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<gnucode>nikolar: me too. :( I am lucky if I get an hour or two a day.
<nikolar>not bad
<gnucode>though all of my friends seem to get more stuff done with 7 hours of sleep. I need my 9 hours
<nikolar>It depends on the person I guess
<damo22>does anyone know what "gt" is in debian? apparently there is a "gt dev" command
<azeem>do you have a pointer to where that is discussed?
<damo22>there is a package called vmatch that has a patch to replace skproto command with "gt dev skproto"
<azeem>that does not ring a bell, sorry
<azeem>damo22: well, you can search on for packages that contain /usr/bin/gt and it seems the package is called genometools
<azeem>are you now doing biochemical research on the Hurd? :)
<damo22>i could
<damo22>i want to implement a O(n) algorithm for finding a read of length n in a genome, i read it is possible with enhanced suffix arrays
<damo22>but it needs O(m) space, where m is the length of the genome
<gnucode>hello friends!
<gnucode>I kind of wonder how long I should use the Hurd as my daily driver, before I submit a new use-ability report.
<gnucode>maybe in a month or so.
<nikolar>hello GNUmoon
<nikolar>er, gnucode
<gnucode>nikolar: GNUMoon ... ?
<nikolar>yeah my bad gnucode
<nikolar>i tabbed to autocomplete and sent the message before my brain registered lol
<gnucode>haha. maybe I will be GNUmoon for a day just for fun....