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<gnucode>does the Hurd use iso9660 during installation time?
<gnucode>I feel like it must...
<gnucode>i was going to document ufs in the hurd.texi, but I can't find it in the source not point to docuement it...
<youpi>iirc it got removed
<gnucode>gotcha. I can probably remove it from the wiki then too.
<anatoly>Hello. I was looking for httpfs and ended up in hurdextras project. The project still uses cvs. Would it make sense to convert it to git?
<gnucode>anatoly: that would probably be a great idea. :)
<anatoly>is there some docs/discussions/etc remaining from the main repo conversion?
<gnucode>there's some go written tool...I think repo surgeon
<gnucode>it's how gcc was converted to git I think.
<gnucode>I think this it it:
<anatoly>gnucode: thanks for the tool
<danmorg>you have to be quick responding to gnucode... because he or she is gone in a flash...
<danmorg>Good morning #hurd
<Arsen>how does process tracing, and especially syscall interception, work on hurd? specifically wondering because I'm curious abt how gdb handles it
<Arsen>does GDB intercept and decode read/write/open/close/send/recv/... requests?
<gnucode>hello friends!
<gnucode>and yes you may need to respond to me fast, but I do check the logs. :) I think there is somesort of software that I can install that lets me stay logged into irc all the time...
<Arsen>that's called a bouncer
<Arsen>quassel, znc, soju, and the like
<gnucode>Arsen: znc is what I have tried to set up before...
<gnucode>maybe I should try again.
<danmorg>gnucode: what logs?
<gnucode>danmorg: the irc logs
<gnucode>also I got magit working on the hurd again.
<gnucode>apt install magit -> fails
<gnucode>apt install transient -> seemed work work ...? weird.
<danmorg>ACTION looks up what is magit
<Arsen>git frontend for emacs
<danmorg>nice. good summary
<Gooberpatrol66>Arsen: looking for this?
<gnucode>magit is seriously awesome!
<gnucode>I actually used it just now to split one comit into 3. it was very easy to do.
<danmorg>there goes gnucode again.... they're on the move...
<gnucode>does anyone here use the lwip translator? Just curious.
<gnucode>I should have a patch series to send today. Hopefully soon. I'm trying to send only the stuff that I am pretty will be merged. It's all for doc/hurd.texi.
<danmorg>gnucode: ok. i know you're gone again... no surprise. lol. but I know you read the logs. are you updating documentation about the Hurd?