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<gnucode>sweet. I am showing off the Hurd this Thursday to an old college professor.
<gnucode>It probably won't have internet access.
<gnucode>any suggestions for what I should show off would be great.
<gnucode>emacs, netsurf
<youpi>I'd suggest the translator primer examples
<youpi>showing the standard app doesn't really tell what's different on this os :)
<gnucode>that's fair
<gnucode>is this webpage super outdated?
<gnucode> ?
<damo22>i want to bind just one process' threads to cpu0
<damo22>is there a way to detect the name of a process from inside gnumach
<damo22>ie detect the right task and bind it as a hack from the kernel
<damo22>ok it should be trivial
<damo22>youpi: i bound ext2fs onto cpu0 and now it hangs at [ 4.0200050] chacha: Portable C ChaCha just before bootstrap, i think the scheduler cant handle an important task bound to cpu0, it probably puts cpu0 on the end of the list and keeps choosing other cpus to swap between idle threads to other idle threads
<damo22>or there is a problem with ext2fs
<gnu_srs1>Hi, one of my hurd images has suddenly become a vfat file system image: How can this happen?
<gnu_srs1>A break in, a hard disk failure, a compromise, a host break, or?
<azeem>that's the partition type I think, not the file system type?
<kilobug>yes, that's just a marker in the partition table, it's not necessarily accurate of the actual content
<gnucode>morning hurd.
<gnucode>everytime I do a sudo command I am getting a warning message
<gnucode>sudo: unable to resolve host pippin: Name or service not known.
<gnucode>I did change my hostname via "sudo hostname"...
<gnucode>everything else works fine.
<ThinkT510>did it used to be merry?
<gnucode>ThinkT510: used to not have that warning message.
<gnucode>then I changed my hostname
<azeem>then probably /etc/hosts needs updating or something
<gnucode>cat /etc/hosts -> "pippin"
<gnucode>azeem: I take that back
<gnucode>you are right
<gnucode>/etc/hosts does need updating.
<gnu_srs1>Thanks! Ok, even if it is the partition type. How to recover the image?
<gnu_srs1>Anybody has a constructive idea/tip?
<gnucode>I get the feeling that making netfs and diskfs translators is pretty hard...
<gnucode>probably because a heavily multi-threaded program is hard to develeop