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<almuhs>i have this crash when compile gnumach with smp and NCPUS = 8
<almuhs>same problem compiling with NCPUS = 4. Running with a single cpu
<almuhs>even compiling with NCPUS = 2
<youpi>almuhs: can't say much without more information
<youpi>at the very least, which task that is
<youpi>and very usefully, getting the line number corresponding to that division
<almuhs>i go to undone some commits
<almuhs>ok. Fixing some problems in my qemu config and upgrading Debian GNU/Hurd seems fix the problem
<almuhs>in fact, now smp gnumach is faster. But, even with slow, i want to find the origin of the boot lock in ext2fs step
<jpoiret>is sergey ever here? would like to know what glibc patches are needed to get 64 bit running at some point
<azert>jporet: he is often around with the nick solid_black
<azert>Im just a lurker, but I did follow a bit the x64 and I think that youpi finally fixed it last week and it is now working in the upstream version. There is still a patch on the mailing list to change the abi so binary compatibility might break in the future
<azert>Note that Linux drivers are disabled so rump is obligatory, and I think that dma needs to be fixed so performances are still a bit slower
<gnucode>morning Hurd people!
<gnucode>oh, I also thought of a cool idea by the way. My T43 is not the most powerful machine, so I have been afraid to try to run X on it. But I could use my T43 to connect to a remote X server that would run on guix system. That would be pretty cool to try out.
<youpi>jpoiret: 2.38 is enough