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<gnucode>morning guix! It's a great day to be alive!
<gnucode>well apparently I can just run "make" in the netsurf directory... it'll probably fail at some point...
<youpi>for debian packages it's ususally way simpler to just dpkg-buildpackage
<youpi>so that you don't have to care abtout the build system, and about any debian-required changes
<youpi>notably prefix=/usr and such
<gnucode>well let me go read up on man dpkg-buildpackage
<youpi>also make sure to read
<gnucode>yes will do. Also, i3 is running pretty swell!
<gfleury>youpi: can gnumach pae usable with linux driver built in
<youpi>normally it only requests 32bit allocations, so in principle it's all set
<youpi>but as usual, if nobody tries, there are possibly bugs around
<gfleury>Aah ok. you just test it with rump
<gnucode>haha! there is now a PATH_MAX bug! I have heard of this problem before!
<gnucode>porting is kind of fun so far!
<youpi>you have hints on the porting guide page
<gnucode>youpi: oh yeah. That's how I fixed the #include <mach/clock.h> error. Thanks for the pointers.
<gnucode>so i got netsurf to compile...but I did it the lazy way...I defined PATH_MAX...
<gnucode>When I figure out how to patch netsurf the correct way, then I will be sure to upstream the contribution!
<gnucode>and I have to get going. See ya'll later.