the kernel? or are the threads only in user mode?
<azert>danmorg: I don’t think gnumach is preemptible or  have kernel thread. I believe it has continuations. OSF Mach threads were notably redesigned so that it would be preemptible with kernel threads. I think it’s important for them since they run services in kernel space, for the Hurd im not so sure it makes any big difference
<azert>Why would anyone need kernel threads in a microkernel design?
<danmorg>azeem: i was only curious. just trying to understand how threading works in a microkernel
<danmorg>or i should say - an OS that is based around a microkernel
<danmorg>oops. i mean azert. sorry. but looks like azert left.
<ids1024>A lot of things that would be kernel threads on Linux would probably be userspace processes on a microkernel OS like Hurd.
<azeem>danmorg: et tu brutus
<nikolar>azeem: *Brute
<azeem>nikolar dominus eunt
<nikolar>azeem: *est
<youpi>to a fair extent, threads are simpler to program than continuation
<youpi>damo22: is your gitlab-runner box quite slow?
<youpi>the build on exodar is about 1h
<youpi>on your box 4h wasn't enough
<damo22>Model name: AMD GX-217GA SOC with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics
<damo22>CPU max MHz: 1650.0000
<damo22>youpi: ^
<damo22>its a HP T620 thin client with coreboot installed
<youpi>is it mostly idle ?
<damo22>it has two cores but im running hurd on one
<damo22>in a vm
<damo22>using kvm
<damo22>load average 0.0
<damo22>im not using it for anything else
<damo22>it almost boots natively with hurd, but i cant see the log of rumpdisk, to see why hdd is not detected
<damo22>it has a physical serial port, maybe i should connect it and try to extract logs