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<youpi>solid_black: oh, great :D
<solid_black>would be nice to get a newer version though, I have 16.4 on my GNU/Linux box and 13.3 in Debian
<solid_black>especially considering they have changed the runner registration process between these versions
<solid_black> is GitLab 16.4 too
<damo22>eh? is down
<damo22>youpi: i have a hurd vm here that can run gitlab-py-runner, is there any way i can hook it up to something useful?
<damo22>it has 4GB memory, 1 core and 50GB of unused ssd storage
<youpi>yes, plugging it to salsa would be great
<youpi>(salsa is under maintenance indeed)
<damo22>i guess i need a gitlab runner token
<damo22>im just plumbing the needed parts to make it autostart the runner when i reboot it
<damo22>does crontab @reboot target work on hurd?
<damo22>ill try it
<youpi>but why not using an init script?
<youpi>that's the usual way of starting daemons
<damo22>i can start it in a screen, then i can log into it and check its stdout at any time
<damo22>or just nohup it
<damo22>"@reboot /path/to/script" works in a crontab on hurd
<solid_black>damo22: try using the Go runner, it works just fine
<solid_black>just apt install it from Debian
<solid_black>it ships with the init script
<solid_black>nohup and screen is really a sad way to manage processes
<damo22>hmm this AMD machine almost boots natively with hurd
<damo22>rumpdisk cannot detect the AHCI controller for some reason
<damo22>it mentions it in the source