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<gnucode>hey friends...
<gnucode>so I could use some help fsck-ing my / filesystem
<gnucode>nevermind fsck is in progress
<gnucode>That was the first time X locked up and me and would not respond within 5 minutes. I did a hard shutdown...
<gnucode>Ctrl-Alt-Del did not kill the X server unfortunately.
<youpi>did you configure it ?
<gnucode>youpi: I did configure ctrl-alt-del
<gnucode>it did work before. :)
<youpi>(note that it's backspace, not del)
<gnucode>yes. It's fsck-ing now. hopefully it still works. Will found out soon
<gnucode>interestingly when / is not mounted "halt" and "poweroff" do not work. makes sense since binaries are located in /
<youpi>? "/ not mounted" ?
<youpi>we basically always have a /
<youpi>but halt/poweroff need a properly running init
<gnucode>might not be a bad idea in my next install to have a seperate /usr/bin partition
<youpi>to be able to tell it to shutdown/reboot
<gnucode>oh that would make sense
<youpi>so you want to use halt-hurd or poweroff-hurd
<gnucode>yup that worked! thanks
<gnucode>rebooting now, let's see how bad the damage is...
<youpi>(that's just the same on linux with sysv init)
<gnucode>ok. I'm not complaining. just reporting. I definitely want to try to make this my daily work laptop and see how far that gets me
<gnucode>hmmm that's weird. showtrans / or showtrans /home does not show a translator running...
<youpi>showtrans only show passive translators
<youpi>not active translators
<gnucode>ok. Also X is giving my some trouble now. something about having difficulty in locking the .Xauthority file
<nikolar>wonder how hard it is to write a new filesystem/translator for hurd
<nikolar>i am working on a fs and might be open to porting it just for fun :)
<youpi>it depends what you call "hard"
<youpi>it's basically similar to adding a fs to Linux
<youpi>difference being that you can run it in gdb etc.
<nikolar>Well I have no clue what kind of api/interface I'd be dealing with
<youpi>basically the same kind: fill the lookup / read / write / etc. hooks
<nikolar>What's the simplest translator I can take a look at
<nikolar>Probably something like symlink
<youpi>fatfs perhaps?
<youpi>symlink is not a full fs
<nikolar>Oh yeah fair enough
<youpi>that won't show you lookup etc.
<nikolar>Yeah got it
<nikolar>I imagine there's little documentation other than the code itself
<youpi>there is the libdiskfs chapter in the hurd doc
<nikolar>How long does it even take to build Hurd lol
<nikolar>I imagine nowhere near as long as linux
<youpi>well, you can just build your own translator and that's it
<youpi>that'll be less than a second
<gnucode>what kind of file system are you working on?
<nikolar>A log based filesystem for by bachelor's
<nikolar>Something like zfs/btrfs
<nikolar>But basically as simple as I can get it implementation-wise
<gnucode>kk awesome
<nikolar>It is pretty fun
<gnucode>hmmm so apparently my /home directory is mounted read-only
<youpi>perhaps you missed enabling auto-fsck in /etc/fstab ?
<gnucode>that is entirely possible. but normally fsck runs by default. except last time it was so bad that it made me manually fsck. I will check
<youpi>no, fsck doesn't run by default unless it's specified so in /etc/fstab
<gnucode>running fsck now on my /home directory
<gnucode>we should be in business
<gnucode>it works!
<gnucode>so now I am off to figure out how to auto-fsck /etc/fstab. no need to tell me how, I shall endeavor to discover how to myself
<youpi>hint: man fast
<youpi>man fstab
<gnucode>youpi: man fstab -> No manual entry to fstab
<gnucode>I will have to google it
<gnucode>ok I have to leave, thanks again for the help as always youpi!
<youpi>bleh, fstab.5 is in the mount package, which is linux-only
<gnucode>so I am pretty sure that my fstab does run fsck by default
<gnucode>the last field on the right for / is 1
<gnucode>2 for /home
<gnucode>so fsck check / first. then /home.
<gnucode>I think the hard drive was so corrupt that it just made me re-check...
<Gooberpatrol66>the link to "generalizing mobility for the hurd" on this page gives 403 forbidden
<Gooberpatrol66>here's a working link
<gnucode>hey friends, ya'll will be glad to know that the filesystem corruption that I had yesterday didn't seem to affect anything.
<gnucode>My T43 is still chugging along.
<nikolar>good to hear
<nikolar>hurd could really use a more resilient fs
<gnucode>nikolar: I do agree. :)
<gnucode>How hard/difficult is your filesystem class?
<nikolar>oh it's not a class
<nikolar>it's a dissertation
<nikolar>and i am intentionally making it as simple as i can
<gnucode>so you are going for a PHd?
<gnucode>You might get some inspiration from the ext3 translator. I don't think it so super stable, which is why it was never committed. But it was worked on.
<gnucode>honestly I don't really know much about filesystems, but they sure sound cool!
<nikolar>gnucode: not a phd, a bachelor's actually lol
<nikolar>nowhere close to a phd
<nikolar>honestly, i need to know how to interact with the rest of the system
<nikolar>not how the particular fs is implemented
<nikolar>so the simpler, the better
<gnucode>nikolar: maybe this is too far fetched, but bcachefs has a FUSE module
<gnucode>but maybe that won't mesh with the Hurd design well.
<nikolar>well apparently there is a (not entirely finished) fuse 2 implementation for hurd
<gnucode>nikolar: I'm guessing the "better" solution is to create our own specific filesystem that uses libdiskfs ?
<nikolar>my plan is for my fs to use fuse, but i want to make it as generic as possible since one of the later goals is porting it to a linux/netbsd kernel driver
<nikolar>and/or hurd