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<gnucode`>hello hurd people!
<gnucode>hmm, trying to mess with getting netsurf on the Hurd...
<gnucode>sudo apt dpkg-buildpackage -b -us -uc
<gnucode>is saying
<gnucode>unmet build dependencies: looks like about 10+ libraries
<gnucode>I will have to mess with that.
<azert>I have a basic question, if I run "settrans -c sh /hurd/symlink /bin/sh", I really get a symlink to sh, while I was expecting a passive translator to be installed in sh. What is the magic?
<youpi>it's a magic translator, yes, see diskfs_shortcut_symlink
<youpi>file-set-trans.c: if (diskfs_shortcut_symlink && !strcmp (passive, _HURD_SYMLINK))
<zamfofex>I’m looking forward to running Firefox/Icecat on the Hurd! 😄 I’ll be able to switch to it as my daily driver, then, and give feedback as appropriate!
<makads>Can GNU Hurd now be installed on real hardware devices?
<damo22>it runs on x200 for example i tihnk
<damo22>but 64 bit and smp is not ready
<makads>what is x200?
<damo22>lenovo thinkpad x200
<makads>ok thanks
<makads>Can Core 2 Duo architecture CPUs run Hurd?
<damo22>theoretically it can run on any pentium
<damo22>or later
<makads>But the installation image of Debian GNU Hurd doesn't work on my own thinkpad 430 :')
<damo22>yes, the network card on 430 has no driver that works on netdde
<damo22>it would run, without network access though
<makads>cpu is t4300
<damo22>which model thinkpad
<makads>The installation image does not work at all
<makads>Did I install the image to download it wrong?
<damo22>it should work actually
<damo22>try the latest installer
<makads>I download debian-hurd-2021-i386-DVD-3.iso and debian-hurd-2021-i386-CD-9.iso
<damo22>that is too old
<makads>:') ok
<youpi>makads: the -3 and -9 images are the last images.
<makads>[USB]    debian-hurd.img    2022-02-12 18:01     4.9G is ok?
<youpi>it's the -1 image that you have to download
<youpi>debian-hurd.img is the pre-installed image
<youpi>for information, there is a readme files that explains everything
<makads>ok l thought -3 -9 is up-to-date :')
<makads>ok i am downloading the -1 images
<damo22>you only need one netinst one really