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<gnucode>so I was trying to figure out how to do this myself...but I figure that I might as well solicit feedback...
<gnucode>question for the group.
<gnucode>I would love to create videos of me messing with the Hurd. Shouldn't it be possible for me to work on my T43 (running the Hurd), and stream perhaps 10 frames per second to my linux machine...and also record sound from my linux machine?
<gnucode>I am sure this should be possible with ffmpeg...
<azert>gnucode: VLC can do that, does it installs on the Hurd?
<azert>also I’ve seen you installed netsurf, did you send the patches upstream?
<azert>defining PATH_MAX to 4096 already better then software that doesn’t compile
<azert>Also there is a de facto path max in Hurd, I think it is 1024, just that it is not defined
<gnucode>hello you funny great people!
<nikolar>hello gnucode
<gnucode>nikolar: howdy! I have to get changed for work. I should be able to talk in a bit.
<nikolar>no hurry
<gnucode>hello again
<gnucode>hmmm azert thinks that VLC should help me to be able to make Hurd videos...
<nikolar>what kind of hurd videos
<gnucode>nikolar: nothing spectacular. Probably of me showing how easy it is to edit the Hurd wiki.
<nikolar>fair enough