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<janneke>azeem: nice
<mhatta>Yeah, I didn't expect my sloppy article hits this way.
<mhatta>Hopefully I'll write how to build GNU/Hurd next
<gnucode>it was still news so I'll take it.
<jhj>Hiya. We support Hurd for and I last tested everything worked right under Debian GNU/Hurd 2021. With Debian GNU/Hurd 2023 (and the latest snapshot) it seems to habg now. I've not yet started to debug it, but is there any known big changes for pthreads that I might look at first?
<damo22>possibly cthreads were deprecated for pthreads
<damo22>are you running hurd on a mainframe?
<jhj>We're running a mainframe on the Hurd :)
<jhj>And yes, we're using regular Pthreads, not C11 threads.
<jhj>I think I should probably build a single-threaded version and see if it works fine.
<SrainUser>Hello folks 😁️
<youpi1>hello SrainUser
<SrainUser>Hiya @youpi1
<SrainUser>I've been thinking about contributing to Hurd, but I'm not really sure if I can overcome the difficulty barrier. Any resources that I should get used to, befor diving in?
<gnu_srs>youpi: mahler is up again after a power failure. Can you please inform me (privately) on how to start the build queues on my own.
<gnu_srs>That could speed up reboots/build queue restarts considerably. Thanks :)
<youpi>in principle it's a matter of running:
<youpi>./recreate && buildd
<youpi>but when a package was being built, I need to know about that to give that back so it can be rebuilt
<youpi>that can be seen in the build/build-progress file
<youpi>thanks for powering it up again!
<youpi>(it's important to run recreate before running buildd, otherwise the builds may be running with a non-fresh chroot)