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<damo22>this looks interesting
<youpi>when I'll manage to get gitlab to like it...
<youpi>currently it' says invalid syntax
<youpi>while fy-dump is fine with it...
<damo22>at the top?
<youpi>all such files have it
<damo22>This GitLab CI configuration is invalid: Unknown alias: build-before-script
<damo22>i used the ci linter
<youpi>yes, it seems it's not able to import everything from the include
<youpi>anyway, I just copied over what I needed (which wasn't much anyway)
<damo22>perhaps we can hook up a simple repo to my vm?
<youpi>you can use the register command I sent you
<youpi>that's all I did to hook exodar
<youpi>there, it's now actually building stuff
<youpi>so now the problem is that it doesn't detect a build failure :)
<damo22>i tried gitlab-py-runner, it does not seem to let me register, im now installing the proper gitlab runner
<youpi>damo22: btw, you'll need to apt build-dep hurd gnumach mig libacpica lwip netdde rumpkernel
<damo22>why did it try to su?
<damo22>im running the gitlab-runner as unprivileged user
<youpi>it seems it expects to be run as root, even if it switches to the non-privileged user before executing any script from gitlab
<youpi>ah, maybe not if you don't pass -u
<youpi>did you pass a -u option?
<youpi>(or --user)
<damo22>i did use --user
<damo22>but ive switched it to use root
<youpi>it's the --user option that triggers the use of su
<damo22>oh you mean i need to run the binary as root, even if i use --user and it can switch to non-priv
<youpi>when using --user, you *have* to run it as root
<youpi>otherwise it can't switch user :)
<youpi>ah, please also install eatmydata
<damo22>ok done
<youpi>ah, you are running it in a filesystem that has home-baked patches
<youpi>that's not good for a CI :)
<youpi>perhaps you can run it inside a chroot ?
<youpi>ah, also you need to put the filter-output command from in the PATH
<youpi>(but inside a chroot, you need to run as unprivileged user without --user, because su being setuid, it would escape the chroot)
<damo22>i need to do some $dayjob now
<youpi>np, no hurry
<damo22>youpi: ive added filter-output
<damo22>Job succeeded duration=4m1.67s job=4763784 project=72625 runner=HzpE_NUZ
<youpi>damo22: could you also install texi2html libsmbclient-dev ?
<AlmuHS>damo22: i think that rumpdisk has race conditions
<AlmuHS>the booting stop frequently in harddisk-related operations
<tpefreedom1>What are the minimum ram requirements for Hurd?
<youpi>depends what you do with it
<youpi>256M-512M is probably a bare minimum
<gnucode>tpefreedom1 I am running the hurd on bare metal with 1.5 GB. Works pretty well. X, emacs, terminal, netsurf.