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<damo22>youpi: is rumpdisk the default in debian hurd?
<youpi>damo22: no
<gnucode>hello friends!
<gnucode>nikolar: what are you working on these days?
<nikolar>actually, at the moment, figuring out how to package tcc cross compilers for guix
<gnucode>what is the end goal of that project?
<nikolar>well to have tcc cross compilers as easily as gcc on guix
<nikolar>if not easier because building tcc is basically instantenous compare to gcc
<Arsen>but building anything else becomes significantly harder :p
<nikolar>i mean true, but tcc is cool on it's own
<nikolar>and i like to support it when i write my own code
<gnucode>that is a worthwhile goal.
<gnucode>nikolar: what do you think about zig's ability to cross compile code on the fly?
<nikolar>what do you mean by 'on the fly'
<nikolar>gnucode: ^
<gnucode>oh zig can compile C code and have it run on windows and such
<gnucode>i am probably not using the technical terms to explain it properly
<gnucode>but it is very easy with Zig to compile C code for various different artechetures
<nikolar>well i guess they wrote a lot of code so you wouldn't have to
<nikolar>but i am not very familiar with zig so can't really comment
<gnucode>nikolar: I got netsurf to compile on the Hurd! I did it the lazy way be defining PATH_MAX. :)
<nikolar>as long as it works right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<ThinkT510>a lot has changed in zig since that post. they are on 0.11 now
<gnucode>nikolar: so far it is working well.
<gnucode>This T43 could pretty much be my daily driver. I would like to have something like dino working well.
<nikolar>what's dino
<gnucode>an xmpp client
<gnucode>I use
<nikolar>never really got into xmpp
<gnucode>I like supporting it is a free cell phone # provider