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<damo22>root@zamhurd:~# nproc
<damo22>pretty much unusable though
<damo22>janneke: does mes work on hurd?
<janneke>damo22: version 0.22 of mes was partially ported to the hurd
<janneke>mescc did not fully run as fork and exec were not implemented yet in mes lib c
<janneke>there may have been some bitrot since then, haven't tested tbh
<damo22>its nice that gs works in spl now
<damo22>i couldnt get that to work before
<janneke>damo22: yeah, the code has bitrotted just a bit
<janneke>mostly goofs on my (the mes) side, however does this ring any bell?
<janneke>lib/gnu/task-get-special-port.c:30: undefined reference to `mach_msg_type_int32'
<janneke>nevermind, mach_msg_type_int32 is a mes thing
<gnucode>good morning you smart people!
<gnucode>I have to leave in about 15 minutes. But good morning ya'll.
<gnucode>rms: is on the Hurd channel? That's kind of cool.
<gnucode>janneke: I have been running Sergey's terrible mdns responder for a while now. it works pretty swell. It would be pretty cool to package it as a guix service.
<gnucode>nckx: good talking to you yesterday by the way. :)
<Arsen>I'm not sure that's actually him
<gnucode>Arsen: oh. interesting.
<Arsen>see /whois
<gnucode>Arsen: when I type in whois Arsen, It mentions you are a gentoo developer.
<gnucode>and what looks like something resembling an email address?
<gnucode>Also gentoo developer seems cool. How long have you been the general in charge of gentoo?
<gnucode>hahaha! There's someone with the nick GNUmoon ! That's hilarious!
<Arsen>you mean 'Arsen is Arsen!arsen@gentoo/developer/ (Arsen Arsenović)'? by component, that is '<nickname> is <nickname>!<ident>@<host> (<realname>)'. in my case, I have a vhost, so that shows as gentoo/developer/
<Arsen>I've been a gentoo developer for something like nine months now? unsure. I wouldn't say that I'm in charge though, gentoo has lots of devs contributing ;P
<gnucode>yes. that is what I was curious abuot.
<gnucode>Arsen: you're not in charge yet. :) I have to go soon, but thanks for the explanation. I'm curious why you seem so interested in Gentoo.
<gnucode>Well I got to go. See ya'll around!
<janneke>damo22: i've resurrected building of bin/mes on the wip-hurd branch
<janneke>you need to configure using --with-courage
<janneke>many syscalls are stubbed and only the scheme interpreter bin/mes can be built
<gnucode>howdy friends!
<gnucode>foggy67: good afternoon.
<gnucode>What could the Hurd use GNU Mes for? Just build everything from source obviously...
<janneke>gnucode: i don't see much use in the foreseeable future for mes on the hurd, but damo22 asked and i made a minimal port once, so...
<janneke>gnucode: i don't know about mdns; guix comes with avahi, might that work?
<gnucode>janneke: unfortunately not. sergey tried to get avahi to work on the Hurd, and he said there were lots of reasons that it didn't work.
<gnucode>I personally am not using childhurds. :)
<janneke>gnucode: okay, thanks for the headsup
<gnucode>yup anytime