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<danmorg>azert: both. real and virtual. currently, I am using virtual box. should i use qemu instead on my debian linux host?
<danmorg>azert: is there a link somewhere that lists low hanging fruit tasks? i've seen this with libreoffice where they had a page for low hanging fruit who were interested in working on libreoffice but did not know what was needed.
<danmorg>oops. i just noticed azert left
<gnucode>danmorg: there is a small hack entries page
<gnucode>I would like to get the varient layout to work. even though I found out that dvorak actually already works!
<damo22>nice to see so much activity here
<gnucode>damo22: I told everyone you were planning on setting up a 5 hour gaming on the Hurd twitch stream. :)
<gnucode>that's probably why everyone is here. Just waiting for the updates.
<AlmuHS>gnucode: a year ago, i recorded a video playing Frozen Bubble in Debian GNU/Hurd over a T69
<AlmuHS>i also played Battle for Wesnoth, but in the T60 is very slow, although in a VM works fine
<AlmuHS>this is the post (in Spanish)
<gnucode>that's pretty cool!
<gnucode>I wonder how hard it would be to add OpenBSD's pledge/unveil to the Hurd...
<azert>I’ve checked the ext3fs patch on savannah, most of it has been merged?
<azert>The journal wasn’t implemented
<azert>I think the work was to implement proper caching in ext2
<azert>Jdb2 on the Linux kernel tree is gpl2-+ but copyright RedHat (IBM). What is the policy? Are Hurd hacker allowed to copy that code?
<azert>fs/jdb2 is the journal format of ext3
<damo22>ideally hurd is gplv2+
<damo22>i think it could be switched to gplv3 one day if we remove all the linux drivers from gnumach
<azert>Then those files have a compatible license. What about copyright concerns?
<damo22>i had to assign my copyright to fsf to submit code changes
<azert>Let’s say that this is impossible
<damo22>then dont include it in core hurd, have it as a userspace translator under any license you want
<azert>It’s not about me, it’s about ext3
<azert>It is copyright IBM
<damo22>there is a rump implementation of ext4 i think
<azert>I don’t think netbsd supports ext4
<damo22>i know it has ext2
<damo22>i thought it had journaling but i might be wrong
<azert>Maybe the Hurd should switch to ffs
<azert>The netbsd filesystem
<damo22>im not against it
<damo22>but you can have any filesystem you want if we port rumpfs
<damo22>on top of rumpdisk
<damo22>azert: that 1995 paper you sent me is amazing
<damo22>callwheel structure for timers
<azert>yes it is genious
<damo22>does netbsd use it to this day?
<damo22>i tried implementing it for hurd, but it didnt quite work, something is broken in my implementation
<azert>Yes I think it is still in use in netbsd but much more extended
<azert>I’m not sure it will improve performances on the Hurd, I don’t know how much callouts are used
<damo22>it boots, but gets stuck around the point of allocating irq for ethernet
<azert>I don’t see the hash in your structure
<damo22>i didnt use a hash, i couldnt figure that part out
<azert>The paper cuts short on that part
<damo22>so i just used the id
<damo22>and wrote a simple compare function
<damo22>in practice, there is only one caller of the legacy pathway so i hacked it
<damo22>didnt need the hash
<damo22>damn, this program i wrote is using 100gb ram to index the human genome
<azert>The netbsd archive is not working for me
<azert>Digging in the netbsd 1.x source code should be straightforward for someone hacking on gnumach
<gnucode>well I got excited there for a second. I got the latest Hurd install media to boot on my Dell Optiplex 7020.
<gnucode>then I quickly realized that the Hurd does not have USB support. haha.
<gnucode>that was fun. The Hurd just locked up on me again, and I could not ssh into the machine.
<gnucode>gotta start eating lunch. talk to ya'll later.
<danmorg>gnucode must have a laptop he or she carries around with him because when i try to reply, gnucode is gone again... lol
<gnucode>danmorg: yup. It is a laptop.
<gnucode>I'm at work now.
<gnucode>I am kind of surprised that the Hurd has /etc/os-release
<gnucode>that's kind of cool
<gnucode>I am starting to notice a pattern that the Hurd appears to be more stable with I do not have an internet connection...